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BMW Rental in Miami

Rent the 2024 BMW M4 Competition Cabrio in Miami
BMW M850 in Miami
Rent BMW X7 in Miami
BMW m4 rental Miami
Аренда BMW X6 2019 в Майами
Аренда BMW M4 Competition sport в Майами
Rent Bmw 750I LX luxury Miami
Rent BMW X7 in Miami
BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold rent in Miami
Bmw M3 2020 rent im Miami
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$400 / $2,240 Week
Rent BMW I8 White in Miami

If you want to hire a premium-class auto for traveling, sightseeing, or any other demand – you are welcome to check out BMW.  Our company provides the best options for rental this brand’s cars with affordable prices and great quality. A wide range of BMW models for any taste available on our services will help you experience the most luxurious and comfortable ride.

If you are concerned about the question – Where can I rent a BMW? You have entered the desired site. Our company offers this car rental for any time – take it for a day or for a year.

Renting a BMW in Miami: Why one should hire a car?

A chic iron horse will emphasize your high position and noble status. Any car from our garage looks impressive, so it will be a great addition to your pleasant pastime. Book a car here and add other services: transfer from/to the airport, professional photoshoot, personal chauffeur, etc.

This city will not leave you indifferent even if you are a resident; have come here for work or the weekend. Add a stunning exotic automobile to your vacation and make these days bright and unforgettable.

It is necessary to use the BMW vehicle in case you planned:

  • Business trip. The car will emphasize your status, and the personal driver will allow you not to be distracted on the road and to concentrate on a forthcoming meeting. Enjoy the comfort and luxury views on the way to the negotiations or a meeting with partners.
  • A tour of interesting places in Miami Beach and Florida. It’s much more convenient to travel in a premium class car than using public transport or a taxi.
  • The trip will be unforgettable if you will spend time with comfort during it. BMW cars from the company “Pugachev” are a guarantee that the trip will be as pleasant as possible!

Our goal is to give you a great vacation with our amazing iron beasts. Our company attentively monitors the technical performance of each item to ensure maximum customer’s security. We also offer affordable rental prices and special offers. If you want to look cool and attract the admiring views of people, then you do not need to buy an expensive sports car or a representative model. Make an order here and realize your dreams of a beautiful life.

The history of the brand

The BMW brand has celebrated its centenary a long time ago. The company was founded in 1913 after the merger of two small companies owned by Gustav Otto and Karl Rapp. The signed cooperation agreement meant the beginning of a new era in the German automotive industry.

From the beginning, the new firm was engaged in the design and assembly of aircraft engines. The familiar BMW logo is reminiscent of this milestone in the history of the corporation namely white and blue colors, symbolizing the sky, on the base of the plane’s propeller. Then in 1923, the concern began producing motorcycles. And finally, in 1928, the first cars appeared, and they became the prototypes of modern exclusive models.

Since the time of the first model, this German auto has been named as indicators of wealth, impeccable taste, and the highest position. Such models improve their characteristics every year, but many of them are considered classics for many decades. The audience praised the first released model and even then people began to call such automobiles a breakthrough of a new generation.

The corporation is trying to correspond with its level. Therefore, it creates various designs, technical indicators, and purposes of such items: from super sports cars to luxurious presentable points of the business class.

Today BMW is a real quality mark for all drivers and car owners. Cars are characterized by increased comfort, reliability, and excellent design. Make sure in it – rent a BMW in the “Pugachev” company and assess the quality of the German car industry right now!

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BMW rental advantages

Each client of our company receives many advantages by renting a car here. We use an individual approach to satisfy any wishes of our customers. We also offer the operational preparation of any machine if it is necessary for you within 1-2 hours.

Also, our advantage is the sending of any iron beast from our fleet to anywhere in the country. Call us and we will discuss the details. Our company respects each client, so we would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions to improve the work of our service.

A worldwide famous German auto brand is well-known for its powerful performance and excellent safety system. We offer different types of models from fast sport cars to spacious crossovers. For instance, BMW M4 rental is for those who are keen on adrenaline and sporty design. If you’re willing to emphasize your status and luxurious lifestyle, BMW i8 rental will be a perfect option for this purpose. How Much to Rent a BMW I8? The rental price is $400 Per Day.

Key peculiarities of BMW vehicles:

  • powerful engines and automatic transmission;
  • fabulous appearance of each automobile;
  • modern technical equipment inside the cars;
  • upgraded safety system;
  • comfortable interior of every vehicle;
  • the ability to develop high speed and execute extreme maneuvers.

How Much to Rent a BMW?

The rental price varies from $ 300 to $ 500 per day depending on the particular model. BMW rent for a week starts from $ 1,680. Paying this competitive price you get the classy and impressive auto that attracts everyone’s attention.

