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Ferrari California T


/ Per Day


/ Week


/ Month

Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
3.9L V8
0-60mph in:
3.6 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
3.9L V8
0-60mph in:
3.6 sec
Horse Power:
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Miami is a major resort city on the Florida Atlantic coast. This highly developed and fashionable world vacation center is famous for its endless beaches, constant sunny days, and amazing climatic conditions. Being here without personal transport is not only not prestigious but also not convenient.

The Pugachev company offers to rent a car without a driver for daily or long term for any desired number of days. Just choose a suitable automobile on our website, read the rental conditions, and contact us to book it. Renting a car in Miami is your choice in favor of comfort and benefit.

Sunny Miami – the hot-topic resort city

Miami is a city of modernity. Huge luxurious villas and mansions of the richest people, tycoons, and movie stars flaunt here. The most expensive Miami hotels are built on Collins Avenue. All the old districts of the city are put in order and reconstructed – this city is without the slightest flaw.

The center of Miami, of course, is the Ocean Drive area, from the eastern part of which you can get to the snow-white sandy beach. And in the western part of it, you can walk along the street dotted with numerous cafes and restaurants.

Miami Beach and South Beach are considered the most popular areas of residence. That is why the most expensive houses, hotels, and cottages are located here. The owners of real estate in these territories are such celebrities as Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kournikova, Shakira, and others. On the city territory, Hollywood stars often shoot clips, TV shows, or films.

In the eastern part, there are beaches, and in the western, more remote, there are all sorts of restaurants, cafes, and shops. This city rarely sleeps. Here the chances of meeting a celebrity increase several times. Many tourists go to Miami to see any of the actors or musicians.

Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

The sights of the city are almost countless. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, there is a lot to do here besides endless parties and lazy relaxation on the beaches. The city offers excellent resort conditions. The metropolitan area of Miami has about five million inhabitants. If we compare it with such American cities as New York or Chicago, then the city is in no way inferior to them in beauty and quantity of entertainment.

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The main attractions are:

  • The Venetian Pool
  • Villa Vizcaya
  • Tropical sanctuaries of monkeys, parrots, and butterflies
  • Magnificent zoos – Safari & Zoo
  • Everglades National Park
  • Japanese Garden Museum
  • Maximo Gomez Park.

Rent luxury cars in Pugachev Company

Renting a car is a modern and convenient way to get around the resort on vacation. It saves a person a lot of time and expenses. Thanks to this service, you can significantly save money, since there is no need to buy a private car or ask a friend for a favor – to provide a vehicle for a certain time. Especially when there are no acquaintances in a new place who have a chariot. Besides, having a personal auto gives you independence from taxis and public transport.

Another plus of booking an automobile is the opportunity to try different brands. You may drive a new point every day or week. Just in our fleet, there is a wide range of the best auto brands: from zealous sports cars to comfortable limousines.

The Pugachev company offers to take a car from $250 to $1,500 for any period. We go to meet our clients’ wishes. Therefore, we offer individual favorable conditions. Contact our managers and find out about the special offer.

Rental price & conditions

We understand that on vacation or during a business trip, our clients do not want to complicate their lives with long and complicated renting procedures. Therefore, we have simplified the process.

To agree with our agency, you only need to have:

  • a passport
  • a driving license
  • security deposit with you.

We offer you the best daily rental price for our cars, as well as several discounts that can be added together. Favorable prices for renting a car without a driver also apply to long-term rentals and early bookings. For your convenience, the rent can be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

To drive a Ferrari California, rent per day makes up a total of $800 per day. The price already includes 100 miles. And if you catch up more, each additional mile costs only $3. Feel like a Formula 1 racer without spending $220,000 to buy this iron beast.

Ferrari California T: a detailed review

Ferrari California T has the same spirit as the first 1950s Ferrari California cars. This car has even more innovations than you can imagine. As a result, this model takes first place among sport car rentals in Orlando.

Brand history

Ferrari has a long and eventful history. Connoisseurs of the automotive industry consider the founder of the company Enzo Ferrari to be a true legend of the automotive industry. He repeatedly changed the idea of ​​a private car in unexpected ways.

The history of the brand includes many interesting facts that often do not famous the large public. So, the logo of a galloping black horse on a yellow shield was first installed on a car in 1932. Although, it was created back in 1929. However, it was not used as the racers of the Ferrari team drove Alfa Romeo cars. According to another legend, it was on Francesco’s military plane when he was a combat pilot during the First World War.

Perhaps many wondered why this iconic car brand is often red. The point is the nationality of the racing teams. At the beginning of the 20th century, red was assigned to Italy. The Alfa Romeo race cars that were later driven by the Ferrari team were red. And the riders were some of the best. Therefore, the design of sports cars has retained this legendary color so that buyers can feel like participants in prestigious competitions.

General Characteristics

The California T supercar is the perfect reflection of Ferrari’s sporting spirit, and it’s foldable hardtop and special saloon configuration make this luxury convertible truly universal.

Ferrari California T is equipped with a high-performance V8 Turbo engine, which at the end of 2016 won a big number of awards in the international contest “Engine of the Year.” What is more, now Ferrari rental for a low price in Miami is top-rated

Design of the Car

The perfect and unique California T model has a spectacular exterior design, a comfortable and ergonomic interior. Its undoubted advantages are incredible acceleration and excellent handling, instant responsiveness to any driver’s commands, and the legendary exciting sound of an ultra-powerful V8 Turbo engine.

Main Pluses of the Ferrari California T:

  • Sporty design;
  • Fast and easy to drive;
  • Versatile saloon;
  • Innovative technical components.

The dynamic and technical characteristics of the Ferrari California T are Ferrari’s greatest achievement. As a result, this car set new standards for the sports car industry. The coolest thing that there is an opportunity to try Miami exotic car rental hourly.


The stallion from Maranello stands out for its beautiful and outstanding appearance. The face of the supercar flaunts an aggressive mouth of the air intake, a bumper with sharp lines and predatory headlights, and the stern – family round lights with LED filling and a huge diffuser with four pipes of the exhaust system. The 19-inch wheel rims and the embossed sidewalls also contribute to the sporty look.

The length of the Ferrari California T is 4570 mm, and the height does not exceed 1322 mm. At first glance, it becomes clear that this is a powerful and thoroughbred steel beast that can charge its owner.


The interior of the coupe-cabriolet is consistent with the traditions of the Italian brand – beautiful design, thoughtful ergonomics, and a high level of performance. The most important controls are concentrated on the multifunction steering wheel.

Formally, the interior of the Ferrari California T is four-seater, but if the front seats are equipped with a brightly developed profile and electrically adjustable, the rear seats are purely nominal. The coupe-cabriolet offers a 240-liter “hold” for carrying luggage.

The Pugachev’s exotic auto park

We are constantly replenishing our vehicle fleet with new models. And our agency is ready to offer other representatives of this legendary brand.

Besides a speedy and furious Ferrari California, you may also be interested in:

Other stunning racers to choose

Moreover, you can find other types of cars in our catalog. We take into account the different needs and desires of our clients. Therefore, we can quickly prepare a steel horse for an order for an event or an important guest.

Pay attention to options such as:

Plan your vacation or business trip with the Pugachev company. We work for you to relax and enjoy your time in Miami. Our managers are always ready to answer all your questions. Start your dream journey now!

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