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Rent a Ferrari in Miami

Rent Ferrari GTB Red in Miami 6
Аренда Ferrari Portofino Spyder в Майами
Ferrari F8 Rental Miami
Rent Ferrari 488 Spider Red in Miami 6
Ferrari 458 F1 rent in Miami
Rent Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T in Miami
Ferrari 488 Spider 2018
Rent Ferrari California T in Miami
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Miami Rental
Аренда Ferrari 458 в Майами

Miami is usually seen as a place of richness, prosperity, and success. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to spend some time on Miami Beach, Ferrari Rentals will be a perfect opportunity to feel truly comfortable in this paradise.

If you are concerned about the question – Where Can I Rent a Ferrari? You have entered the desired site. Our company offers this car rental for any time – take it for a day or for a year.

Renting Luxury Ferrari Cars in Miami Beach

Ferrari cars are a symbol of freedom and luxury. The brand produces racing cars with incomparable design and exemplary technical characteristics. You should bear in mind that driving the car of this brand, you get not only a sense of comfort and coziness but something more. These autos give their owners status, style, and stress the life position. Pugachev Company allows each client to make his dream come true. Not just to see or read about luxurious cars of the Ferrari brand, but to experience this storm of positive emotions. After all, once you feel this freedom and a burst of energy while driving a Ferrari vehicle, you can never confuse this unique feeling with anything. Taking into account the fact that the company’s fleet is regularly updated, you will be able to rent exactly the model of the legendary brand that you have long dreamed about.

You can choose the most attractive vehicle among the following options:

These super-fast sports cars will definitely satisfy the requirements of the extreme thrill-seekers as well as of the fancy car admirers. With Ferrari, you’ll be in the center of attention during the whole trip in Miami City.

How Much to Rent a Ferrari?

The cost of renting a Ferrari car starts from $ 680 per day. Ferrari rent for a week starts from $ 3,808.

Brand history

The brand dates back to more than 70 years ago. Every model ever created is a unique masterpiece and the icon of style and power. You may probably know, that these fly vehicles are preferred mostly by celebrities and rich people all over the world. Ambitious Enzo Ferrari started from selling automobile spares and step by step made his way up to creating his first racing car.  Originally, a company founded by him produced parts for transport (for frames, bumpers, body, engine). But only in 1946 the racing car was modified several times and became the winner at the competition in Italy namely the major tournament “Milli-Mella”. The car had an aluminum power unit with 12 cylinders, so it became not just a city car, but a real sports car. The model had a huge success and soon a new one was born – Ferrari-340 America.

The history of this luxury and the well-known brand started with the perseverance of a dreamy boy who regularly went to car racing with his father. This very fact greatly affected the formation of the ideals of young Enzo Ferrari, who, as a child, dreamed of dealing with sports cars his entire life. His persistence was so strong that on the way of his goal reaching, he wasn’t stopped by such global war conflicts as two world wars in the first half of the XXth century. After the first world war, being young at the age of 20, he started working as a racing test driver. Having worked some time there, young Enzo decides to go to work in Alfa-Romeo.

Luck was almost everywhere with the young man. One of the best examples is the time when Enzo started his work since it coincided with the huge growth of the automobile industry. Despite his work for Alfa-Romeo, the young man kept dreaming about starting his car brand. Even World War II did not prevent him from doing so, because after the war Enzo began to make his dreams come true.

The cars of this brand acquired their recognizable silhouette in the late sixties. Distinctive design features were formed: aggressive lines of sports body, lighting elements, two pairs of exhaust pipes, and stylish air intakes. In the seventies, a new vehicle line with an index of 400 was launched. The car had a powerful 40 horsepower engine at that time. The production of these automobiles lasted for 10 years. Ferrari cars as we know them nowadays were designed in the sixties and very quickly became the symbol of speed and style. Today they are associated with fame and prosperity and belong to the richest people of the world.

Enzo Ferrari entered the history of the car industry as one of its kings. During his years of management, the Ferrari team won 25 World Cups, winning 5,000 races. The great Italian man died at the age of nearly 91 in 1988. After his death, Ferrari took over FIAT, which by that time had already held 50% of its shares.

The company has remained the most expensive car brand in the world so far; its cars still win, for example, on Ferrari cars the great Michael Schumacher from 2000 to 2004, four years in a row, won the championship of Formula 1.

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Supercars rental – car selection

Unless you have dealt with these luxury cars for a long time, it can become a real challenge to figure out a perfect model for your holiday. Literally, any option is ideal provided that all autos in our park are new and possessing fly-high characteristics. So in case you simply love “the Ferrari effect” – select the one that looks most attractive. Still, if you have some special preferences, our experts will provide you with detailed information on every model and help you to choose the best companion for your ride. By the way, which model range could compete with luxury Lamborghini Huracane Spyder? Of course Ferrari sport cars only!

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari? The rental price is from $680 a day.

