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Rent a Tesla in Miami

Аренда Tesla модель X 2019 в Майами

To spend time perfectly in the resort Miami city is Impossible without a wonderful car. That is why tourists aspire to find exotic models to hire from the very beginning of their trip. It is not a surprise that Miami airport luxury car rentals are popular with the sunny city visitors.

But the actual question arises – which auto will be the most suitable? Everything depends on the quantity of travelers and consumers’ requirements to car. Among the comfortable SUVs the leading position has Tesla crossover manufactured in 2019.

If you are concerned about the question – Where can I rent a Tesla? You have entered the desired site. Our company offers this car rental for any time – take it for a day or for a year.

Tesla brand – the real dignity of the USA

American automobile manufacturer is famous all over the world for more than 15 years. Tesla cars are the real personification of style, safety and power all in one. That is why Tesla car rentals have found the real market in such resort cities as Miami. The model range includes different vehicles that are ready to meet all the traveler’s expectations.

How Much to Rent a Tesla?

The cost of renting a Tesla is $ 250 per day. Tesla rent for a week is $ 1,400.

Main reasons to hire Tesla in Miami Beach FL

Speaking about technical quality of vehicles manufactured by this brand, they are simple awesome. For exotic car rental Miami Beach FL there’s nothing better than Tesla, and we’ll explain why.

The most distinctive features are as follows:

  • automatic transmission
  • powerful electric engine
  • 328 horse powers
  • wonderful performance
  • exceptional maneuverability
  • advanced, quick battery recharging system
  • silent ride
  • fast acceleration
  • soundproof system

Design of Tesla supercars impresses at first sight. This innovative miracle on wheels includes such peculiarities of interior and outlook:

  • wing doors
  • spacious 7-seat salon
  • comfortable, fancy salon
  • useful tools that facilitate driving
  • climate-control
  • multimedia equipment.

Rent exotic car Miami Beach produced by Tesla brand is not only comfortable, but also very trendy, especially considering the absence of its negative impact on ecology. Steering such automobile, you’ll be treated as respected guest anywhere.

Tesla exotic car rental Miami Beach – prices

Cars of this prestigious brand cost approximately $81,000 on market, thus it’s no wonder, that not everyone can afford it. However within our company you have a great opportunity to rent it for only $250 a day.

Our customers can hire this vehicle for one day or more, additional option is personal driver. Though, once trying out Tesla, you will certainly want to drive it yourself.

The embodiment of Miami exotic – rent a car of Tesla brand

The real pride of Tesla manufacturers is their last 7-seats SUV. This car will place all family members and provide passengers paired with its driver an unforgettable travel by auto. Our rental company offers to go for a spin in the safest and most comfortable Tesla crossover. Do not miss an opportunity to drive the legendary car you deserve.

Alternative exotic rental cars Miami Beach solutions

Every single auto available within our services is dedicated to customers who admire fancy lifestyle. Whether it is Tesla Model X or any other option, you’ll be on the top driving it.

Here are some additional options for those who want to get the most from trip to Miami:

All these automobiles are unquestionably fantastic. Steering them or even looking at them is a delight. Moreover, their rental price is unbelievably small.  A few clicks on gadget will bring you closer to achieving your dream of unforgettable luxurious driving experience. Just decide which one to pick up and go ahead.

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