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Lexus Rental Miami

Rent Lexus GX 460 in Miami

During the vacation time or on a business trip, a personal vehicle is convenient and profitable. So, renting a car is a great modern option. The Pugachev company offers a wide range of exotic autos for every taste and budget. Pay attention to the novelty in our fleet – Lexus rental.

It is a unique brand from Japan associated with wealth, success, and elite status. Not only manufacturers and owners, but simply admirers of such a famous brand know about its reliability and attractive interior and exterior. Each motorcar of this mark is a real work of art.

Cars of this brand have always attracted the attention of motorists with their individuality and incomparable style. Distinctive features of this vehicle are aesthetic appearance, aggressive character, and unsurpassed driving characteristics. It is worth noting that this brand will please you with the most modern electronic filling and the convenient location of the navigation panel. Without a doubt, Lexus SUV rental is a great choice to relax in comfort.

Why Is a Car Rental Beneficial?

An automobile is no longer a luxury now. It is a necessary tool for solving various everyday issues. When personal transport breaks down, or it is impossible to buy it, a car rental comes to the rescue. Today, it is a popular service everywhere: in large metropolises and small towns. It is especially true for cities like Miami.

Local urban transport is either almost non-existent or does not have convenient routes. And if you come to Miami on business, punctuality and freedom of movement are a priority for you. Our company is ready to assist in this matter and provides different cars, including Lexus, for rent for any period. You can book for a day or week – all conditions are discussed individually. We meet our customers’ wishes and create the most convenient policies. It is the key to success!

Just evaluate what opportunities you get if you order a car in Miami:

  • Saving money. You are renting an auto for the short term. So there is no need to pay the total price. You draw up a contract with the company and take it for the required period.
  • Minimum hassle. The client is required to follow only two rules: fill in fuel on time and drive smoothly. You apply to a good company. You are provided with a technically serviceable and clean vehicle that fully meets all the strict criteria of the consumer.
  • Possibility to choose any brand and model. It is the most significant plus for many people. Luxury car rental is available to everyone to ride with the breeze in such a presentable automobile or arrange a date with a beautiful girl. Therefore, thanks to us, you can afford to realize any dream, even if it is Lexus GX 460, Lexus LC500, or Lexus LX350.

Additional Services

The Pugachev company is something more than just a car rental. We provide a wide range of services. For example, we can offer professional chauffeurs if you don’t have a driving license or want to relax. They undergo retraining and gradually improve their skills.

Miami is famous for its fantastic scenery, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful architecture. Therefore, you will want to take incredible photos to capture the bright moments of your vacation. But often, the pics on your phone, even the latest model, are not of good quality. We offer professional photography services. The photographer can advise you on the best angles and knows the most picturesque and photogenic places. Just imagine professional photos behind the wheel of a Lexus with beautiful views of Miami in the background!

You could also contact us in advance. We will help you find a convenient hotel. When booking a room online, you often know almost nothing about it. Our managers are aware of the best hotels that offer amazing views. Our team strives to make your vacation in Miami unforgettable and your business trip as productive as possible.

Lexus Production Features

Japanese cars are popular and respected, as they are considered reliable and of high quality. When buying or renting a Lexus, you can be sure of electronics, perfectly smooth running, and gear shifting.

A high level of quality is achieved by ensuring capable employees. Every day before work, all workers undergo a particular control test. Questions are constantly changing, and workers must always be on their toes. If an employee fails, he is suspended from work.

Thus, the management of the plant eliminates the human factor. It makes it possible to avoid mistakes during production cycles. And if one of the employees finds an error, the production process stops until it is corrected. The most exciting thing is that workers can stop the conveyor and production at Lexus factories up to 100 times per shift.

Another interesting fact in the production of Japanese cars is the opportunity for any ordinary worker to express wishes for quality improvement. If an employee sees what can be perfected in production, such as modifying fixtures for equipment and reducing the time for assembling units, it is immediately implemented.

Also, Toyota and Lexus have been using a particular production system. It helps to deliver components to a specific workshop just in time. Nothing can delay production and average monthly output.

The cost of this brand is relatively high. The market price starts from $100,000. Thus, the presence of factories in the territories of sale allows slightly reduce the cost of automobiles.

In Japan, there are several large factories where Lexus cars are assembled. Workshops are also located in Canada in Ontario, where they produce transport for the entire North American continent except for the Lexus HX 200.

The Japanese adapt the models to the markets:

  • In warm countries. These modifications do not have a seat heating function and freeze and condensation protection at low temperatures. The automatic transmission is equipped with manual shifting.
  • In Europe and cold countries. It provides heated seats, windows, and even wipers. A special anti-theft system works; the gearbox is adjusted so that it is possible to start moving from the second speed, bypassing the first (it is essential in the cold season).

Lexus History – The Way It Began

If you didn’t know, Lexus is the Toyota branch, Japan. But it does not have the distinctive letter T. When the concern developed a line of expensive autos, experts found that the brand causes associations with affordable products. This perception means a failure for a premium car even before it hits the market. Therefore, the company launched a new label without belongings to a well-known brand.

The Japanese managed to present their new model just in time – expensive autos began to gain popularity in the States. Later, the brand spread worldwide, and the company opened a branch in Canada to assemble automobiles on another continent.

In the 1980s, Toyota management desired to create the best auto in the premium category. There was a demand for luxury vehicles during that period, especially in the United States. And Toyota was already known as a corporation that produces reliable and high-quality products.

But the niche of luxury class automobiles was not covered. Therefore, it was decided to start developing autos in this category. The company organized large-scale research to study the potential market. It rented premises in California to specify the preferences of potential buyers on the spot.

The result of their work was impressive. The Lexus LS 400, unique for those times, entered the market, featuring a unique design, an advanced four-liter V 8 engine. The Japanese plant in the city of Tahara is the place where Lexus number one was assembled. The first Lexus received good reviews for its equipment, advanced aerodynamics, and economy. Prices were about $38,000, a reasonable amount.

Interesting facts. The history of the origin of the brand name is fascinating. Initially, they wanted to call the car Alexis. But it suggested the character of a famous American telenovela at the time. As a result of naming, the word was transformed into Lexus.

A Luxury Car Fleet

Lexus is an ideal automobile, but we also advise you to browse through our catalog. We have collected top brands of world labels. We have automobiles for every budget and occasion. We are ready to provide SUVs for family trips. You can take premium executive vehicles – rent BMW or Mercedes-Benz in Miami, sports cars like Porsche rental for speed lovers, and others.

Pay attention to the following unique offers:

We have simplified the process of booking a car. Contact the managers through the website or messenger and leave a request for the automobile you like. If you cannot choose, our specialists will select the means of transportation according to your goals. For rent, it is enough to pay a deposit of $500 and to have an identity card that you are over 18 years old. 100 miles are already included in the rental price. Don’t put off the dream of riding the best iron stallion.

Mark Pugachev

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