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Exotic car rental Boca Raton

Looking for the best vehicle in Boca? If so, you’re in the right place. Our exotic car rental Boca Raton category offers you the fastest and classiest autos with affordable prices and great quality.

Attractions in Boca Raton

This place is located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The total area is 75.4 km2. Boca Raton has a population of over 180,000 along with the suburbs. The name itself means “Mouse’s Mouth” in Spanish.
There are two universities in Boca Raton: Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University (Eugene Lynn was a wealthy benefactor, a sponsor who founded this private university). Boca Raton became a famous resort in 1925.

When architect Addison Meisner opened the fashionable Boca Raton Resort & Club together with:

  • golf courses,
  • parks,
  • elegant Mediterranean-style buildings that still adorn the city today.

In memory of Eddison Meisner, the streets, restaurants, and the city park were named after him. Also, a monument to Meisner was erected in the city center.

Boca Raton hosts various cultural events, one of which is the annual arts festival. Also in Boca Raton was one of the IBM centers with research laboratories where the “IBM PC”, the first mass personal computer, was designed.

Photoshoot in Boca Raton

Visiting such a picturesque and attractive place as Boca Raton you want to remember your trip for a long time. The best way to do that is to organize a photoshoot. Of course, you can just capture the picturesque places you like and the beautiful scenery, but the photos will look more impressive if there is one of the luxury cars with a unique design provided by the Pugachev Company.

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A photoshoot with a car is a great way not only to complement your photos with the presence of a luxurious sports car or an elegant cabriolet, but it is also a great opportunity for you to fully reveal yourself during the photoshoot. After all, you will capture in your photo not only the place and time but all the emotions that will overwhelm you at that moment. Being near such world-famous models of vehicles as Audi R8 Roadster or Mclaren 650s Spider, everyone experiences a state of delight and freedom. Rest assured that they will be reflected in your photos. Just imagine the impression your friends and family will get from looking at these pictures. Pugachev Company offers a huge range of cars to choose from, so you can find the car you like for the story of your photoshoot.

The variety of luxury vehicles to hire in Boca

As you can see, such an interesting and attractive place as Boca Raton has a lot of attractions that everyone who visits it simply has to see. Of course, it is much easier to make driving a luxurious and elegant car, which you can easily rent by contacting the Pugachev company.

All of our cars are of perfect quality and style, so that riding one of them will bring you the emotions you’ll never forget. For extreme-lovers we offer high-speed sportcars, whereas for comfort-admirers there are lots of spacious automobiles.

The auto solutions available for hiring

To spend an unforgettable pastime in Boca we offer you dozens of various auto solutions for any purposes. Here you can find any car types as well as different automotive brands. Spots racers, convertible sedans, AWD, vans and other categories of vehicles are at your disposal. The global famous manufacturers may become yours for a few days right after you apply.

Among them are:

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History of the most famous brands

Our fleet consists of many different car brands. It is important to understand that each of them has its own unique history, which makes this or that brand very special. Here are a few of them.


The company was founded on January 18, 1919, by Walter Owen Bentley. He had been interested in machinery since childhood, and for 16 years had been working as an assistant at the locomotive factory in Doncaster. He then studied engineering theory at King’s College London. Apart from trains and railways, he was passionate about motorbikes and automobiles, so he took part in motorcycle racing and long-distance rallies.

Walter and his brother Horatio Milner Bentley saw prospects in the auto business. They started with becoming the managers of the “Unic” taxi fleet in London. After that, they sold French DPF cars, opening a Bentley & Bentley company in the British capital. To increase sales, Bentley used DPF cars to take part in the competitions, considering it the most effective marketing tool.

In 1913, to increase speed, Walter rebuilt the French brand’s engine using pistons of his design in aluminum. This was a real breakthrough in engine design. It was especially important during World War I when aviation needed lightweight engines. Besides, Bentley worked hard to design two new aircraft engines – the Bentley Rotary 1 and 2. Successful technical discoveries made a name for the company and also brought money for further projects. After the war, the Bentley brothers decided to start producing their cars.

Speaking about Bentley cars today, we can confidently say that this brand provides quality proven by time. If you have any doubts, you can see for yourself by renting one of the Bentley cars in our company.


Mercedes-Benz is a brand of premium cars, produced by the German concern Daimler AG. It is one of the three automakers from Germany, selling the largest number of premium cars in the world.

For some time two car companies – Benz and Daimler – developed in parallel. In 1926, they merged into the concern of Daimler-Benz. The birth of the Benz brand dates back to 1886 when Carl Benz created the world’s first three-wheeled car with a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine.

He was a talented engineer, who already had a lot of experience with mechanical cars. From 1878, Carl Benz intensively developed the two-stroke engine to create a vehicle without horses. And only in 1879, he got his first engine.

