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Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic 8-speed
6.6 L V12
0-60mph in:
4,3 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic 8-speed
6.6 L V12
0-60mph in:
4,3 sec
Horse Power:
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Many residents of this city are still amazed at its splendor and luxury. New places appear here where people can relax, have fun, rest, do extreme sports, walk, swim, go shopping, or choose a cultural program. All Miami guests try to take a few days to see the sights of the city because it is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of work or business trips, we are looking for adventure and adrenaline, so this place is the best solution.

Sunny Miami – the hot-topic resort city

Take a look around, you will surely find a suitable activity for you. Take a luxury yacht and go on a sea cruise. Rent a magnificent apartment in one of the skyscrapers for a wonderful view of the ocean.

Overland & aquatic sights to enjoy

Hire an expensive chariot and a personal driver to see all the land beauties.

Also, other entertainments are offered for you:

  • Wynwood Graffiti Street
  • Bayfront Park
  • Everglades National Park
  • Art Deco Historic District
  • Vizcaya Museum
  • diving to submarines, statues, coral reef
  • jet sky, parachute flights
  • leasing of high-speed water transport
  • Bayside Marketplace, Zoo, and others.

Yellow Rolls-Royce Cullinan Rental in Miami 3
Rolls Royce Dawn White Miami
Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2022 Black Badge Rental in Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2023 Anthracite Rental in Miami
Rent Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 im Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022 Rental Miami
Rolls Royce Dawn White Rent Miami 2
Rent Rolls Royce Dawn 2020 Black
Аренда Rolls Royce Dawn 2018 в Майами
Rolls Royce Wraith Blue rent Miami
Аренда Rolls Royce Ghost 2018 в Майами
Аренда Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 в Майами
Rent Rolls Royce Phantom in Miami
Rolls Royce wraith blue rent in Miami
Аренда Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Белый в Майами

Rent luxury autos in Pugachev Company

This service provides rental of the most amazing cars from the world’s auto corporations. You will love the variety of garage; prices and a deposit are also available. Take any model for a day or a year to feel like a driver of a magnificent vehicle. Some items cost from 500-700 thousand dollars but you can rent it for $1,200-1,400. Enjoy these fabulous steel beasts or choose other services for a luxurious pastime.

Pugachev Rent Group also provides you with:

The advantages of our company

We understand the high demands of our customers so want to meet this. Our goal is to provide them with quality services and use an individual approach to please the desires of each client. Our team of experts will prepare any orders in a few hours.

Also, people who will call us receive other benefits:

  • a large selection of land and water transport for rent
  • operational preparation of a boat or automobile
  • favorable terms of cooperation
  • special offers for regular customers
  • individual attitude to meet any requirements
  • reasonable rental prices and low deposits
  • guarantee of safety of the driver and passengers
  • an experienced crew of yachts for high-quality maintenance.

Rental price & conditions

If you choose this racer, its daily rent is 1200 dollars. This amount is indicated for one hundred miles and each next one costs $3. The deposit is also available – only $500. Each client may discuss his conditions and other leasing terms. This is a very good deal because the market price of this iron horse is $346,300. Enjoy this marvelous power, great design, and super speed by booking an incredible Rolls-Royce Dawn here.

We want to cater to the needs of each client, so we will carefully listen to his preferences and wishes. If you are dreaming of a romantic walk, then we have many suggestions for this. Organize a super photoset with our gorgeous cars. Go to a party or explore the beauty of the coastline. We guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with our attention and close attitude to their desires.

Rolls-Royce Dawn White: a detailed review

This sophisticated four-seater is a perfect option for a flawless drive along the roads in beautiful settings. If you want to rent a Rolls Royce of Miami Beach for an exciting open-air ride, then let us arrange this dream car for you.

Now you don’t need to buy this auto if you want to feel its power and magnificence. Hire it from us or select other stunning models from this brand in our catalog. You will appreciate the impeccable performance and discreet stylish design of these vehicles.

This item will show all its abilities and you might be amazed at its performance. The engineers have thought of every detail to make this chic cabriolet look impressive and in keeping with the English style. If you get to know this model better, you will like its external and internal parameters.


