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Security Service in Miami

Security Service in Miami 8The VIP Security Guard Services – An All-Purpose Protection of the Highest Level

According to the latest statistics, the crime rate in the USA significantly increased in the last 5 years. American residents often face violence and criminal elements’ aggression. People are afraid of their safety and the security of their near and dear ones. Especially, the criminal world is interested in rich and successful community leaders because the main purpose of any offending figures is to own the property of the victim party.

The only way to prevent any unpleasant situation like the assault on you and your parents, children, relatives is to arrange a high-level security guard. It is an actual service to take into consideration when it comes to the safety aspect of your family, the untouchability of your assets, property, and other items of value you do not want to lose.

It is worth noting that not only politicians and celebrities are under the radar of nowadays criminal figures, but businessmen and people of great possessions and high status. If you are not indifferent in the aspect of safety of your life, it is high time to think of bodyguarding and all the security measures at once.

Why Is It Necessary to Arrange Personal and Family Protection Right Now?

Your house, your business, and your family require high-level protection right now because the present-day facts prove that it is dangerous to neglect both personal safety and the issue of property defense. Here is only a shortlist of reasons why you need to arrange bodyguarding and family protection at the moment:

People who handle a big sum of money and obtain a high possession in society are always in danger because the attention of criminals is always paid to this category of American residents.

If you are a successful business representative, do not exclude the possibility of the attempt upon the life organized by your competitors and other ill-wishers. Somebody can envy your wealth, your reputation, and other achievements. In these cases, kidnapping, stalking, and other misdeeds take place.

Accomplished and prosperous men should understand that their wives, children, brothers, and sisters together with parents are always in danger. This is the best way of manipulation and horrification. Prevent any kind of provocation with the help of bodyguarding services.

The safety aspect is a must when your life is constantly in the limelight. You are a celebrity with a rich media reach. You can be a blogger or a singer, a well-known web designer or an effectual politician, a film director, or an owner of a giant retail corporation. Anyhow, malefactors and other bad guys will not miss their opportunity to do harm to you and your near and dear ones.

Nowadays, almost everyone who has a stable surface under his or her feet requires bodyguarding and personal protection. Crime reports and statistics in America impress every day. Stop living risky, quit thinking that you were born under the lucky star! Stay ahead and act proactively.

Security Service in Miami 9Your Security Needs is the Number One Priority

Executive protection can solve any business and commercial issue easily. Bodyguarding can be temporary to arrange some important meeting with partners or visit the crowded event with your family or a regular one with the children surveillance to school and routine assistance of you and your close people when it comes to the shopping in supermarkets, church occasion attendance, etc.

The Pugachev company understands the necessity of the security guard services in the present time, so our dedicated team has decided to add the bodyguarding options and personal protection provided to the wide range of our VIP accommodations. Your security and safety come first and are the number one priority in the contemporary context.

The Pugachev Company Ensures the Best Safeguard Security

We tackle the problem of personal protection again using a new pitch. Our experienced and competent bodyguards will provide you any kind of security guard services according to your demands and requirements. Now, you can count not only on the VIP concierge options and exclusive offers when it comes to the elite car rentals, yacht and apartment reservations, and other luxury features.

First of all, it is necessary that all our bodyguards have accomplished certain training and preparation to enhance qualitative and error-free VIP security guard services. Our dear clients can count on absolute confidentiality, individual approach, high-level responsibility, and absence of mistakes when it comes to their personal safety.

The Much-Needed Option by the Pugachev Company You Require for Sure

The Pugachev’s security agents are ready to provide you with personal and family protection, security guard consulting, highly-proficient executive bodyguarding, and other options. We aim to become your number one security contractor.

That is why Pugachev’s agency offers the following options to take into account:

  • Armed security
  • Unarmed security services
  • Concierge security
  • Event security guards
  • Investigation service
  • Mobile patrol
  • Security patrol services
  • Executive protection serving

The range of our services is almost unlimited because we make a specialty of your safety need satisfaction in full. Take a closer look at the security guard offers together with executive protection provision opportunities.

Security Service in Miami 7Security Consulting

You may specify your own demands and our guarding specialists will meet them in full scope. Our security consulting service range includes the following directions and cases:

  • Security assessment and surveys
  • Protection program design (together with policies and required procedure specification)
  • Security technology design.
  • Each our consumer decides on the most optimal way of guarding services provision. At the same time, our professional agents deliver high-grade protection in the specified period (a certain day and time or even round the clock in the 24/7 mode).

Security Guard Services & Executive Protection

Our bodyguarding team specializes both in residential and commercial security. Executive protection is also available. We provide armed or unarmed accompaniment, children surveillance, and personal protection in any place. If you need to take your children to school or home or require special event security, our guardians will assist you and protect your family.

To sum up, the following security guard services can be ordered:

  • Armed and unarmed accompaniment (special events, crowded celebrations, clubs, churches, malls, maritime cruises, parties, etc.).
  • Executive protection (bodyguarding during the voyages, business trips, concert attendance, anniversaries, etc.).
  • Security escort of cargo and other shipping operation accompaniment.
  • Residential security (gated communities, condominiums, etc.).
  • Commercial security (school surveillance, guarded airport transfers, and meetings, etc.).

It is useless to explain once more about the necessity of your personal safety and the security of people you love. Our task is to ensure the protection of any kind to make you feel comfortable and out of danger! Contact our managers to discuss details and place the order of security guard services you need!

Order Security and Escort Services in Miami

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