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BMW M4 2018


/ Per Day


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
3.0 TwinTurbo 6 Cylinders
0-60mph in:
3.8 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
4.0 V8
0-60mph in:
3.4 sec
Horse Power:
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BMW M4 is a powerful athlete for roads and racing tracks, a perfect drift, high-speed turns, and long straight lines. This car is perfect for arrivals with a huge amount of adrenaline rush. You experience many emotions when the steering wheel with excellent grip is in your hands, your fingers are on responsive paddle shifters, and you can shift gears at any time. This sports car is designed for a vibrant driving experience of BMW South Miami.

Rent a chic BMW M4 here to highlight your high status and catch the admiring views of the people around you. We offer the lowest prices for you to take any car from our garage. Now you don’t need to buy an amazing car that can cost from 300 thousand dollars – rent it here and feel the taste of luxury. Each of our vehicles looks incredible, feel the sound of the engine, and see this wonderful design and smooth lines.

Our company will provide you with all the necessary documents so that you are convinced of the legality and safety of such a transaction. We test each vehicle carefully to send it to the customer in perfect condition. We will also provide you with technical support, if you have any problems then call us, and we will solve any situation.

Our clients are not only men but also women who want to complement their stunning image with expensive cars. We have thought everything out, therefore we offer different models and colors for any solemn and everyday affairs. You can find a suitable option for a social event or choose an excellent speed to spend fun time with friends.

Main features of BMW M4

The BMW M4 has passed hundreds of tests on racetracks to refine many innovations based on motorsport solutions. The result is more than impressive: concentrated power and breathtaking acceleration are combined with amazing maneuverability and precision steering.

Numerous innovations, such as the newly designed lightweight forged crankshaft, improve dynamics, reduce fuel consumption and ensure perfect axle weight distribution. As a result, unprecedented dynamics with a recognizable voice of the M engine. It a great variant from all BMW Miami used cars.

What makes this car special:

  • Sporty and fabulous design;
  • High technological indicators;
  • Total security for the driver and passengers.

The impressive front end with large air intakes reveals the tremendous power of the BMW M4, as well as the spectacular wheels and the muscular rear end. There is no doubt that you need to experience BMW rental for a low price in Miami.

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$400 / $2,240 Week
Rent BMW I8 White in Miami

History of the BMW M4

The history of this model begins in 2013, when BMW officially unveiled the first concept car of this range on August 16 and showed the technical characteristics of the new M4 on September 25. The premiere of this steel horse was at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2014. Many connoisseurs of expensive cars have appreciated this automobile and called it a new chapter in the generation of the M series.

The BMW M4 is a new auto mid-range sports car range that replaced the M3 coupe and cabriolet in 2014. The M4 iron beast can be called a more modern and improved version of the 4 series with a higher level of performance. The main differences from standard iron monsters of this version are an improved suspension and braking system, a sporty interior, a powerful engine, a body with a high aerodynamic index.

This car has excellent technical characteristics to be a good choice for walks or long trips. The new point received two interpretations, each of which slightly changed the characteristics of the basic model M4.

Express your presentability

If you want to show your high position or impeccable taste, then the M4 will be a great solution. This car looks perfect and combines the presentability of a premium coupe and the high performance of sports cars. Our company has several versions of this line, so each client could choose something suitable for his needs.

This choice is a good solution for those who want:

  • convenience
  • style
  • speed
  • perfect design
  •  and excellent data.

Our fleet of vehicles offers different automobiles for all situations, so you can be sure that you are getting the best item at an affordable price. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the catalog where the market prices for all models are indicated.

A luxurious expensive car will help you to express your character, sophistication, nobility, and wealth. Now our clients will not spend huge sums on the purchase of such steel beasts – they will rent it at a pleasant cost and could enjoy driving for 24 hours or a year.

Visit any event in our luxury vehicle or take a coastal ride. Perhaps, today you want to enjoy high speed and drive on the track then our sports cars will be the best choice. If you have a business meeting tomorrow, then we have many premium and luxury models. We have prepared a large selection of wonderful cabriolets for romantic and bright trips. You do not need to think about how to go home after a dizzy party – we will provide you with a personal chauffeur.