Perfection at all times

As we have already mentioned, exotic car rental Miami South Beach offers several gorgeous Ferrari models to suit any cravings. Experience the unrestrained power, the outstanding speed, and futuristic appearance of 458 Spider and its “brother” – 488 Spider 2018. Get into one of the most elegant and impressive vehicles of this auto manufacturer – California T and have an unforgettable open-air ride. By the way, you can compare it to the beautiful Mercedes GT Roadster that is also gorgeous and worth trying. Bring your holiday on a higher level with the exclusive Portofino 2019 Red. Join the club and take on one of these fascinating creatures.

Photo session with Ferrari in Miami Beach

Photos have become an integral part of our life. It is not only a technology that enables us to keep the necessary document, but also an important aspect of social interaction. It is an effective tool that highlights the image. Also, one of the most stylish and beautiful options for making a photoshoot is the Ferrari VIP vehicle as one of the most essential elements of the environment.

You will unlikely be indifferent after traveling around Miami. This city on the Atlantic coast is an amazing and colorful place. Everyone who has been here wants to keep the memories of it. The best way to remember your time in Miami Beach is to make a photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Photo shooting with a car is most often chosen by men. For them, it is not only the means of transport or an interesting object in the photo but also a way to show their:

  • status
  • prosperity
  • masculinity
  • charisma.

Girls usually choose easier and more adventurous ideas. The focus is on style. The car, clothes, makeup, and hairstyle are selected for it.

Just standing near the car is, certainly, a good idea, but it’s better to think it over in advance and choose something more creative and interesting.

There may be a lot of plots:

  • car breakdown
  • washing
  • repairing
  • elegant exit from the vehicle, etc.

If the car is luxurious, the girl wants to be in a beautiful and expensive dress. When it is a group of friends, it’s better to choose the travel plot: a fun pastime, a picnic in front of the car, games, adventures on the road. Clothing can be any, suitable for the trip.

Florida is a place where people are used to living in grand style, not hiding, and even showing off their wealth and position in social status. Ferrari cars perfectly reflect Miami’s atmosphere. Photoshoots with these cars are always bright and atmospheric, whether you choose to hold them either on the main street with gorgeous mansions or on a deserted beach. Choose the stylish car you like the most and take beautiful pictures.

How to get ready for a photoshoot?

If you want a photo shoot with a car to become a true dream, it’s better to take pictures with a professional photographer. A true specialist will be able to meet your expectations from a photoshoot because he works in a team with stylists and decorators.

You may share your ideas about a photoshoot with a car, and the team of specialists will develop an interesting plot and implement the most daring photo project, which will leave behind excellent pictures and pleasant memories.

Girls are to make the right make-up, choose the necessary clothing (dresses, suits, underwear), and carefully think over ideas for the photoshoot with the car. The photographer will suggest the subject of the photoshoot, tell you how best to pose.

For pictures in front of the cars there is an exit photoshoot with a car, for which you will need:

  • Professional camera
  • Luxury and stylish Ferrari brand sports car
  • Gadgets for photoshoot selected in advance

It is worth noting that ladies can bring some beautiful clothing items to exchange. This way the photographer can play with colors and contrasts. One more idea for aesthetic lovers is to take photos with the sunset and sunrise backgrounds.

There are a lot of photographers in Miami Beach, but it is really difficult to find good ones. Pugachev Luxury Car Rentals works with a famous photographer from Forbes. We will save your time and help to organize the session. You can be sure that the taken shots will delight you and remind of your trip for many years to come.

Models and prices

Each car produced by the Ferrari brand has its personality. Style, comfort, and power of components make a car expensive to buy.

Their value is measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars:

  • Ferrari Portofino Spyder 2019 – $280,000. The model with a hard convertible roof, which can be both a stylish coupe and a magnificent cabriolet.
  • Ferrari 488 Spyder 2018 – $422,000. It is protected from noise and wind, ideal for fast driving, and allows you to feel comfortable even on steep turns.
  • Ferrari California T Convertible – $220,000. The car is made in the style of the fifties (eye-catching red, convertible roof), but with powerful components.
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – $280,000. A typical representative of the Ferrari brand with expensive finishing, a combination of urban luxury and comfort during fast driving.
  • Ferrari 458 F1 Capristo Exhaust – $300 000. Luxurious car with a futuristic design. Driving it you will always be in the spotlight.
  • Ferrari 458 Spyder Red – $300,000. Bright model for daring and charismatic, which combines comfort and the ability to drive at high speeds.
  • Ferrari Portofino Spyder 2019 Red – $280,000. It has an unusual appearance and functional interior, which makes driving as comfortable as possible.

Car rental in Miami: Express yourself

There is no better way to reveal your personality than to become a driver of a posh vehicle. While such an auto is not an affordable buy for the majority of people, you can always make use of exotic car rentals Miami South Beach and become a short-term owner of a brilliant vehicle. It is necessary to understand that by renting a car, you get a dream. After all, you can only get this unforgettable experience and emotions while driving a luxury Ferrari.

Masterpieces of this Italian brand are possessed by a number of celebrities: Nicolas Cage, Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher, and others. Do not hesitate a minute – with a speedy Ferrari, you will definitely become the king of the road.

How Much to Rent a Ferrari for a Day? The rental price is from $680 Per Day.

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