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Bentley GTC Mulliner 2020


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic, 8-speed
6,75L, V8
0-60mph in:
3.9 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic, 8-speed
6,75L, V8
0-60mph in:
3.9 sec
Horse Power:
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If you are planning your vacation in Miami, then you are lucky. Here you will find many entertainment options that suit any personal preference. There is a calm and cultural holiday, and the city offers a lot of adrenaline and incredible experiences. Choose any place that will give you more pleasure and many companies arrange all the details. This town was created for an eternal luxury holiday and every location speaks about it.

Sunny Miami – a hot-topic resort city

Every resident and visitor of this place prefers a luxurious vacation to have fun, so he is looking for the best service. Miami has many must-see variants to visit. Enjoy impressive villas and palaces, old streets, modern skyscrapers, the stunning Atlantic Ocean, and water activities. Choose any theme and your pastime will be great.

Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

Even if you have varied tastes and want to try all types of vacations, Miami has prepared them for you. Here, each person can relax in his style, so you only need to choose a place. Hire a glorious car or magnificent yacht and go for a delightful journey.

Bentley GTC Mulliner Rental Miami
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Rent Bentley Gtc Mulliner 2020 in Miami
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The city and the ocean fascinate and delight; now you have a great opportunity to see all these beauties:

  • South beach
  • Wynwood Graffiti Street
  • Art Deco Historic District
  • Coral castle or Zoo
  • Exploring underwater statues and ships
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Jet sky
  • Night cruises
  • Parachute flights
  • Sightseeing tours along the coast.

Rent luxury autos in Pugachev Company

If you prefer chic chariots then now you can book this. Choose any type of transport: from super sports cars to presentable, roomy, and powerful SUVs. Our garage offers a wide range of automobiles for any purpose. You will like our choice because we take into account any preferences of modern people. Discuss your conditions and desires with the Pugachev Rent Service manager to satisfy all your requests.

Our car rental prices are different, lease a model for $500 or $1,400. The cost depends on internal and external indicators, the number of horsepowers, year of manufacture, capacity, and other criteria. We have diversified our fleet to give you more choice. All our items are in excellent condition, but we re-check them before shipping the customer.

Also, our team offers you other services:

The advantages of our company

Our team will prepare any transport in the shortest possible time and you do not need to wait long for documents. Choose any car from the parking and indicate the rental period, it will be ready in a couple of hours.

We will also add other services for a comfortable and fun pastime. Discuss the conditions with our manager to implement any of your ideas.

Profitable cooperation with our company is obvious:

  • operational preparation of any chariot
  • large selection of exclusive models
  • regular replenishment of the fleet
  • additional services
  • minimum deposit amount
  • affordable rental price
  • 24/7 support
  • verification of technical parameters
  • favorable conditions for regular customers.

Rental price & conditions

You can rent Bentley GTC Mulliner in Miami in our salon, where only 10 minutes after a call, our client becomes the owner of a new luxury car. In our salon, you can find dozens of top-class sports cars, cabriolets, and other representatives of the aristocratic class. Herewith you don’t need to pay for their total cost, as it is much easier just to rent a luxuriousness.

Any customer can get this magnificent racer in just a couple of hours. The leasing price of Bentley GTC Mulliner is very nice – $799. This amount is very beneficial for you if you do not want to buy a car at a market cost of $350,000. Many of our clients are guests of this city, so it is more convenient for them to rent an auto than to buy it. We will surround you with attention to make your pastime bright and positive.

Bentley GTC Mulliner: a detailed review

Bentley GTC Mulliner is a rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan, combining a perfect balance of luxuriousness, style, and higher technological capacity. Even now, the version came into the official market and receive a great many favorable reviews from professional critics and ordinary users of the vehicle. In total, there were released several configurations, but we will consider the standard one.

Brand history

Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of this British corporation, showed the first vessel in 1919. He and a group of engineers developed unique cars for racing, and they all became champions. After showing the 8L model, this concern saw successes and failures to rise to the high level of the auto industry again.

Some chariots are still called legends and are the dream of many private collectors. Now Bentley successfully produces executive class automobiles, but among the brand’s products, there are also sedans, coupes, sports kinds, cabriolets, and others.

Design innovations

Concerning the appearance of this elite automobile, it undoubtedly arrests attention, but in comparison with other creations of the company the design is quite disputable and at the same time extraordinary. It combines the criteria of elegance, splendor, and attractiveness. I especially want to highlight the front side, which is equipped with four ancestral headlamps, a “marble shield” of the radiator grille, and, of course, an ideal bumper. This time, the designers tried their best to highlight the status of the vehicle.

The internal vehicle system is simple, and for this only leather and wood were involved. But even for such simplicity, the trim is done with high quality, and all this is perfectly coupled with the technological part. Even with the naked eye, you can see the presence of many panels and sensors that help in any situation to keep control of the road.

Technical component

Touching on the foregoing of the last section, the sedan is really equipped with many latest systems that assist in any situation. Thus, for example, at the order of Bentley GTC Mulliner in Miami, a lane assistant, adaptive cruise control, a night vision system, a projection display, and even a whole set of options for the Bentley City package become available to the driver.

For this time it includes:

  • Around view monitor;
  • Nearest signs warning mechanisms regarding speed limits or approaching a dangerous section of the road;
  • An assistant who will notify the user about changes in the situation on the road in the city, pedestrians, and other vehicles behind.


An exclusive color range is available now; it consists of several combinations of shades. The main palette of the brand has remained unchanged, but now you will see more lines and unique inserts. Add natural wood and less plastic and you get more elegance. There are several interior finishes, but Breitling watches are still in the center of the console.


The corporation has added to Bentley GTC Mulliner more luxury, English restraint, modernity, and presentability. The front grille has been redesigned to match the side fenders. The mirror covers have now received new inserts – Mulliner lamps. Brand logo badges are automatically aligned on the wheel rims.

The Pugachev’s exotic autopark

Our garage is amazing because we have collected the best cars from the world’s leading corporations. Any point will be the perfect choice for any event. Take the gorgeous Lamborghini or the cool Ferrari to test their speed on the racetrack. Choose a presentable Rolls Royce for a more stylish look. Specify the Mercedes model in your order to complement your authentic style.

If you like the unique features of the Bentley brand, there are other items in our fleet besides the Bentley GTC Mulliner.

In addition to the already mentioned model, we recommend you to have a look at other brand models:

  • Continental GT. This two-door model is quite roomy. You will love its great design and ideal technical parameters. Engineers went through all the elements to improve every detail of the interior and exterior.
  • GTC V8S. This steel beast looks fantastic. Its convertible type suits this understated style in contrast to the usual sporty designs. Enjoy its capabilities on the track, but also enjoy the increased comfort and respectability of this car.
  • Bentayaga. Such an SUV is a great companion on any trip, but you can also take it for a business meeting. You will love the characteristics of this iron beast because it has become more powerful. The first model of the brand that uses diesel.

A memorable driving with a chic auto

To find out the individual characteristics of each model in more detail on our official website. If you are ready to make an order, contact us in any way convenient for you. To do this is possible in the appropriate website section. There you can also find conditions of cooperation with us.

You can be sure that our company will provide you with quality services because we value our reputation. Our team respects each customer, his time, wishes, and requests. All our clients were satisfied with our assistance, so they came to us again. Pugachev Company makes all your dreams come true.

Mark Pugachev

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