The advantages of renting here

Pugachev Rent Service offers favorable terms of cooperation and uses an individual approach to the requirements of each customer. You will find that car rental here is a very good deal. We work not only in Miami, but also help you to get a gorgeous steel monster in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, or other cities.

Each of our clients receives the next benefits:

  • Big parking with the most breathtaking cars.
  • Operational work during the deal (order from 1-2 hours).
  • The satisfaction of any of your wishes.
  • A careful check of all car systems.
  • Security guarantee.
  • Nice prices and great offers with promotions.
  • Additional services at your request.
  • Fast checkout.
  • Full technical support.

We want to make stunning automobiles available to everyone, so we provide special offers for many items.

Also, our company gives other services to be useful to customers:

Photoshoot with BMW M4 in Miami Beach

All modern people want to take a lot of great photos to leave every moment not only in memory. Our BMW M4 is a gorgeous steel beast that looks perfect from any angle. Order the service of a photographer and get unforgettable emotions that will remain in digital and printed form. Our professional will make many stunning images for any background. Share your ideas or leave a choice for our specialist.

Miami is a magical city where every place looks flawless. Such photos will be bright and high quality. Choose any location or try everything at once: coast, road, city center, attractions, noisy parties on the beach, sunset by the sea, etc. Our photographer will show you the most successful locations so that every picture would be perfect.

You can also book this service with a personal chauffeur and enjoy the trip on the back seat. Make a romantic day with your loved one, and we will take care of your memories. Make this day unforgettable for your soulmate!

Other models to take into account

We have many wonderful automobiles in our range for every occasion and purpose. If you need to attend an important event, then choose the premium type, and for your holiday we will offer amazing sports cars. We also have jeeps, convertibles, SUVs, and more.

If you have focused your attention on the BMW corporation, then look at the following items:

  • BMW M4 – the highlight of this line, beautiful, stylish and comfortable
  • M4 Competition Sport 2019 – a real monster with tremendous speed and engine roar
  • M3 2020 – great design in a discreet noble style
  • X6 2019 – the impressive appearance of the new crossover coupe
  • BMW I8 ROADSTER – a star of the collection, chic sports iron horse in authentic style
  • BMW M850 – executive coupe of business class for an impressive look
  • BMW 750I LX – luxury auto for important meetings and conferences
  • BMW X7 2020 – super modern jeep with the best performance
  • BMW I8 ROADSTER 2019 GOLD – a technological wonder with hinged doors

Range and price

Pugachev Rent Service offers not only cars of this corporation but also other brands. You will find ultra-modern steel horses with the best technical data. Our assortment also includes the latest Tesla, swing-door models, powerful SUVs from world-famous manufacturers such as Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and so on.

The stunning BMW M4 can be rented for $350 per day. This sum includes a hundred miles, and each additional one will cost $3. This is a very profitable solution because you can test all the functions of this auto and enjoy it at such a low price. The market value of such an iron beast is $120,000.

Any car from our catalog can be ordered for a different period: from a day to a year. We prepare the necessary documents very quickly and you will not have to wait long to get behind the wheel of our amazing automobiles. If you have any wishes, please share them with our specialist. We will try to take into account all your requirements so that you appreciate the high quality of our service.

Guarantee of quality

Many of our clients are regular customers and each time they take new cars. We are expanding our fleet to offer you the most modern models. Our guarantee of quality and safety is a lot of grateful reviews from people from different countries. We want to make luxury autos available to everyone and you don’t have to pay its market value. Some of our items cost up to $300,000-400,000, but now you can touch these masterpieces of the auto industry much cheaper.

Allow yourself an unforgettable day driving our stunning luxury cars. Such beauty is now open to everyone, which is why we provide such a diverse garage. Each model has its characteristics and you will want to know all of them. Don’t miss your chance!

Mark Pugachev

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