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Mercedes GT Roadster AMG 2020


/ Per Day


/ Week


/ Month

Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
V4, petrol
0-60mph in:
3.7 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
V4, petrol
0-60mph in:
3.7 sec
Horse Power:
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All people are looking for a few free hours or days to visit interesting places in Miami. You will also love this amazing town because it has collected all the points you need for a wonderful vacation. You will find cozy streets, old quarters, modern skyscrapers, extreme entertainment, and much more. Here, each personality type could satisfy his needs, so Miami expands its capabilities.

Sunny Miami – a hot-topic resort city

This positive city is glad to welcome new visitors who have come here for leisure or work. They will be able to admire this holiday atmosphere and eternal summer. Just spending time on the beach won’t be boring anymore because you will find many water sports there. Walking around the city will also be memorable because each location has certain characteristics. Choose any place to have a bright and fun time.

Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

Miami offers you a great time on land and the ocean. You will have an excellent opportunity to know this city better and feel its vibrant authenticity. Many agencies offer leisure services.

Choose any of them or explore several places in one day:

  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Art Deco Historic District
  • South beach
  • Bayfront park
  • Wynwood Graffiti Street
  • Ocean cruises with swimming stops
  • Exploring underwater attractions
  • Enjoy the stunning beauty of the coral reef
  • Diving to submerged ships and statues.
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Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

You should not wait long for the realization of your desires, call us, and we will offer you a super chariot. Lease any model that will be the perfect solution for any occasion. Our prices are reasonable, and we add great discounts so you can take an exclusive automobile cheaper. Booking sums go from $300 to $1,500. It depends on the type of vehicle, its capabilities and characteristics.

If your dream is a magnificent automobile with ideal parameters, then the Pugachev Rent Team will help you realize this. The company offers exclusive booking chariots for different periods. You’ll love the wide selection of steel monsters to suit any event.

This group also offers the following services:

The advantages of our company

If you choose to cooperate with our group, then you’ll appreciate the high level of service. We use individual conditions for each customer, taking into account his needs and desires. Choose any racer from our fleet and go on a great journey.

Also, our clients receive other benefits:

  • big variety of SUVs, cabriolets, business cars, standard class, and others
  • thoughtful attention to customer requirements
  • regular replenishment of the garage for any idea
  • fast preparation of any service (take a car or yacht in 2 hours).
  • prompt arrangement of documents
  • guarantee the quality of services and the safety of each transport.

Rental price & conditions

If you have chosen the Mercedes GT Roadster AMG then renting this iron beast costs $450. Specify any leasing period: from 1 day to a year. We will prepare documents and re-check all the parameters of the car. Booking such a glorious racer is very convenient if you can’t buy it at the market price of $160,000. Take this steel beauty here and test all 577 horsepowers.

Mercedes GT Roadster AMG: a detailed review

Miami dictates its rules for a luxurious life and you will want to submit to it. Now you can become a part of this city by experiencing its exciting ambiance in abundance, beauty, and style. You may take this automobile to show your high status and highlight your aristocratic taste. Such a car is the best solution for any purpose: from a modern photo session to sharp turns on the race track. Now Mercedes GT Roadster AMG may become yours at any time, it will be incredible emotions and impressions. Don’t miss this chance because you will regret it later. This convertible is the dream of every car enthusiast, but now it will become your temporary property.

To feel the real power of this car you should rent the Mercedes GT roadster AMG in Miami. This vehicle perfectly fits active city driving.

Brand history

This concern was opened in 1883 when two automobile companies merged into one and received the first name Benz & Cie. Then the trademark got another name – Daimler-Benz. In 1901, the world saw the first car of the company because until that time it produced three-wheeled types. The Mercedes 35 PS was quite impressive for the time and the corporation was a success. During the war, new competitors such as Ford and Porsche emerged, but the concern brought in the best engineers to offer consumers more options and outflank their rivals. The company’s achievements were in demand: more powerful engines, motors, four-wheeled cars, sedans, and the first roadsters.


The new Mercedes GT Roadster AMG is a two-door convertible that looks very stylish. The grille has been widened to give the auto more emotion and a certain amount of persistence. You may think the car looks a little aggressive, but the smooth lines and low stance give it more uniqueness. This powerful sports racer has got wider wheels with interesting rim shapes. The headlights are narrower, which gives the chariot a special elegance.


Its appearance immediately suggests that it is a bright, frisky, and sporty vehicle. This cabriolet attracts the attention of every person while driving. It has classical proportions, namely a small stern, and long sporty bonnet. You can feel all the power of the original two-door Mercedes at first sight. Its form reminds of a coupe, but being a convertible vehicle with stylish lattice and extendable spoiler this automobile is significantly marked out of all other vehicles. The special feature of this car is the yellow brake shoe caliper and bright lighting elements on its hull. One can hardly distinguish this model from a real race car.

Distinctive features

The original three-layered convertible roof is of great interest. But one shouldn’t forget about the new charming roadster interior. Both driver and passengers can feel like flying a jet fighter where each item thought-out well. Sports seats with side support for hips and back provide you with real comfort even during long-distance trips.


The main advantages of this vehicle are:

  • Sportiveness. Due to composite and ceramic disks, you can quickly react to any situations that occurred on the road
  • Short braking distance and accuracy of operation
  • Quick response at lower engine speeds
  • The modern stereo that creates a surround sound
  • Touch directive screen
  • Ability to reach a speed of 300 km/h

Three driving modes: sport, comfort, and sport +. So you can drive on any road surface.

Speed and road lovers will highly appreciate this cabriolet. To buy such a car for two passengers is quite expensive. That is why we recommend you a more rational choice, namely to rent a Mercedes GT Roadster AMG in Miami. It’s a good opportunity to feel the roadster’s power enjoying sightseeing. Moreover, it is also suitable for a spectacular photoshoot on the ocean beach. A better offer is the Mercedes Benz C63S AMG Sedan. This model isn’t inferior to other cars at all but its price is lower.

The Pugachev’s exotic autopark

Mercedes GT Roadster AMG and other our racers is the ideal choice for a bright pastime. Try super-speed sports types or attend a social event in a luxury convertible. Go to the party in our business auto or visit the countryside booking a powerful SUV. We regularly expand the garage of the company so that you can choose different models of Rolls Royce, Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, and others.

If you like the unrivaled style of the Mercedes brand, then we offer many glorious autos, test these steel monsters to understand their capabilities better. We have rare models as well as items from this year. Explore the catalog to find something unusual and interesting for your personal preferences.

You can rent another Mercedes car models from us as well. Namely:

Cars of other brands

Explore our catalog with racers from other global manufacturers.

You will love our models because they are gorgeous and exclusive:

Your life can be extremely luxurious

Now any day of the week can be incredible if you rent an amazing iron horse. These emotions, speed, and adrenaline will remain forever in your memory. Pugachev Company offers you a full range of services to make your stay comfortable and your trip safe. If you have any questions, please contact our manager. Our team will be happy to fulfill all your conditions so that you are satisfied with the cooperation with our agency.

Our company has been offering car rental in Miami at an acceptable price for several years. We are leaders in the luxury car rental market, offering our customers exclusive proposals. We have a wide range of cars and favorable terms. That is the main reason we can fulfill your craziest wish. We guarantee that you won’t regret our cooperation and will become our regular customer.

Mark Pugachev

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