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Rolls Royce Cullinan 2020


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
8-speed, automatic
6,75 l., V12 biturbo
0-60mph in:
5,7 sec
450,000 $
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
8-speed, automatic
6,75 l., V12 biturbo
0-60mph in:
5,7 sec
450,000 $
Horse Power:
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Rent Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 in Miami

You can hide from the snowdrifts and the cold of the Russian winter in the sunny city of Miami. Summer is here all year round. You will be delighted by the gentle ocean, golden beaches with gentle sand, and friendly locals. Besides, It is not only a year-round seaside resort favored by celebrities since the first half of the 20th century. But also it is an economic center for the United States that plays an important role in international trade. The main tourist area of the city is Miami Beach, located on the Atlantic coast. It is where coast-lines, hotels, entertainment, pedestrian promenades, restaurants, and nightclubs are concentrated.

To get to all the places, you need a reliable steel horse. The Pugachev company offers exotic automobile rental for every taste. We have both expensive limousines and cool sports cars. For a comfortable family vacation or a romantic weekend, we suggest you pay attention to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The auto combines style, comfort, and agility.

Sunny Miami – the hot-topic resort city

In the distant 1980s and 90s. Vacation in Miami Beach was something out of reach for residents of other continents, but the situation has changed. Now any tourist can find the right hotel for themselves and head to the stunning coasts of Florida to sunbathe, enjoy evening walks on the Miami Boardwalk and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Wynwood and Little Havana.

Overland & aquatic must-see sights to enjoy

The main Florida-based resort city is divided into four districts – north, south, west, and east. And many Miami residents call them just such names. Downtown is the heart of the city. On the other side of Biscayne Bay, washing Miami on the east side, is South Beach, a place occupied by tourists. The northwest of the city is famous for its scientific institutes. Almost the entire south of Miami is occupied by the historic Coconut Grove district. It is one of the oldest in the city.

Rolls Royce Dawn White Miami
Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2022 Black Badge Rental in Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2023 Anthracite Rental in Miami
Rent Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 im Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022 Rental Miami
Rolls Royce Dawn White Rent Miami 2
Rent Rolls Royce Dawn 2020 Black
Аренда Rolls Royce Dawn 2018 в Майами
Rolls Royce Wraith Blue rent Miami
Аренда Rolls Royce Ghost 2018 в Майами
Аренда Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 в Майами
Rent Rolls Royce Phantom in Miami
Rolls Royce wraith blue rent in Miami
Аренда Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Белый в Майами

You won’t go pass by the following sights:

  • Miami Zoo
  • Bayfront park
  • Jungle Island Park
  • Oceanarium
  • History museum
  • Botanical Garden.

Miami Beach is a place where life is in full swing twenty-four hours a day. It never sleeps, as well as the well-known Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, or the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Even though formally Miami Beach is already a separate city, many people associate it with the city of Miami. Most of Florida’s luxury hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos are located here.

The small resort town was founded in 1915 on an artificial barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Miami itself. Since the 1930s, this area has attracted great interest from wealthy people. Many millionaires have started building their mansions in Miami. South Beach began to be built up with Art Deco hotels.

Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

Today such a service as the auto rental has gained great momentum. It allows you to solve the transport problem both for one individual and for an organization. It is in great demand in large, resort cities like Miami.

So, ordering personal transport gives you the following benefits on vacation:

  • independence from local transport
  • the ability to independently build a route without traffic jams
  • representative appearance at an event or restaurant
  • personal driver escort
  • the ability to move long distances from the center and see any sights
  • high level of comfort.

Rental price & conditions

The Pugachev company provides different conditions for renting a car for our clients. The auto can be taken from several hours to several days. And believe us – it’s very convenient.

It is also worth mentioning a wedding. At the celebration, any delays or delays are excluded. Transportation of guests to a restaurant, driving around the city is a transport issue that will help to solve auto rental. For such events, the Pugachev company provides VIP-Auto with drivers. Rolls Royce Cullinan is a perfect choice for such an occasion.

Besides, our team might help you prepare for the event and choose the right props, decorations, and choose the right place. We take on the bulk of the important hassle. We can also hire a professional photographer who captures the happy moment in your life. We also offer airport transfer services. The car will be served exactly at the time of arrival of your flight. We can also deliver transport to any specified location.

