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Lamborghini URUS 2019 Black


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
4.0L Biturbo V8
0-60mph in:
3.4 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
4.0L Biturbo V8
0-60mph in:
3.4 sec
Horse Power:
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If you dream of having a rest in some exotic haven and want to remember it for a long time, we know this cherished place. Welcome to Miami, Florida. It has everything you need for an unforgettable stay. And to see the best places in Miami, choose Lamborghini Urus in black color in the Pugachev company.

Sunny Miami – a hot-topic resort city

Just imagine endless beaches with snow-white sand, as fine as a delicate powder, green palms bent over the water, and gentle waves, running on the shore. And all this is close at hand – 10 minutes from the hotel.

The water is turquoise as in a Photoshop picture and so warm that you can lose time and swim in it all day. And a glass of Rum Runner – the famous Florida cocktail – allows leaving all worries somewhere behind.

To enjoy this splendor, you need a car that is just as bright and energetic. Therefore, pay attention to Lambo Urus Black. It allows you to be independent of taxis and public transport. Complete freedom of movement is top class when traveling!

Landover & aquatic must-see sights

It is hard to list all the amusement parks in Florida and to visit them. One life may not be enough. The most famous park is Disney Worlds.

Here tourists can:

  • take part in the battles of the Pirates of the Caribbean
  • go into outer space
  • greet all American presidents
  • fly with Peter Pan over London or Harry Potter over Hogwarts.

One of the most entertaining parks is Busch Gardens. Here, visitors can go on a safari, feed, take pictures of a giraffe, and even kiss it, see other exotic African animals at arm’s length.

Not so famous, but a worth mentioning park is the Weeki Wachee Springs. It is an enchanted underwater world of mermaids, manatees, turtles, and bubbles. It charms both children and adults.

Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

The Pugachev company is a very place where every tourist could spend time actively and remember this vacation for a long time. Lack of mobility could be the main problem. But with the Pugachev company, it can be easily solved – order a vehicle from us. We have a large fleet of elite chariots for every taste and purpose.

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Аренда Lamborghini URUS в Майами
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By renting wheels, you immediately feel the advantages of personal transport:

  • No delays to deadlines.
  • Freedom to choose the route of the excursion.
  • No worries about the return trip or schedule.

The crossover has a high passability in the most severe conditions. You can easily travel out of town with friends and family. A black Lamborghini Urus will not get bogged down in the sand and drive along the rocky road without shaking. Experience a comfortable and soft ride.

Rental price & conditions

Everything is possible with our company, even rent a car if you do not have a driving license. We offer a personal chauffeur service. We can also deliver the chariot at any place convenient for you or pick it up.

Our agency provides airport transfer services. Forget obsessive taxi drivers. And if you want to take a picture of yourself with an elite iron horse, our team has a professional photographer. Your photos will be of high quality and uncommon.

To get behind the wheel of this steel stallion costs $2,100, while Lamborghini Urus in black color market price is $330,000. We can make a lucrative offer. Moreover, 100 miles are already in the price. If you decide to travel a little more, each additional mile costs only $3.

Lamborghini Urus Black: a detailed review

With the advent of this model by Lamborghini manufactures, people began to talk about a new era in the automotive industry. The combination of sports car and SUV makes this auto versatile in use.

Our company specializes in renting luxury cars in Miami and can offer you to hire a Lamborghini Urus Black to experience the unforgettable emotions of driving such a vehicle.

Brand history

The color of the automobile has become an important aesthetic element, highlighting the character of the vehicle or its owner. So, Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted customers to be able to choose the shade of their car. The founder understood that among his clients, there were many people of a new formation. They created their success every day, had a strong personality, and strove to express it. That is why the brand’s palette was initially quite various.

However, at first, the cars were painted in more restrained shades. But the situation changed in the 60s. Then the autos of this brand received bright and rich colors: yellow, green, orange, dark red. And today, after the opening of a new paint department, an endless number of Urus color options have appeared in the palette. Now customers can order their iron horse even in the pearl shade.

Model Features

Undoubtedly, this car embodied the best of the Lamborghini brand, adding character and modern filling to the model:

  1. The engine in combination with an 8-speed gearbox helps to accelerate up to 300 km/h (186 mph/h).
  2. The model is positioned as a sports car, but the dimensions are impressive: 5 m in length, 2 m in width. The auto is equipped with a large trunk of 616 liters. And if you fold the rear seats, it will double, which is certainly practical.
  3. The modern design presents streamlined shapes and sleek lines. Body parts are recognizable: powerful turbines, a front hood with a radiator grille, hexagonal elements. Large massive wheels and low-rider nodus in the direction of sports cars.
  4. Adaptive Network Intelligent Management (ANIMa) system switches the modes if necessary to achieve the best dynamics.
  5. The complete balance of all systems and vehicle mass makes it stable during any maneuvers.

This model is universal: you can use it every day in urban areas or for travel and off-road trips.


Sitting in this car, you can be sure that everything is thought out to the smallest detail and equipped with the latest technology. The company remains true to its traditions and the interior is made luxurious and elegant. The use of genuine and artificial leather in various colors and shades, wood, carbon fiber, jewelry in the form of branded Y-shaped patterns, and contrasting lines makes the interior of the car comfortable and stylish.

The supercar is equipped with a large set of functions responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers and the driver. The dashboard, which looks like the aircraft control panel, consists of three LCD screens and is convenient to use.

Both the appearance and the interior, as well as the dynamic characteristics, make this model outstanding.

Pugachev Concierge Service company offers to rent luxury cars in Miami. Today we can offer to use our services and fulfill your dream — to choose supercars from top-ranking brands. Here you can test drive different models: Lamborghini Aventador Matte, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Red, Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.

We offer for rent in Miami Lamborghini Urus Black — the world’s best sports SUV vehicle. Combining elegance and dashing character, it is safe and versatile. You can get an unforgettable experience of driving a car in any condition: on vacation, traveling on the road, or moving through towns and cities.


The look of the new Lamborghini Urus SUV has the historical features of the family. But the designers were able to add interesting options. The new Lambo Urus in black is the first 4-door car in two decades.

The Italian SUV has an expressive front part and stylish optics, which are typical for sports autos. At first glance, the Urus appears to be a small and heavily hit chariot. However, it is a visual deception. It is not that small. Its length exceeds 5 m.

Plus, it has a huge trunk. An additional advantage of the exterior is the smooth, streamlined body lines. The original shape of the rear and the tailgate emphasizes the exclusive look of this steel beast.

The Pugachev’s exotic auto park

At your service, you offer a large selection of models of the Italian brand. We have sports cars and crossover in our fleet. We have chosen the best models that could impress connoisseurs of quality vehicles.

We recommend having a closer look at other Lambo catalog:

If you like bright colors, there are other shades of Urus in our catalog. Unlike black, they look daring and impressive:

Other stunning racers to choose

Lease terms are almost unlimited. You can rent a car for one day or a month. It is available for our clients to change it every day depending on their mood and purpose. If you need to change a reliable and passable SUV for something more representative, our catalog contains the necessary automobile. We can offer Rolls-Royce Wraith Blue, BMW M4 Competition Sport, and many other models.

Miami is a real celebration of life. If you think that there are only nightclubs and beaches, you are mistaken. There are a lot of interesting places for children and adults in the city and its surroundings. The Pugachev company helps you experience all the colors of this place. Our experts support clients in the organization of events (wedding procession, yachts), legal issues on the road, and many other areas. We are a reliable assistant for a comfortable stay.

Mark Pugachev

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