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Rent Standard vehicles in Miami

Rent Porsche 911 2021 Red
Аренда Mercedes C63 2019 в Майами
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Rent BMW X7 in Miami
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Аренда BMW X6 2019 в Майами
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Аренда Porsche Cayenne 2019 в Майами
Аренда Mercedes S63 Coupe в Майами
Аренда Mercedes S550 Sedan в Майами
Аренда Ford Mustang GT 2019 в Майами
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Rent BMW X7 in Miami
BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold rent in Miami
Аренда Mercedes Benz GLC63 2020 в Майами

Automobiles of this class always set an example of how a real car should look like. It is a real car where one can simultaneously feel motor power, interior elegance and each detail of the car body.

Such cars for rent suit those people who are going to travel with the whole family, with friends or alone when you want to make a good impression just arriving at the place. The main three compounds of a standard are comfort, safety and beauty. Due to the large capacity of the cabin and trunk, you can even take unnecessary things with you. And wide technical opportunities such as climate-control and cruise-control, make your trip much easier.

Popular standard vehicles in 2019-2020

The following models are included in the line of “the best standards” in the current year:

  1. Mercedes S550 Sedan. All over the world “Mercedes” is considered the quality sign, it cannot be argued. Driving this vehicle through Miami you will see it for yourself. Due to a powerful engine, easy driving and adaptive suspension journey will seem a real attraction. This model is a perfect option for a business trip or a romantic one. Wherever you will be, you’ll always see admiring people looking at you.
  2. Porsche Cayenne 19.

    3 reasons make you choose Cayenne:

    • Modern car body and new designer style.
    • A lot of useful computer devices.
    • Spacious cabin with great capacity of the trunk.
  3. BMW X6 19. The model combines incredible power hidden under the hood and unique interior. Due to the powerful engine, you can meet all your needs in speed; luxury trim of the cabin will impress any experienced designer. Due to its form, X6 looks like a sports car, so it will perfectly fit the journey around Miami.
  4. Ford Mustang GT 19. Beach, sun and hot air cannot be imagined without “Mustang”. Not one generation grew with this vehicle, it is a dream of every child and adult. Each year it was restyled improving power indexes, computer and decorative characteristics.

    Thus, the rent of this car enables you to experience:

    • modern navigation,
    • multifunctional display,
    • comfortable chairs of pure leather,
    • supplemented climate-control.

The main pluses of rent in Miami Beach

Our main advantage is the attitude to the client. You can buy or rent a car anywhere else. Our goal is to do it with such comfort and quality for the clients to make them speak about us for a very long time.

Speaking about the practical advantages of cooperation with us, the following items can be pointed out:

  • free car delivery to any part of the country with the guarantee.
  • no shadow payments.
  • ideal feedback.
  • flexible discounts for different types of transport, from very simple to exotic ones.
  • rent for 1 day is possible subject to advance booking.

The rent of the standard vehicle

To rent a car you should make several simple steps. Choose the model you like and book it 1-2 hours before the delivery time. Our company takes driving licenses of all countries, the only term is age, the driver must be 25 years old.

For your convenience, the booking can be paid by cards, checks or cash.

If you want to drive different cars, we can fit your schedule and make any test- drives.

VIP – service

We also provide you with luxury services:

  • Car delivery directly to the airport. Daily a lot of tourists and businessmen arrive in the city and they don’t want to waste time. The car waiting near the plane is the best present.
  • The preparation of the car to the wedding.

    To choose the ideal “element” to your wedding clarify the following information in advance:

    • technical characteristics,
    • engine power,
    • interior variety,
    • cabin capacity,
    • rent cost.
  • Driver services. Driving sometimes makes vacations or business trips hard. To get full relax and experience great comfort hire a personal driver who gets you anywhere. Besides, it is a good reason to brag to partners or friends.

We strive to meet all customer’s needs and impress him greatly. We want not only cars but feedbacks to be luxury. Call us and give us such an opportunity!

Mark Pugachev

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