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Bentley Flying Spur 2022


/ Per Day


/ Week


/ Month

Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic manual 8-speed
6.0 L V8
0-60mph in:
4,6 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic manual 8-speed
6.0 L V8
0-60mph in:
4,6 sec
Horse Power:
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Sunny Miami is waiting to meet you year-round, warming the beaches and growing tall palm trees. You should also prepare well for visiting the city. Miami cannot be walked or traveled by bus like any other American metropolis. Buying a car for a weekend or a week is irrational too.

Renting a car is an excellent option for getting around the city. Pugachev Company offers Bentley Flying Spur at your service. The cost of renting this car is $ 900 per day. Rental options offered by our company:

  • The duration of the rent is from a day to a month;
  • Possibility to include two drivers in the lease agreement;
  • Favorable packages of additional miles to the standard set.

Bentley Flying Spur Rental Miami

A great way to fit into the high-profile local community is to rent Bentley Miami. This metropolis appreciates good taste in cars. A successful choice of the model will help to leave a good impressio


Bentley rental Miami requires a bit of preparation:

  • You need to decide how long you want to use the car — the rental period starts from 48 hours, but individual solutions are possible.
  • It is essential to prepare suitable insurance that covers accidents and repair costs.
  • You will need to have a Visa or MasterCard card or be a user of Discovery or American Express services to pay for rent. Bank and personal checks are accepted 10 days before the start of the rental period.
  • It is worth familiarizing yourself with the terms of the contract in detail to avoid misunderstandings.

The Bentley Flying Spur is ideal for comfortable trips to the ocean or shopping in the city’s numerous shops. This premium car will delight both lovers of aesthetic design and fast driving. You can rent Bentley Flying Spur in Miami around the clock.

Bentley Flying Spur Rent Price

Bentley rentals are pretty affordable. The cheapest rental per day is $480, while other models can cost nearly a thousand dollars. Then how much does it cost to rent a Bentley Flying Spur in Miami? The price per day for using a car is $900. How much does it cost to rent a Bentley Flying Spur in Miami for a week? The cost of a car for a week is negotiated with managers. On average, the price will be at least a couple of thousand dollars. You can also stay in the city longer because our rent is available for a month. Discount systems and special conditions are applicable for long periods.

Available Options for Renting a Bentley Flying Spur in Miami

In addition to luxury cars, you get several services when choosing our company for rental:

  • Delivery of the car at the appointed time and place. The option of renting directly at the airport is incredibly convenient — no transfers to the city center are required anymore.
  • Car service.
  • Car support in unforeseen and force majeure situations.
  • Related services in the form of escort and security. You can also order the desired car with an experienced driver.
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Rent Terms

We provide premium cars in exchange for just a few requirements:

  • The driver must be over 25 years old. You need to contact the managers if the driver is younger.
  • The tenant must have a driver’s license. A license issued in any country is suitable.
  • Payment of a security deposit, which is spent on repairs in the event of a vehicle malfunction after use. The deposit amount depends on the rental period, ranging from $500 to $2.000.

Bentley Flying Spur 2022: Overview

Initially, the sedan model was called the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. In 2013, a piece of Continental disappeared from the name, but fashionable and modern details appeared in the car itself. For example, the front fenders had ventilation holes in the letter «B» form. The manufacturer’s particular attention to design and functionality did not disappear in subsequent generations.

Bentley Flying Spur price varies by model. Older modifications in the secondary market cost from 30 to 50 thousand dollars. The new 2019 car starts at $190.000. But the 2022 Bentley Flying Spur price is already more than $200.000. The final cost of each vehicle depends on the configuration and desired additional options.

Bentley Flying Spur Specifications

The dynamism of the model is more dependent on technical indicators:

  • A reliable engine is responsible for acceleration to hundreds of kilometers in 3.8 seconds.
  • Horsepower is 635 horses.
  • The maximum speed is 333 km per hour.
  • All this, coupled with active all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension, contributes to the excellent maneuverability and handling of the sedan. The MSRP for this feature set is $204.500.


An explicit form and grace inherent in Flying Spur will not leave indifferent either your friends or casual passers-by of the city. A harmonious and elegant appearance is achieved through carefully thought-out details — headlights, wheels and emblem are designed in the same style.

A distinctive feature is the brand’s characteristic grille with vertical fins. The smooth glossy body, original form and chrome details postulate the respectability and excellent taste of the person who has chosen the car.


We need only two words to briefly describe the interior of Flying Spur — harmony and luxury. The meticulously crafted and handcrafted splendor of the interior make the brand legendary. It’s easy to choose the right one, knowing that every inch of the car has been studied and tested. A cozy atmosphere is created through a symbiosis of tradition and modernity. Noble wood, genuine leather, and modern glass and metals are surprisingly harmoniously combined inside the car. A high-tech instrument panel, edged with decorative wooden inserts, encircles the driver and front passenger seats. All these details create a fantastic sense of completeness and fluidity in the 2022 Bentley Flying Spur interior.

In addition to a tactilely pleasing cabin, the Bentley Flying Spur interior also pleases with an abundance of smart instruments. With the help of touch control panels, you can change the parameters inside — the temperature and ventilation, the sunroof and the infotainment system are ready to execute commands.

The control panel is intuitive and accessible to the driver and passengers. A 12-inch display changes to an analog dial or a smooth veneer surface with one touch of a finger. Rear passengers also get 2 ten-inch screens that can be connected to the phone to watch videos or listen to music. The sound system in the car deserves special attention, which can create the right mood and help you fully feel yourself inside the music track.

The car is also equipped with communication systems such as «Traffic events» and the ERA-GLONASS system, which will connect you with emergency services if you press the SOS button. It guarantees the highest level of travel safety. Being a driver and a passenger in such a car is pleasant.

Interesting Facts about Bentley Flying Spur

Some car-related figures will impress you:

  • 2 wings, located on the heraldic sign of the Johnston clan, inspired the creators to name the car Flying Spur.
  • 3 km. That is how many threads it takes to flash the entire model interior.
  • 3.5 hours. This is how long it takes to sew the Flying Spur handlebars with special needles. You must first pass five meters of thread through 352 holes to get 168 cross stitches.
  • 141 people are stitching together 350 pieces of leather to finish the car’s salon. They study for at least 5 months before starting work.
  • 12 hours. This is the amount of time to assemble four seats manually. Interestingly, some mass-market manufacturers can build an entire car in the same period.

History Bentley Flying Spur

The automaker first produced the original sedan in 1952. Six years later, it was redesigned as the Continental Flying Spur. In 1959, the company redesigned the engine to increase power significantly.

In the 21st century, the concept of the car was revived in 2005, when the model was refined technically – the innovative chassis, steering and suspension of the model created a unique driving experience. In 2013, the model improved with increased top speed and fuel economy. Subsequent generations became more and more refined and powerful. Electronics were added and the shortcomings disappeared as befits a legendary company.

Other Offers from Pugachev Car Rentals

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These and many other representatives and exotic cars from Pugachev Car Rentals can also accompany you to your wedding celebration.

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