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Ferrari Portofino 2019 red


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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Twin-turbo 3.9L V8
0-60mph in:
3.5 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Twin-turbo 3.9L V8
0-60mph in:
3.5 sec
Horse Power:
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Traveling is a great way to relax, get away from the daily routine, raise your cultural level, and discover new things. But every time you find yourself in a new place, you want to maintain the level of comfort. It is especially true for movement and transport. A personal car means independence and confidence.

Once in Miami, a place of eternal summer and holiday, taking care of the city bus schedule is the last thing you want to spend your time on. The Pugachev company offers luxury vehicle rental on favorable terms. In our fleet, there are steel horses for every taste and budget, plus we help choose a chariot depending on the purpose of the ride. We advise you to pay attention to the Ferrari Portofino Spyder in red color. This high-spirited stallion is built to ride quickly.

Sunny Miami – the hot-topic resort city

Miami is the center of beach recreation in the United States. Both Americans and tourists from all parts of the planet come here to enjoy the golden shores and the emerald waters of the ocean. Plus, the resort is popular with celebrities. Florida’s main city is home to many record companies, including Sony Music and Universal Music. And it is often a center to movies, TV shows, and videos, so there is a high concentration of actors, musicians, and other creative people.

Often people come here not only to relax and enjoy the ocean but in the hope of seeing their favorite actors and musicians. It is not surprising because the chances of meeting with them increase several times. You can see celebrities on the street, in a street cafe or local shopping center, as well as at a bright party in a trendy club.

Miami is perhaps one of the best cities in the world for entertainment. There are a lot of chic restaurants, bars, and nightclubs here. Therefore, a personal car is simply a vital necessity. It gives freedom of movement and independence from taxis and public transport, which is practically non-existent in Miami.

Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

From Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, there are many ways to enjoy the resort on the water. It is a city that is as strongly defined by water as it is by land. This place is renowned for miles of beautiful coastline, making the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean an obvious place to start in an amazing destination.

Along the coastline, on the beach, and in parks, you can always meet running, fit, beautiful people. It is customary here to take care of appearance and health. Therefore, Miami certainly appeals to travelers who prefer active holidays. With an abundance of natural attractions, entertainment and sports centers, luxury shops, and colorful nightclubs, choosing a place to relax will not be difficult.

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However, there are no big waves here, so you won’t be able to surf. People come here to go on a trip to the Caribbean Sea on a cruise ship or go out to the open ocean on their own on a yacht. All kinds of water sports are offered for tourists: snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, and much more. The Pugachev company offers boat rental with a professional team and the necessary equipment.

Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

Car rental is the most convenient way to travel on your own to different cities, springs, and natural attractions, as well as the cheapest transportation for trips to national parks and various beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and Miami Beach.

A rented top-branded vehicle comes in handy not only for avid travelers for trips to national parks but also for families with children for trips to beaches and restaurants, as well as for those who want to drive around the city for shopping and other entertainment every day.

Almost everyone needs a vehicle in Miami since the entire tourist infrastructure is geared towards independent travel by automobile. And if you do not have your racer in the USA or friends with transport, it is better to think about renting in advance. In the Pugachev company, you can order a car on favorable terms. Our fleet contains only modern chariots of top auto brands. We conduct technical checks and commissions. So, you can be sure of the safety of the rented vehicle.

Rental price & conditions

You don’t have to pay the full market price of $280,000 to get behind the wheel of a Portofino Spyder. In the Pugachev agency, you can ride it for only $500 a day. Moreover, 100 miles are already included in the price. Anything that you roll over the limit costs $3. Agree that it is much more profitable than taking a taxi or waiting for a bus.

Working with us, you will experience all the advantages of cooperation with professionals:

Ferrari Portofino Spyder Red: a detailed review

Fans of a fast but comfortable ride have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of a Portofino Spyder. This convertible coupe is an improved, updated version of the California model, which has been produced by the Italian manufacturer since 2008. If you are looking for an exotic car rental in Florida – this is a worthy choice.

Brand history

Ferrari belongs to the world’s most successful auto concerns that could create, hype on the name, promote exclusivity. They took their racing program and raised it to a level that such auto monsters as Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren will never rise. Even if the racers from these four manufacturers looked, sounded, and drove more or less the same, Ferrari would still be chosen more often. No automaker has a more vivid and memorable personality than the Italian.

Ferraris have played a huge role in the rise of brands like Lamborghini and Pagani. Legend has it that Lamborghini came about when Ferruccio Lamborghini disliked his personal racer, said to be due to the clutch. Therefore, after meeting with Enzo, Ferruccio got angry and decided to create his car brand.

Despite some criticism of some models, there is one aspect that has never been criticized. And it is unlikely to be. This is the sound. The Italian doesn’t have a bad-sounding vehicle. When you think of a Ferrari, you immediately hear that engine sound associated with quality and luxury.


The car, combining elegant design, family traditions of the automaker from Maranello, and outstanding driving characteristics, is addressed, first of all, to enthusiasts who like to stand out from the crowd.

Without exaggeration, but the Italians again managed to draw an incredibly sophisticated and emotional image – it is impossible to take your eyes off the Ferrari Portofino. Attention is attracted by an aggressive face with an insane look of lighting technology and a wide-open mouth of the radiator grille, an energetic silhouette with a long hood and muscular wheel arches, powerful stern with round lanterns, and a diffuser in the bumper, exposing a pair of a double-barreled exhaust system. The car looks beautiful, fresh, and dynamic.


The interior of the Ferrari Portofino looks attractive, modern, and truly purebred.

It demonstrates:

  • a sports steering wheel with a truncated bottom rim
  • a spectacular instrument panel with an analog tachometer at the head
  • two-color displays on the sides
  • a minimalist front panel with a 10.2-inch multimedia system monitor
  • a stylish climate control
  • an information screen in front of the passenger’s eyes.

In addition to this, the Italian boasts well-thought-out ergonomics, high build quality, and premium finishing materials. The manufacturer uses soft plastics, aluminum, natural leather.

What Should You Know about Ferrari Portofino Spyder

Car enthusiasts are attracted to the exterior of the car because of a hard retractable top. Great design, high-quality finishing materials, sophisticated style, original design solutions – all these characteristics are about Portofino Spyder.

So, this car has:

  • Spectacular design;
  • High driving performance;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Great aerodynamics.

General Characteristics

Ferrari Portofino Spyder has improved aerodynamics, which is achieved due to the streamlined bumper, air compartments, and the unusual shape of the upper part of the car. The Italian coupe-cabriolet is distinguished from other cars by the cool sound, which is obtained thanks to the diffuser with four mounted pipes. It makes exotic luxury car rental Minneapolis so popular.

The manufacturer made three buttons for gear changing and placed them on a chrome panel. Nevertheless, if you do not plan to buy the car yet, you can evaluate the benefits of a supercar and rent luxury cars in Miami.

The Pugachev’s exotic auto park

Concern Ferrari has released the largest number of sports car models. Besides the renowned chariot Ferrari Portofino Spyder, there are other furious tourers to take into account. Even the most ardent fans of this brand could not name all the top items. We have gathered the best representatives in our auto fleet.

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Other stunning racers to choose

Our catalog contains a large selection of exotic brands. Many people rent a chariot to try their hand at driving different vehicles.

Pay attention to the following models:

Rent a car, and start your dream journey. Our experts are always in touch 24/7 and will always advise on documents and regulations on the roads of Miami.

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