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BMW M4 Competition 2024 CABRIO


/ Per Day


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
3.0 L 6-cylinder
0-60mph in:
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
3.0 L 6-cylinder
0-60mph in:
Horse Power:
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BMW M4 Competition 2024 Convertible for rent in Miami

To fully feel the atmosphere of Miami, you should choose a car that emphasizes it. The BMW M4 Competition is just what you need for exciting day trips and exciting evenings at one of the most famous resorts in America. Stylish, comfortable and fast convertible, which can be rented from us, will satisfy even the highest requirements for convenience and maneuverability on the road.

Cost of renting BMW M4 Competition 2024 Convertible

A modern German Convertible from a famous car company can not fail to impress, so many people are interested in how much the BMW M4 Competition costs. The price of such a car, if you buy it, is 90 – 100 thousand dollars. But to feel successful, it is not necessary to spend such sums. It is enough to use our car rental in Miami, which will cost much more favorable.

How much does it cost to rent BMW M4 Competition?

Renting a car in Miami 2024 BMW M4 Competition will cost $200-400 dollars depending on the chosen lease terms.

How much does it cost to rent a BMW M4 Competition in Miami for a week?

On average, the rental service will cost $1500-2200 dollars. But before its provision we necessarily negotiate the cost with each client individually, as there are several factors on which the final amount depends.

Available options to rent BMW M4 Competition in Miami

Renting a BMW M4 Competition 2021 or 2024 is an actual and demanded service from our company Pugachev Car Rental, which can be used by everyone.

In addition to the car rental in Miami, customers can take advantage of additional options:

  • serving the car for a specific time at the specified address, regardless of how much it is rented. Our driver will deliver the BMW M4 Competition 2023 at any time of the day, even at night, if necessary;
  • support in many unforeseen situations. If this happens on the road, Pugachev Car Rental, will send a person to help solve the problem;
  • service, so the company takes care of all breakdowns caused by the landlord’s fault or the necessary regular replacement of parts. The client who used the rental does not pay for the restoration of the technical condition of the car;
  • security or escort: such options may be needed if 2023 BMW M4 Competition is used to meet important guests, business partners.
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Conditions of renting BMW M4 Competition

BMW M4 Competition Convertible is a car, which is pleasant to drive in the streets of Miami, and its rental gives such an opportunity. Car rental in our company is only official, so when providing the service, the client signs a contract that specifies his rights and obligations.

To check how fast the BMW M4 Competition is, having rented it, you need to fulfill several conditions:

  1. Have a driver’s license that is valid in the United States of America. This is extremely important, otherwise renting a car in Miami is simply impossible, because a driver without a license can not drive around the city;
  2. be 25 years old or older: a convertible is fast and powerful enough, so you need some experience to drive it;
  3. Make a deposit of 500-1000 dollars. The exact amount depends on the rental period. Our company returns it if there are no breakdowns in the car due to the driver’s fault. The cost of technical condition restoration can be deducted from this amount, but this happens very rarely.

Description of BMW M4 Competition

What is the BMW M4 Competition package – may be of interest to those who are going to rent it. Knowing the technical characteristics of the car is important, so we describe this car to customers in detail.

BMW M4 Competition is a car that combines power, aesthetic design and sportiness. It is maneuverable on the roads, fast enough, so in the allowed places you can develop maximum speed. The Convertible is modern, as it began to be produced quite recently in this variant, and fans of reliable German cars appreciated it, so long term car rental from our company is one of the popular services.

Technical characteristics of BMW M4 Competition

If you ask how fast the BMW M4 Competition is, you can find out that this car belongs to the sports car and develops high speed. But this is not it’s only advantage. The convertible is easy to drive, which is facilitated by its technical characteristics:

  • maximum speed – up to 250 km/hour;
  • acceleration to 100km in 3.9 seconds;
  • horsepower – 510 horsepower;
  • transmission type – 8-speed automatic;
  • body type – open (convertible);
  • fuel consumption per 100 km – 10.2 liters on average, in city conditions – 14.6 liters, on the highway – 7.6 liters;
  • number of seats – 4.

The answer to the question, what engine does the BMW M4 Competition have, is unambiguous: gasoline.

BMW M4 Competition exterior

Considering how much does a BMW M4 Competition cost, its stylish exterior fully meets the price. The car is of the sporty type, so this is what is emphasized. Wide wheel arches, large wheels, integrated air ducts in the front fenders emphasize the modernity and power of the car.

Attracts attention rent a car in Miami also a few more features of design:

  • Vertical grille, which both looks aesthetically pleasing and cools the engine perfectly.
  • Aerodynamic elements on the side sills in classic black color.
  • Light-alloy wheels with different diameters at the front and rear.
  • LED daytime running lights with U-shaped graphics and adaptive LED laser headlights.
  • Exhaust pipes integrated in a developed diffuser, having a diameter of 10 cm.

The stylish interior may be interesting in how many BMW M4 Competition were made. Such cars participate in many collaborations and are released in limited collections. For example, in the process of cooperation between the German auto concern and the brand Kith, only 150 cars saw the light.

Interior of the BMW M4 Competition

BMW M4 Competition 0-60 impresses no less with its interior. Those who are interested in renting a car in Miami of this brand, will definitely like comfortable heated sports front seats, steering wheel with leather decoration, which has also paddles, buttons of modes of red color, which looks especially interesting at night.

The interior is leather and the belts have stitching in the colors of the BMW badge, and this elegantly emphasizes the luxury of this car.

Also, the interior still has a few interesting features:

  • individual seats in the rear row, which is especially comfortable for passengers;
  • adjustable headrests with heating and ventilation, so that even in a convertible you can feel comfortable;
  • developed lateral support of seats.

Interesting facts about the BMW M4 Competition

The most interesting fact that seems unreal, the BMW M4 Competition Convertible appeared only 10 years ago, although it seems that it was already a long time ago, so quickly the auto won its fans. And this is largely due to the perfect combination of safety, comfort and reliability in it. Such a vehicle may well star in some blockbuster or action movie.

History of the name of the car

There is no mystery in the name of the BMW M4 Competition 2020. The abbreviation BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, because the original line of products of the concern were engines. And the letter M in the name stands for a sports car, so that car enthusiasts can immediately understand what they see in front of them.

Other features from Pugachev car rental

Advantages of ordering a car from Pugachev car rental

To order a 2024 BMW M4 Competition in Miami is to get a high-class service, favorable prices, and most importantly – a car in perfect technical condition. In addition to a modern sporty German car, Pugachev car rental also has car rentals for wedding in Miami. If you want something special, you can use car rental in Miami:

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