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Car Rental Miami Shores

Aren’t you tired of huge metropolises and their everyday rushing? Welcome to one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Florida. This place is not only filled with style and lush. Another attractive characteristic is an extremely calming atmosphere. There are a fresh breeze and romantic evenings in parks. Make your vacation even better with Pugachev’s car rental in Miami Shores.

Meet Miami Shores – the notable Florida-based location

Miami Shores is a small village with a population of 10,000 and an area of 3,8 square miles. It is settled right at the coastline. About 35% (1.3 square miles) of the area belongs to the Atlantic ocean. Founded in 1920, after a century the village became a tiny but well-known sea-based resort. Look at our guide about it below.

What to do in Miami Shores

Despite being so small, this town will catch your attention for sure. It deserves spending a couple of days there with your family or partner. If you still have no idea about activities there, here is some advice.


One of the village’s sights is architecture. There are buildings from the 30s and 40s left. Those are beautiful examples of art nouveau and art deco styles. For such a small area, it has an extremely high amount of historical landmarks protected by the government. Just walk an old-fashioned boulevard and enjoy a pleasing coastal evening.

After walking down a street you may go to one of the various parks. Shadowy alleys are romantic and relaxing. It is a place to forget about all bothering problems and sink deeply into daydreams.

Sea activities

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the beach. Do sunbathe, or kitesurfing, or just swim. As on every Florida’s coast, where you’ll find clear blue water, white sand, and a salty smell of simple happiness.


If you are seeking an active rest, this spot has something for this case. Miami Shores Country Club is one of the most luxurious golf clubs in Florida. And if you want just a morning jogging or afternoon yoga, visit parks. Their wide paths are ideal for runners and sportsmen of all kinds.


This spot is worthy of real gourmets’ attention. Its eating places can surprise anyone with good-looking and well-cooked dishes. Italian restaurants are highly recommended. Visit Sottosale, Flight Wine Lounge, and Loba.

Where to stay

This Miami’s suburbia is a sort of an elite one. Most of the houses and hotels are built on the Biscayne Bay coast. So, any place to stay you choose might have a spectacular ocean view. Popular ones are Vagabond, Holiday Inn, and Waterside. Also, not only hotels but guest houses are available.

When to visit

For the south coast and its subtropical climate, it is important to choose the right time to come. The hottest time of the year in the middle of summer with an average temperature of 28°С. Also, it is the wettest season with about 208 mm of rainfall monthly. And the coldest months are January and February (about 21°С).

Pugachev Car Rentals in Miami Shores

This village is fabulous but has no worthy nightclubs or concert halls. Do you want your holiday to be more lively? Then use our car rental Miami Shores to get the absolute freedom of movement for your traveling.

Advantages of our company

We appreciate your time’s cost and make the process of booking as fast as possible. After 1,5 hours of booking, you can already sit behind the wheel. You don’t even have to visit the office to sign endless and useless papers. Also, we can deliver a car to the needed location. Just match it in the order description.

Another value of our company is safety. It is extremely important while speaking about transport. To achieve maximum protection, every car from our fleet goes through a regular technical inspection. It not only makes driving safe but also comfortable. There are different types of cars in the fleet for different situations.

Our collection includes:

Our clients can choose from different offers of brands. It should please you too. Each of them has its own character. Feel the atmosphere and British quality in a Rolls-Royce, or party all night with a noticeable Ferrari. There will definitely be a model to fit you 100 ideally.

You can choose from:

We also know how mutual trust is important. On the website, you can see terms of rent and privacy policy, so while booking you’ll know all the needed information. The process of rent should be clear and simple: that is trustworthy for both sides.

We love automobiles and know everything about them. The fleet is updated with the newest models all the time. Something is surprising even for those who think they’ve seen everything.

We are striving to ensure you the best possible holiday in Florida. That is why we are always ready to give advice about some spots and their sights and introduce Miami to you. You will be pleased with Pugachev’s company services for sure!

Pugachev rental pricing policy

One of our main rules is denying hidden payments. Other companies may not include insurance and security deposits in the charge they show. As a result, vehicles look cheap on websites. But the real cost becomes an unpleasant surprise for clients.

Car rental in Miami Shores costs less with us than with other companies. Let us explain why. The reason hides in owning the whole fleet. Usually, people that you rent vehicles from are brokers. Automobiles don’t belong to them and rent from someone else. Sometimes they have more than one mediator. As a result, price increases enormously. We are the direct owners of every vehicle in the auto park. That is why driving with us becomes affordable for everyone.

For example, our prestigious Rolls Royce Wraith costs $850. At the same time, other rental companies can offer $1000 and more for the same model. The payment network is flexible, so we accept various ways of transferring money.

To get your dream transport closer, there are constantly special offers for some autos. For example, now you can rent a McLaren 570S for $850 per day instead of $950. Don’t forget to check for updates!

Other luxury services to take into account

As it was said, we not only provide car rental in Miami Shores. Our other services are worth your attention too. Check the short-list below to choose. Make your holiday ideal with Pugachev’s company.


There are waves, palms, and sunsets, and of course, you are in a supercar! Do you want to leave it memorable? We provide professional photographers to capture the moment. You can invent your own story or use one of our ideas.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Coastal dream with a bright sports car.
  • A romantic story with a beige or white coupe.
  • Strong and independent appearance on a crossover.

Inform our managers that you want to order a photoshoot while ordering.


While you are in a place like the south coast, the sea is always calling for you. Explore Biscayne Bay with our impressive yachts. They perfectly fit both romantic adventures and parties with friends. Some of them include special options. For example, with Alfamarine 60 you get an inflatable island and snorkeling gear, and Azimut 68 has jet skis. Don’t miss our special offer: while renting any car you get a 20% discount on the VanDutch boat.

The Pugachev’s exotic autopark

Choose our luxurious vehicles to travel the coast. They perfectly match your high status and allow you to get the highest level of comfort. We provide a wide range of exotic models, so you can drive an unusual vehicle. With Pugachev rentals everyone can try the automobile of a dream.

What auto to choose in Miami Shores?

And for this place, we can advise on a few different types of transport. Follow our recommendations to get the best experience of driving the coastline. If you plan to move between Shores, Downtown and Beach areas, a sports car or a coupe will perfectly fit your purposes. They are fascinating and impressive – all that you need for parties. They are also small and convenient, so you’ll be able to park at the tiniest place.

If you expect to get out of Miami-Dade County, take a look at SUVs and sedans. They are comfortable and trustworthy, can handle long distances, and never leave you tired. Try them for long relaxing trips and you’ll never be disappointed.

Top of models

Our clients made their short-list too. Here you will see some examples of the most popular automobiles in this area. If it is still difficult to make a choice, look at these variants, and find a proper one.

  • Ferrari Portofino Spyder – vivid and bright sign of your status. Become a king or queen of any street with that companion.
  • Rolls Royce Dawn – soft and strong coupe for lovers of a classic. White color and romantic shape will deliver you the right mood for adventures in Miami.
  • Porsche Cayenne is a trustworthy sedan to be your companion during a long journey. Forget about problems and enjoy picturesque views!

If you are hesitating, come for a test-drive. Fill in the form and start your perfect Florida holiday now. Raise it to the proper level with Pugachev’s help. Contact us on 786.859.7876 or with [email protected] Have an unbelievable voyage!

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$400 / $2,240 Week
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