With the Pugachev company, you can find yourself driving a legend. And you don’t have to pay the full cost. Today, to become the owner of this elite stallion, you have to pay $450,000. In our agency, you can rent a Rolls-Royce Cullinan for $1,199 per day. The deposit is $500. 100 miles are already included in the price.

Rolls Royce Cullinan: a detailed review

Experience real freedom with car rental in Miami, pick a perfect vehicle, and start your unforgettable journey. The unique Rolls Royce offroader will become a great travel companion wherever you go. The development of the model started in 2015, and finally, the brilliant Cullinan has come to light.

This automobile allows conquering any road including the most difficult ones. With the impressive power, four-wheel-drive, clearance, and delightfully sophisticated salon, you are enabled to feel the comfort and use the limitless opportunities provided by this gorgeous car.

According to the manufacturers, the brand new five-door Rolls Royce combines the opulence of light-duty vehicles (like Wraith models produced in 2017 and 2018, Dawn, Ghost, Cullinan) and the characteristics possessed by the best crossovers. So in case you value real comfort and prefer to set the rules during a cross-country trip, opt for a Rolls-Royce Cullinan rental in Miami.

Brand history

More and more people in the world prefer not just comfortable vehicles, but also safe, reliable, high cross-country ability, but at the same time with a stylish exterior. The automobile should not only show the status of the owner but also serve as a support for him in different situations. Therefore, the famous British brand Rolls Royce decided to release a premium crossover. The car brand began a new chapter in its 140-year history: Rolls-Royce had its first four-wheel-drive family transport.

It was named Cullinan after the largest diamond in the world that adorns the Crown of the British Empire. Unlike the rival Bentley Bentayga crossover, it is based on the so-called “Architecture of Luxury” – the original modular platform already used on the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII sedan.

All cars of this brand are made at the highest level. Here are some interesting facts about the concern:

  • 75% of the vehicles ever produced under the Rolls-Royce brand are still in perfect condition and on the move.
  • Rolls-Royce developed its first armored vehicle during the First World War.
  • The decoration on the hood of a Rolls-Royce is not an angel or a ghost, but a woman in a robe fluttering in the wind. The model who posed for the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette died when her ship was sunk by a submarine.
  • The legendary Rolls-Royce Phantom is almost 100 years old.


The model’s appearance makes you tremble with excitement: it is a marvelous blend of sublimity, elegance, and brutality:

  • The crossover’s front is equipped with neat rectangular lamps, a massive chrome-plated grill, a contoured bumper, and blades.
  • The side-view reveals a long horizontal hood, high roofline, and huge wheel openings.
  • The back includes gracefully-shaped vertical lights, a faceted deck lid, and the bumper with the exhaust pipes.


The inside of the only Rolls Royce crossover looks substantial, opulent, still slightly conservative; it is fitted out with progressive technologies.

Here is what you will find on the front panel:

  • A three-spoke steering wheel with multimedia controls and driving modes switch;
  • 12’ display with a digital tachometer and other fittings;
  • Color display of the multimedia system;
  • Climate control system panel.

The interior feels classy due to the use of high-quality leather, fine wood, aluminum, and other valuable materials.

One of the outstanding features of Cullinan is that the auto has a huge 600-liter luggage space that can be enlarged up to 1930 liters by folding down the back seats.

Technical characteristics

To provide a high mobility, the developers equipped the car with a 6,75-liter 12 cylinder petrol engine with direct fuel injection, gas distribution mechanism, and power-packed phase-changing units. The steering is carried out through a 12-speed automatic gearbox of the four-wheel-drive transmission that allows speeding up to 250 km/h (155 mph) and getting through 54 cm deep fords.

Rent Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Miami and put this masterpiece to the test. Feel the unmatched comfort and enjoy the independence provided by the stunning automobile.

The Pugachev’s exotic autopark

We could offer other amazing models of this automobile brand.

You might choose the most suitable for any situation:

Other stunning racers to choose

Our catalog also contains other luxury cars. Contact the managers, and they will advise which transport is suitable for your purposes. The automobile fleet includes SUVs, luxury limousines, sports cars, and eco-friendly brands. We try to guess any wishes of our clients.

Your attention may deserve:

Choose your iron horse for a holiday in the sunny city. Whether it is a business trip or vacation, we make it comfortable and amazing.

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