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Miami Photoshoot

Miami is a place where you can not only work and visit business meetings but also relax. Golden beaches on the azure ocean, restaurants with spicy smells of Caribbean, Cuban and Argentine food, nightclub dance floors with flashing colorful lights that are filled with people from all over the world… Florida is so multifaceted and exciting that you will want to remember every second that you spent here. And the photos will be your best reminder of this vacation. You can again feel the emotions that you experienced during your vacation on the coast when you’ll watch them after some time.

Photographers in Miami

It always gives pleasure to walk around the town, taking photos of the most beautiful places on the phone. But will they give warmth to your soul in the same way as professional images that fully convey the atmosphere of Florida? Probably, not. If you want the photos to not just go to a distant folder on your computer or become dusty in the album, then you should order a professional photoshoot. Fortunately, many photographers in Miami do their work with particular creativity. They can make not template travel pictures, but tell a unique story in a few frames.

Party on a yacht or villa is an event that you will not want to forget. A rented photographer will capture every moment. Men in swimming trunks and girls in bikinis have fun, drink cocktails, and dance, and after that, they go to the pool to freshen up. Even if the memories of the spent time left your head, you can always review the photos. It can be difficult to find a photographer yourself: the schedule of famous specialists is filled out for weeks ahead, and finding a real professional among others is not an easy task. Pugachev Luxury Car Rental decided to help its customers. We work with artshestakov, a Forbes photographer. Artyom keeps a popular Instagram blog https://www.instagram.com/artshestakov/. Call or write to us – we will arrange with him to come to your party or make a photoshoot.

Ideas for Miami beach photographs

Miami is a city where everyone wants to stand out, show his status and high position in society. The best photos from this resort are those that show a luxury life. You can go on a chic yacht, in an elite night club, or take a couple of photos near the pool, holding a glass with a cocktail. Another option is to rent a car. Exotic and luxury cars from Pugachev Luxury Car Rental complement the atmosphere of Miami and will be a wonderful requisite. Choose the one you like best of all. A photoshoot in the middle of the city or during a trip along a desert road – our cars are perfect for any concept.

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Beautiful places to see in Miami

There are many beautiful places in Miami and it will be a real crime not to see them. Make a photo shoot there so as not to forget the most beautiful attractions of Florida.

Places worth visiting:

Lincoln Road

This street is filled with tourists around the clock, and there is a reason for this. Expensive boutiques, contemporary art galleries, chic cinema, and even a farmers market located here.

Ocean Drive

It is a place with hotels, nice open-air cafes, and elite nightclubs. Here constantly make films and advertising, and if you’re lucky, you could even see one of them. The famous house of Gianni Versace is also located on this street.

Design District

An ideal place for photoshoots. Residents of this area are artists and designers who regularly decorate their quarters with street art. Graffiti is everywhere here: on the walls of houses, shops, art galleries.

Little Havana

This area is mostly populated by Cubans. It is difficult to call this place elite, but there is a special rarity here. The houses here are decorated with unusual patterns, and locals play dominoes right on the street. Here, you can feel the Cuban culture: try national dishes in restaurants or buy strong cigars.

Villa Vizcaya

This architectural object is very different from the rest of Miami because it was built in the Renaissance style. A huge garden with a fountain, halls with high ceilings and fireplaces are a real small island of ancient Europe in the middle of a modern metropolis.

A photoshoot in Miami is the best way to save the memories of the time you spent in this city. Pugachev Luxury Car Rental will help you to find a good photographer and also rent a chic car that will decorate any photo. You can explore all the sights of the coast with our cars.

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