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Mercedes Benz G63 2022 Black


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
V8 Biturbo 5.5-liter
0-60mph in:
5.2 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
V8 Biturbo 5.5-liter
0-60mph in:
5.2 sec
Horse Power:
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Mercedes Benz G63 2022 Rental in Miami

You can rent our car to explore the beautiful views of the state. Rent Mercedes G63 in Miami on good terms — we think about both the client and the lessor. We draw up a contract, discussing all the renting terms to avoid misunderstandings and possible violations of the agreement. Rent Mercedes in Miami will allow you to drive around the state without a personal car, observing beautiful landscapes. Also, you can visit all the famous landmarks of Miami without the problem of getting around, because our car will easily allow you to cover long distances quickly. Buying a package of miles will expand your horizons; each mile costs $3 if you pay in advance.

Mercedes car rental Miami is accompanied by assistance from the lessor in case of force majeure like natural disasters, running out of fuel away from gas stations, etc.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Mercedes Benz G63 in Miami?

Our clients may ask: How much does it cost to rent a Mercedes Benz G63 in Miami for a week? You can discuss the issue with the landlord and they will tell you the exact cost. The customer must be prepared to pay an amount of a couple of thousand dollars.

Available Options for Renting a Mercedes Benz G63 in Miami

Our customers are also provided with additional support after signing the contract:

  • Car delivery at the right time to the right place.
  • Car service in case of malfunctions by the fault of the lessor.
  • Car support in case of unforeseen situations.
  • Related services at the request of the client: escort to the place of destination and transport security.

Rent Terms

We offer several binding conditions and are ready to conclude a rental agreement with you. These requirements include the client’s age — they must be over 25 years of age. The tenant may own a driver’s license from any country.

In addition, the client must pay a deposit for the car in case of breakdowns due to the driver’s fault. The deposit amount depends on the rental period and varies from $500 to $2.000.

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Welcome to our fleet!

You need a powerful car for a comfortable ride in Miami. Beautiful Mercedes Benz G63 has just appeared in our catalog in a black body and a completely black interior. How much is the rent? We are ready to rent a car for $800 per day. What are the rental options? The following conditions are offered:

  • Making a deposit for a car. We will refund the money after you return the car safely and competently.
  • Payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express. It is possible to pay by cashier’s check, but you must do it a week before renting.
  • The minimum age of the renter is 25 years.
  • Possibility to include up to two drivers in the rental agreement.
  • Miles package option. The travel mileage limits our cars, but you can buy miles in advance at a reasonable price.

Mercedes Benz G63 2022: Overview

The 2022 model has undergone several changes. The main innovation in the exterior is a more «evil» front bumper, air intakes have increased, vertical ribs have appeared on the radiator, and wheel arches have been widened to accommodate large wheels with diameters of 21 and 22 inches. The Mercedes G63 SUV is equipped with a wider body, and the lighting elements of the design have changed, but on the whole, a single concept of a real male SUV with bright outlines of its body has been preserved.

In general, the interior of the SUV has not changed, but it has received some modifications. Among them:

  • New seats.
  • Armrests and cupholders.
  • The wide back part of the salon allows three passengers to sit comfortably together.
  • Backrest adjustment.
  • Improved interior trim material.

The car can rightfully be considered luxurious because it aims to emphasize the owner’s financial status.

Under the hood of the Gelendwagen is a 4-liter engine with a capacity of 585 horsepower. The engine is equipped with a function to turn off several cylinders at a light load so that the car does not consume much gasoline. This is done to prevent the idling of the cylinders, just distilling the fuel. The car can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds despite its mass of almost 2500 kg. The maximum speed is limited to 220 km/h. It is important to note that the optional function can break the limit up to 240 km/h. Fuel consumption is 13.2 liters per hundred kilometers.

Mercedes G63 price starts from $179.000 at the current exchange rate, while the price can be increased due to additional options:

  • Diode optics ~2200$.
  • Multi-contour seats with added functionality that increases the comfort of passengers and the driver ~$5000.
  • AMG driver’s package ~$3100 etc.

In general, the price of Mercedes Benz 2022 can exceed $200.000 if the buyer is interested in a complete package of additional options.

Mercedes G63 Specifications

Speaking in more detail about the technical characteristics, it is worth talking about the following:

  • The SUV body.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) — 4715x1881x1969 mm.
  • Clearance distance — 241 mm.
  • The volume of the gas tank is 100 liters.

About the engine:

  • Transmission — 9-speed, automatic.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Fuel consumption in the city — 16.5 liters, and on the highway — 11.5 liters. Average consumption — 13.2 liters.
  • Mercedes g63 horsepower is 585.
  • MSRP is $179,000. For such a giant, it has good controllability and acceleration to 100 km/h requires only 4.5 seconds.

Mercedes Benz G63 2022 Exterior

Gelendwagen 2022 has not changed much from its predecessors. AIt has the same brutal angular forms. The only difference is the vertical radiator grille and a more «aggressive» front part. Also, exhaust pipes peek out from under the thresholds on both sides, adding an element of brutality to the SUV. The car will be highlighted with red decorative inserts outside and inside if you choose the Edition 1 package.

Mercedes Benz G63 Interior

The interior has not undergone significant changes, but several small things have been improved. The Mercedes interior has become even closer to its ideal thanks to them. Now you can see decorative carbon inserts inside the car. The dashboard has a 10.25-inch display protected by glossy glass and a multimedia panel. Two 12.3-inch screens can be ordered as additional options.

The front seats are more comfortable — they remember their position and heat up in cold seasons. In addition, the seats have ventilation channels and are able to massage the body. A corresponding element additionally supports the passenger’s waist.

Interesting Facts About the Mercedes Benz G63

Fun fact! The trunk of the Mercedes Benz G63 has rarely changed since the release of the first Gelendwagen.

Although the SUV is stuffed with something new, it is 170 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. It’s all about the aluminum used in the hood, doors and front fenders.

The car can be set to three off-road modes, each of which rebuilds the car’s mechanisms according to the road surface’s characteristics. For example, the Sand mode changes the engine parameters for better traction and handling on the sand, the Rocks mode increases the articulation of the suspension, and the Ground mode allows you to move on slippery and sinking surfaces.

History Mercedes-Benz G63

The first G-cars went on sale in 1979. They were more of a military vehicle for the Middle East. However, very soon, the eastern orientation quickly faded away and Austria and Germany joined the production of cars. Gelendwagens of that time had a capacity of 156 «horses».

The first cars, similar to the modern Benz G63, began to be produced in 1990. Their power has increased by almost 2 times up to 296 horsepower. However, just 4 years later, the G55 appeared with a 476 horsepower engine. It was the most powerful SUV on the planet.

In 2006, the G-series received an engine upgrade, boosting its power to nearly 500 horses.

Over the following years, the car received several minor upgrades, went through several restyling, and the demand for the car increased. In 2013, the three-axle G63 appeared and it surprised the whole world.

Other Offers from Pugachev Car Rentals

We also offer Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 rental, and Mercedes Benz GLC63. Among the G-class, there is also a rental of the classic Mercedes Benz G550. Our fleet is rich in cars from other companies; for example, you can rent BMW X7.

Mercedes rental miami is an excellent choice for those who want to ride around the city without any problems, enjoying every minute spent! The car you are looking for may be nearby. Just enter a request «Mercedes rental near me» or «Bmw rental near me».

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