Choosing the right model for your vacation or business trip to Miami Beach

Do you want to spend unforgettable days but you need to do it with a breathtaking luxury? Visit our website and choose the perfect car for any occasion. Attend an important event or drive with friends along the coast. Our auto park offers a large selection of wonderful models for any purpose.

In our assortment:

We are proud to offer the newest and the most spectacular cars to any taste and demand to our valuable clients. According to the type of travel, we can advise brilliant automobiles that suit the occasion and underline your perfect taste. Say, you come for business and demand a comfortable vehicle that at the same time will point out your presentability and lifestyle. A good car can be compared to an expensive perfectly-tailored suit, which is an essential element of a businessman’s image. In case you expect to meet new people and potential partners, an impressive auto is a must.

In case you plan to go sightseeing with friends or family, with exotic rental cars Miami Beach you will have an opportunity to hire a spacious car with exceptional characteristics. It is a great option that allows the driver to have an unforgettable time while floating along the roads and to enjoy the ride together with his passengers.

Available models

We offer only the coolest cars that complement your presentable image. You can choose any item and rent it for a day or a year. Scroll through our prices and select the appropriate iron horse.

Our parking has not only BMWs but also amazing:

You can share your desires, and we will help you to implement any ideas. Pugachev Rent Service guarantees the safety and serviceability of each automobile. The availability of our prices makes our company one of the most popular in the field of car rental in Miami.

All the automobiles in our park are gorgeous

Still, some of them are just outstanding:

  • A look at BMW I8 Roadster 2019 makes you crave it! It has an expressive shape, shining body and indomitable character and the spirit of a real conquer.
  • Graceful BMW M4 2018 which is created for inspirational open-air rides. It perfectly fits the picturesque landscapes of Florida and makes you feel like a real movie star.
  • Speed, power, and sporty elegance are embodied in the classy M4 Competition Sport 2019 – its charisma and high characteristics affect anyone who sees it burning the road.
  • The forceful X6 2019 model will provide an absolutely fabulous performance and add for an unforgettable trip.

No matter which car of this brand you choose, you will get an elegant vehicle with a magnificent design that will become your trustworthy companion wherever you prefer to go. Rent exotic cars in Miami Beach to be in the highlight.

Reasonable prices await

Travel in comfort in a premium class car and asses all the advantages of the German brand.

Don’t miss the opportunity – look through the prices and choose the model suitable for your trip at the same time:

These cars will cost $300-500 per day, but BMW vehicles are definitely worth that money. And if the client orders a car for 7 days at once, “Pugachev” gives excellent discounts!

Touring in Miami Beach with us

Reveal the real character of your vehicle. Don’t miss the chance to drive fast on the flawless roads of this beautiful town. Your auto is supplied with the most technological innovations that ensure the safety of all people on board and help the driver to feel confident all along the way. Have quality time with exotic car rentals Miami Beach. Take your travel to a new level with the most impressive BMW autos.

If you plan to spend a wonderful weekend or go to see the sights of this city, then our service will be useful to you. Choose any car at an affordable price and embark on an amazing journey. A luxury automobile will add you confidence and you can feel like the king of the roads. Each of our cars has an impeccable design and the best technical parameters for any kind of pastime.

Photoshoot with BMW in Miami Beach

Do you want to remember your time in Miami Beach forever? Then you should take a picture in front of the amazing sights of the resort and the luxurious BMW car. Getting high-quality pictures is easy if you use the services of a professional photographer of the “Pugachev” company!

Spend a happy time driving our car. Now you can get a lot of high-quality images to remember these moments. Discuss the details with our photographer or offer your ideas. You can also trust a specialist who will choose the most unusual backgrounds and locations for you. We will provide you with digital and print versions of pictures in the best quality. Each client can order thematic photo sets or photos in a certain place.

Maybe you are preparing for a romantic walk or want to have an unforgettable birthday? Any of your conditions will be taken into account and implemented in our company. Professional photo sessions will create wonderful emotions and impressions for a long time so that you can remember such a vacation. We offer affordable prices and an individual approach to the requirements and offers of each client. Invite your friends and spend the perfect time in a luxury iron beast.

All you need is:

  • Choose a suitable model of the car among the available ones.
  • To rent a car you liked.
  • To order a photo session.
  • To go on a fascinating excursion.
  • Get the highest quality pictures in front of a luxury car and the most beautiful places in Miami Beach!
  • Drive in a comfortable car and become the owner of professional photos! Remember the time you spent at Miami Beach Resort forever!

Pugachev Rent BMW Service gives you a unique opportunity not to buy a luxury car but to enjoy renting it for any period. Our prices are very pleasant but we also offer profitable promotions. All our automobiles are safe for any type of road. Read our terms of cooperation and you will see all the advantages of such a choice.

Share your wishes or recommendations so that we can develop and improve the work of our company. The guarantee of our quality is a lot of grateful feedback from satisfied customers. The Pugachev company is waiting for your orders – live big, impress, enjoy every day to the full.

Mark Pugachev

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