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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
7-speed robotic
6.3L V12
0-60mph in:
3.1 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
7-speed robotic
6.3L V12
0-60mph in:
3.1 sec
Horse Power:
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Public transport is unable to meet all the needs of citizens associated with moving around the city and intercity travel, as it has several restrictions. Firstly, it is rather slow. Secondly, it runs along strictly defined routes. So, it cannot always take you to the right place. Thirdly, it is often overcrowded with passengers. As a result, a ride in it turns into torture.

Having a car is always an advantage, but not everyone can afford to buy it for permanent use. Moreover, it is not profitable during your vacation or business trip. Have a speedy ride aboard Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or choose another chariot from our wide assortment of exclusive motor models.

Personal transportation in Miami is not so much a luxury and a way to stand out, but more convenient and time-saving. The Pugachev company offers car rental on favorable terms. We have simplified the procedure. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of car rental on our website. Our managers answer any questions of interest.

Sunny Miami – the hot-topic resort city

Several completely different cultures have merged here in an amazing way. A large percentage of the population are Cubans, migrants from South and Central America: Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico. In the city, you can find many restaurants and cafes with their cuisine. There is also a museum dedicated to immigrants from Cuba. Perhaps the brightness and madness of the nightlife were passed on from the Cubans.

Miami has one of the largest Russian communities. Often you don’t even have to say a word in English. It is popular with aged tourists or vacationing families, as it gives the comfort of staying in the United States.

The hottest time of the tourist season is usually during the Christmas holidays. Many vacationers tend to leave cold places and soak up the warm sun. Therefore, if you are also planning to spend your winter holidays in Miami or other Florida-based resort locations, we advise you to book hotels, restaurants, and a car in advance.

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Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

Despite the proximity of the ocean, surfing is not developed here. There are no waves or wind, it is more about California. But the whole coast is strewn with yachts. Here you can rent a boat of any size and take a trip along the coast. Also, many tourists go on cruises in the Caribbean.

The Pugachev company just offers yacht rental. In our marine park, there are only modern boats from the world’s top shipyards. You can find out about the rental conditions on the website in the yacht section.

Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

To stay at the forefront of the car rental industry, we are updating our fleet. All vehicles undergo technical inspection and commission before being issued to the client. Therefore, you are insured against sudden expenses due to other people’s scratches and malfunctions.

Our agency values its reputation. Therefore, we are improving our service, offering favorable conditions for ordering luxury cars, and meeting our customers in all their wishes.

Working with us, you will experience the following benefits:

Rental price & conditions

Our company provides yacht rental and car rental in Miami. You can make a reservation from anywhere in the world for the dates you need, while we do not charge commissions or make extra charges. All our employees are Russian speaking.

Renting a car in Miami from the Pugachev company allows you to choose from an impressive car fleet, in which every client can find what they like and can afford. Or you can try your driving skills behind the wheel of something new. Using the services of our company, you also get insurance.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will cost you just $500 per day. Moreover, 100 miles are already included in the price. Agree that it is much more profitable than buying a car for $280,000. Plus, our consultants are on call 24/7 and always ready to help you resolve issues of driving on Miami roads.

Our company provides an official contract and round-the-clock technical support for a rented car. We are focused on long-term and short-travel clients. Plan your vacation, and our company would help you spend it great!

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: a detailed review

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a sports coupe produced in Italy from 2012 to 2017. In the Ferrari model range, this point replaced the 599 GTB Fiorano and became the fastest sports car. Even now, after some years later of its production start, this model keeps on being the most desirable for many motorists. Certainly, only rich people can afford this car but with the help of our renting car service in Miami, you can experience real satisfaction from driving “this Italian miracle”, and make your dream true.

At the time of its debut, it was the fastest road Ferrari in history: the passport acceleration time to a hundred was 3.1 seconds, the maximum speed was above 340 km/h.

Brand history

Here are some surprising and interesting facts about the iconic automaker:

  • Ferrari never produced any crossovers and never will. Apart from such brands as Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, which have SUVs in their lineup, Ferrari have been sticking to race cars for 70 years
  • Ferrari is the only automaker with its racetrack for testing cars. It is used both for branded racers and for street items
  • Ferrari’s original mission was to build racing cars. Conventional models were made to fund the racing department. Over time, passenger models began to take on a personality and importance of their own
  • The use of racing technology in passenger models makes Ferrari special.

Ferrari is a new Italian auto concern unlike Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Bugatti. All these brands are at least 30 years older than this legendary company. Although we love Ferrari and talk about its deep history all the time, it is not the oldest Italian car brand.


This iron horse became the most powerful and fastest stallion in the legendary Italian stable, for which it received close attention from critics and much praise from experts.

The F12 Berlinetta’s two-seater body was designed by Ferrari Centro Stile in collaboration with renowned styling experts from the Pininfarina Design Center. Special attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the car. As a result of which excellent indicators of aerodynamic resistance and downforce were achieved.

Externally, the Italian supercar looks luxurious. The sporty appearance, indomitable power, and aggressive temperament are emphasized by the predatory cut of the headlights.


Even though the current silhouette of the Ferrari F12 reminds the previous model, it has its bright individuality, at the same time. It can be seen in extended wheel arches, modified disk design, installed branch pipes with black linings, and original air intake on the hood.

The cabin is made in the classic style of Ferrari, i.e. convenient location of control buttons and the feeling of much free space. The expensive leather trimming, carbon inserts on the steering wheel and center console make the interior look reliable and respectable. The dashboard consists of three displays where you can find all the necessary information. There are climate control buttons and powerful air deflectors resembling aircraft turbines on the central console.

Sports seats with integrated headrests have the ideal side support and remain the body position stable even at sharp turns. According to the developers’ idea, the interior of this model embodies the perfect combination of both sport style and comfort.

Distinctive features

Ferrari F12 is a mix of style and perfection.

The construction is well developed both esthetically and technically:

  • Well-thought-out weight distribution and improved suspension mechanism make this vehicle easy to drive and smoothly take any, even the sharpest turns.
  • A new truncated form of steering wheel creates extra comfort for the driver.
  • A huge windshield and narrow pillars provide excellent visibility in all directions.
  • The Brake system is made of ceramic and can withstand any, even long-term load.

This supercar can provide you with a lot of positive emotions letting you distract from your everyday routine. If you rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Miami, you will get unforgettable impressions from driving through auto bans and picturesque landscapes.

The Pugachev’s exotic auto park

We could not resist the beauty of these horses, so we included other chariots of this brand in our fleet. We can easily select a car for any taste that makes your stay in a resort memorable. If you prefer convertible supercars, pay attention to Ferrari 458 F1 Capristo Exhaust, Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari California T, Ferrari Portofino Spyder, Ferrari 458 Spyder. If you want to experience the powerful engine and wheels which are ready to drive at any time, the ideal option for you is Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. You can easily rent any car model in Miami with us.

Other stunning racers to choose

Test other thoroughbred stallions from our catalog. With us, you can easily change cars every day.

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