If you look at this point in detail, you will notice the familiar echoes of Wraith. But it seems at first glance and the automobile was developed on the previous model base. But the body panels have changed cardinally, almost 20% of the appearance remains from the Wraith. The corporation slightly lengthened the bumper and the radiator grill received a considerable elongation. You still see that English restraint and aristocracy that borders on the pursuit of modernity and innovation.


Getting into the car you are likely to start thinking of checking out a Rolls Royce for sale in Miami. With just one touch Dawn can be transformed into an elegant cabriolet. The salon feels like a spacious luxurious lounge. A mixture of leather and wood paneling finish provides a precious look. An audio system including 16 speakers gets people inside the car surrounded by the orchestra. Driving with the roof down is surprisingly comfortable as the cabin is well protected from the wind and outside sounds.

Driving performance

Rolls-Royce rental for a low price in Miami lets you obtain unforgettable memories. The engine of Rolls Royce Dawn provides terrific power-producing 563 horsepower. The self-adjusting suspension absorbs shocks making any road flawless.

The included driver-assisting features provide a safe and pleasant driving experience.

  • Safety.
  • Stability control.
  • Front and rear airbags.
  • Traction control.
  • Adaptive headlights.
  • ABS.

The brand focuses on safe driving and constantly researches to invent profound safety systems that assist drivers and increase their confidence. Every single detail is designed to create an opportunity to enjoy the time of your life while on the road and bring maximum comfort. Contact us to make a reservation for an exclusive Rolls-Royce cabriolet.

Brand history

In 1904, an English aristocrat and a poor engineer decided to open their own company that would study the shortcomings of automobiles and transfers special points to another development. Their goal was to create the perfect engine that would be the ideal complement to a flawless elegant car.

Henry Royce and Charles Rolls showed their first creation in 1906. The 40/50 HP model was the successful start of a company that offered only the most reliable and elite vehicles. The corporation began to develop and only representatives of high society could buy the brand’s chariots.

Special features

All the features of this exciting vehicle are designed to provide the driver with pleasure and safety. Also, passengers will feel comfortable because the car is quite roomy despite its type of cabriolet. Reinforced doors provide more security. Also, the developers added indicators to detect tire damage. If you have a damaged wheel, then you can drive up to 160 km (not exceeding 80 km/h).

Other characteristics of this racer are also impressive:

  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Head restraints
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  • Maximum speed – 250 km/h
  • Electrically adjustable front seats
  • Dynamic Braking System (DBC).

The Pugachev’s exotic autopark

Pugachev Rent Group offers a large selection of glorious chariots, including BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini, modern Tesla, and others. This choice will pleasantly surprise you. We regularly replenish our auto park to meet the requirements of modern people. If you appreciate the high speed, impressive power, fantastic design, then our vehicles are the perfect solution for any event.

Your choice has settled on an elegant Rolls Royce, then check out other models of this car concern.

  • Rolls Royce Wraith. This model is called the predecessor of the Dawn. Note some similarities but the internal parameters have been completely updated. This point has become a real legend for the brand because it showed a powerful engine and fast acceleration up to 100 km. Now you can appreciate this chic leather interior, restrained but modern appearance, convenience, and increased safety. Rent this car for $850 per day or specify another leasing period.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom. This magnificent steel monster is perfect at all indicators. It will be a suitable option for attending a secular party or business meeting. This English style is still visible, but we also see modern motives. Renting such a presentable car costs $900. Feel like a real aristocrat who plans an unforgettable trip along the wonderful streets of Miami.
  • Rolls Royce Ghost. This iron beast has a more representative design and is a popular choice for respectable and successful individuals. Its design has been updated from the previous version to move away from the sporty style towards the classics. Appreciate its speed and agility. Also, the car is quite roomy, fast, and comfortable. It was called the architecture of luxury and now you have a chance to touch this masterpiece. Take this from our company – hire sum is $999 for 24 hours.

All dreams are real now

Our clients receive favorable terms of cooperation. We try to expand the range of our services to make your vacation in Miami memorable and bright. You do not need to think about organizational issues, our group will prepare all the details. We care about the safety of our customers, so we will carefully check each model again. Browse our catalog and choose a suitable automobile, be sure to get it in a few hours.

Mark Pugachev

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