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Where to rent Exotic Cars in Miami

Miami is the place where exotic beach life is interconnected with expensive hotels, restaurants, and cars. The purpose of arrival is not so important. Once, you are here, you just must drive the car of your dreams.

Why it is necessary to rent a luxury car in Miami

Moving along Miami roads may be more comfortable if you drive a premium-class vehicle. The luxury car gives pluses to your image and makes a more expensive personal “brand” of its owner. If you are interested in where to rent luxury cars in Miami it is necessary to mention that business-class cars are offered here by Pugachev Luxury Car Rental. Let’s look, where and how to rent cars in Miami Beach.

What Pugachev Luxury Car Rentals is distinguished by

Pugachev Luxury Car Rental is a company that provides services according to the standard “All-inclusive”. Car rent is added by the opportunity to rent elite accommodations and yachts. Brand representatives will do their best to make their client’s stay in Miami comfortable.

Our company provides you with the possibility to rent cars in Miami international airport. People who contact Pugachev Luxury Car Rental may not worry about getting home after arriving in the city. The automobile will be brought to the airport doors. Additionally, a professional driver will be provided.

Here are the other advantages of the company:

  1. Value for money. Getting premium class cars produced not more than a year ago in the long-term use is available at a low price.
  2. Wide range of luxury vehicles. The clients are at a loss in choosing a car while looking through the catalog.
  3. Possibility of car rental just right in Miami Airport. Book your supercar or crossover a few days before you arrive in the city and we will prepare it for your comfortable trip to your accommodation. We also offer driver services.
  4. The cars available for rent are absolutely safe. The automobile provided is not just comfortable, convenient, and high-tech. The car is equipped with control systems (assistants), which help to keep the lane, monitor blind spots, etc.

Pugachev Luxury Car Rental provides qualitative services for those who want to rent luxury cars in Miami South Beach. They are available for every guest of the city. Our clients are not ready to call a taxi regularly or use public transport, thus we offer a more comfortable and not expensive alternative.

What you need for the rental process

Car rental office Miami is a service for those people who value time and quality. That’s why Pugachev Luxury Car Rental provides cars in a matter of minutes which takes time to discuss formalities related to the selection of a car and payment.

Two ways to contact our company managers:

Get familiar in advance with the available car models on the company site as it is difficult to do during the telephone call. All the range offered is unique vehicles which are very attractive.

If you cannot make your choice beforehand, consult our managers mentioning your requirements for the car and affordable price. State the date when you want to book a vehicle, where it must be delivered if you are not going to come to the office. Get ready to discuss payment details, rental agreements, and insurance policy with your manager. Detailed terms and conditions are available in a special section.

The range available to rent

Pugachev Luxury Car Rental provides impressive cars to choose from, where fans of both fast and extreme driving can find suitable for and also drivers who appreciate comfort and calmness. It is the first place you should turn to if you still don’t know where to rent exotic cars in Miami.

Are you preparing to impress Miami residents and guests with fast accelerations, quick maneuvers, and just the perfect look of a rented car? Then check out the range of brands Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Audi, Chevrolet. The full list is available in a special section.

Do you want to demonstrate your status to friends or colleagues? Then the business class is the right thing to do. From the available range, we offer Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Cadillac, Mercedes, Tesla, Bentley.

We also have cars for lovers of classics which got modern functions, such as the Ford Mustang GT 2019. There’s also someone who loves the strict and discreet shapes of the BMW M3 2020.

We think that the most comfortable cars for driving in the city streets are crossovers. This type of car is useful both during a business meeting and during driving to the place of residence from the air harbor doors. With them, it is easy to “dissolve” in a road-stream and not to attract extra attention from outside.

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Extra offers

Drivers more than 25 years old can rent cars in Miami Florida for a long period. There is no need in the international driving license. If the client does not have the opportunity to drive independently, we will provide an experienced driver who is responsible for the transport.

The rent of apartments and yachts is available. If a car you have chosen is not magnificent enough to surprise your friends, you can always contact your manager for information about other services.

One more unusual offer is test-driving. It suits those who doubt in choosing something definite from the given range watching only photos and a short description. You can discuss all details with our manager via messenger or phone.

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Where the company is located

The office of Pugachev Luxury Car Rental is a premium “garage”, where the total cost of transport is calculated in tens of millions of dollars. And all this can be available to you at the lowest prices in just 5 minutes of speaking with the manager.

Clients shouldn’t come to the office to make an agreement. The company employees will deliver the vehicle and prepare the documents themselves.

Mark Pugachev