More than 130 years have passed since Benz received a patent for the invention of the three-wheeler car on 29 January 1886. Despite such a long period has passed Mercedes-Benz remains a manufacturer of some of the best cars in the world. The combination of excellent quality and exquisite style makes cars of this brand in demand in all parts of the world. Pugachev Company provides you with autos of all famous brands so that anyone can experience these unforgettable emotions driving one of the most popular car models in the world.

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Pricing policy of our company

With our services supercar rental is not only fancy, but also quite cheap. Considering the status and premium-class of the automobiles described above, the prices we provide are very attractive and affordable for each customer. Our website includes detailed information about how much a daily rental costs for every vehicle.

We also have some additional rental categories for other cities, such as:

  • Aventura Car Rental
  • Bachelor Gulch Car Rentals
  • Breckenridge Luxury Car Rentals.

With our exotic auto solutions your expectations will definitely be satisfied and you’ll have a fabulous trip in Boca Raton.

Retail car prices

Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles which is enriched monthly the Pugachev company provides many of the world’s most famous brands of cars.

The most popular among them are:

  • Audi R8 Roadster – this vehicle perfectly combines both excellent technical characteristics and flawless appearance. The Audi brand is famous all over the world and many people dream of driving this car. You have a wonderful opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions and get a great driving experience with this car. All you have to do is contact us. The market price of this car is $150,000.
  • Bentley GTC Mulliner 2020 – this luxurious car can not only give you an unforgettable experience of driving around the city, but it can also emphasize your status and life position. Being the perfect combination of luxury, presentability, and technical characteristics, the Bentley GTC Mulliner is ready to delight everyone around you with its unique design and appearance. Thanks to our company, anyone can afford to drive this beautiful model. The approximate cost is $350,000.
  • BMW 750I LX Luxury  – the BMW 7 Series makes an indelible impression at a glance, all thanks to its impressive appearance. Confidence is embedded in the character of the vehicle and emphasized by the powerful lines of the front body. The welcoming atmosphere can be felt even before getting inside the car. The interior space is of exclusive high-quality finishing materials, which together with innovative connection options guarantee an unforgettable experience. One can buy this luxurious car available for $131,500.
  • Cadillac Escalade Platinum – this is the very vehicle that will say everything for you. It combines confidence with power that makes Cadillac Escalade Platinum as an ambitious car as possible. It perfectly fits those who appreciate reliability, style, comfort, and cross-country ability. This representative of the Cadillac brand costs about $85,000.
  • Сhevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 2019 – this model is a sports car that not everyone can afford. It perfectly combines speed, beautiful appearance, and absolute comfort. Thanks to the company Pugachev, you have the opportunity to see it for yourself. While driving this luxurious sports car you will be able to distract from everyday affairs and immerse yourself in the ocean of freedom and relaxation. The official price of this car is $70,000.
  • Ferrari Portofino 2019 Red – this luxurious car can surprise the fans of both classic cars and sports cars. In addition to the great speed, this very model can accelerate to, it has a great design that can surprise even the pickiest critics. For many people, it is a dream to be behind the wheel of a Ferrari. We are pleased to announce that today the dreams come true together with the Pugachev company. This luxury car costs approximately $280,000.
  • Ford Mustang GT 2019 – a legendary model from one of the most popular brands in the world. This car can provide not only speed and impressive appearance, but also comfort during any trip. The history of the Ford Mustang dates back to 1962. The model itself has been changed many times and now we present you Ford Mustang GT 2019. Due to the Pugachev company, you have the opportunity to enjoy driving a legend. This unique car costs $46,000.
  • Lamborghini URUS 2019 Black – this very model is the first crossover of the world-famous Lamborghini brand. It is ideal for driving around the city as well as outside of it. If you want a break from the bustle of the city, the Lamborghini URUS 2019 Black is exactly what you need. Despite its cross-country ability, this model has a stylish design and luxurious interior. Thanks to this, you will feel comfortable in almost any situation. The cost of this car is $330,000.
  • Mclaren 650s Spider will perfectly suit those who appreciate the speed, comfort, and an impressive appearance. It’s not just a car, it’s a real masterpiece. By renting this car, you will not just emphasize your status, you will tell everyone around you that you are a man with a delicate taste. Mclaren 650s Spider is perfect in everything. There is no sense to tell long about the unique qualities of this vehicle, it is much better to turn to the Pugachev company and order this car. The approximate purchase price of this supercar is $293,000.
  • Porsche Cayenne S 2019 – every time you drive a Porsche, you become not only a driver. You’re already part of something bigger. That’s why it feels like the Cayenne was made especially for you. There’s absolutely everything you need in this automobile. Comfort, versatility, and style: every detail is designed to make an impression. This is the design concept of the Porsche Cayenne S 2019: give you space for unforgettable emotions.

It is important to understand that this list contains only some vehicles that you can order. As you can see together with the Pugachev Company, you can not only choose a car for your trip but drive one of the most luxurious and magnificent cars in the world.

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