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Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022


/ Per Day


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/ Month

Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic 8-speed
6.7 L V12
0-60mph in:
4,6 sec
Horse Power:
Security Deposit:
$500 – $2000
100 miles per day I Extra miles $3/mile
Automatic 8-speed
6.7 L V12
0-60mph in:
4,6 sec
Horse Power:
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The sunny state of Florida seems to be created for a comfortable and luxurious vacation. It is impossible to imagine your journey or business trip without convenient transport. Choosing trivial cars in Florida is an actual crime. Our company will help solve this problem — Pugachev Car Rentals offers premium car rental. Rent a Rolls Royce ghost and spend unforgettable days in the company of a reliable snow-white sedan. An English car will remind you of what maximum comfort is. Perfect sound insulation and hundreds of LEDs in the cabin will help you to forget about everything and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

You can stop thinking about the painful choice with our company. The Pugachev Car Rentals fleet contains luxury cars that have managed to prove their superiority. We have chosen standard business cars in favor of more exotic and rare models. View the company’s website catalog or call our managers to speed up selecting a vehicle. Find out how much does it cost to rent a Rolls Royce ghost.

Rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Miami

This car is suitable for both leisure and business meetings. Rolls Royce always underlines the status of its owner. One figure on the hood adds a sense of solidity and significance. The car’s high-speed performance will help shorten the path and not waste time on the road.

We provide only serviceable and exclusive models. How much to rent a Rolls Royce ghost is? Rolls Royce Ghost rental price will be $500-2000 per day. We also offer long-term car rental — for a week, a month or a year. You can learn more details from our managers.

Rent Conditions and Cost

You don’t have to arrange a Rolls Royce ghost rental much. Pugachev Car Rentals has simplified the process of signing papers as much as possible, although we work only with expensive models.

To become a temporary owner of an executive car, you need to:

  • be over 25 years of age;
  • have a driver’s license;
  • get insurance in the United States.

Pugachev Car Rentals also withholds an insurance premium, which protects against emergencies. The insurance premium is, on average, $500-2000, but it may vary depending on the car model. This money will be returned to the client at the end of the rental period.

You do not have to come to the company’s office to complete all the paperwork. We can conclude a contract remotely. Choose a car, write or call managers, agree on the rental period and indicate the address where you want to pick up your vehicle. We deliver cars to airports and train stations to simplify the car transfer. You will only have to sign the papers and pick up the keys.

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Rolls Royce Ghost: Detailed Model Description

The snow-white Ghost Rider has already become a legend. This model is considered the most affordable among the options the English brand presents. The base rolls-royce ghost price starts at $340,500, so this car cannot be affordable.

The white body of the sedan will attract the attention of all drivers and passers-by. The company does not change its traditions, so the hood still adorns the brand symbol — the famous «Spirit of Ecstasy» perfectly complements the overall design concept.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Review

You need to look under the car’s hood to understand better what you can expect from this vehicle. What are the specifications of the new snow-white Rolls-Royce?

  • engine type — V12;
  • engine power — 571 hp;
  • acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.7 s .;
  • maximum speed — 250 km/h.

The creators of the car paid attention not only to speed characteristics. The new Rolls-Royce has become slightly larger than its predecessor. The new car’s wheelbase is 3 m 46 cm, meaning that the car body has become a meter longer than the overall Smart ForTwo.

What else is unique about this model? These are soundproofing features. Almost 100 kg of car weight makes up noise suppression structures. Even the tires have a special noise-canceling foam. The driver does not have to worry about his comfort. Silence and tranquility will reign in the car interior even at high speed.

Rolls-Royce keeps an eye on the details. When designing a new car, the developers even measured the length of raindrops to determine accurately  the optimal size of the gaps in body windows and panels. In this model, everything is thought out to the smallest detail so that no third-party interference interferes with comfortable and safe driving.


This model was first introduced in 2009. All subsequent modifications led to an elongated body and a more detailed design study. The restyling of 2022 was no exception. The designers’ primary goal for the updated version of Rolls-Royce is to embody the aesthetics of minimalism. The body retained all the usual sharp lines of the English brand but changed its optics. Now the upper edge of the grille is illuminated by LEDs.

The changes also affected the central part of the hood — the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. It is no longer located inside the panels. The decal now has its halo. It was the right decision, given that this detail further emphasizes the status of the car and its driver.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior

The salon continued the concept of the body. Ghost 2022 is as concise as possible. No bright details in the cabin stand out from the overall restrained picture. Only one distinctive detail has been added – this is a unique front panel lighting that has no analogs. Many small LEDs mimic the glow of the starry sky, another iconic symbol of the company.

The interior retains a snow-white look, and only drivers can now choose the trim. Two options are available – obsidian Abacha, which repeats the colors of lava rocks, and dark amber. Vehicle panels can also be selected without a lacquer finish. This will further emphasize the texture of expensive wood. All metal parts fit perfectly into the leather interior. In the updated version, the aluminum elements received a mirror finish. Thanks to this, the interior has a simply cosmic look.

Brand History

Rolls-Royce cars are a symbol of success. Even the most straightforward configurations of the English brand are not available to everyone. The company boasts a rich past. Two friends, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, signed an agreement to create their brand in 1904. Entrepreneurs chose an excellent time to launch their product, while England had very little competition.

The company immediately chose the right target audience. Rolls-Royce cars were only available to the rich and the elite. The famous figurine “Spirit of Ecstasy” did not appear immediately. This element was ordered by the English Lord John Montagu in 1909. The man wanted his car to stand out on the road. The creators of the brand liked the symbol with a girl so much that they persuaded the customer to allow using his symbol on all the brand’s cars.

The English manufacturer has gone through a series of ups and downs, but this has not affected its global reputation. In choosing this company, buyers rely on impeccable quality and the classics of the automotive industry. Now the brand is officially owned by the German-holding BMW.


The new car manufacturing plant opened after BMW took over the company in 2000. Now the production is located in the English city of Goodwood. The updated factory repeats the historical past of the brand. The designers left the glass walls and kept the interior minimalism.

Brand cars are assembled by hand. It takes from five to seven months to assemble one model. It all depends on the chosen configuration and the customer’s personal wishes. With the addition of the Ghost to the company’s lineup, Rolls-Royce has raised its annual sales mark to 4,000 units. This more affordable sedan helped the company survive the crisis and enter a new round of development.

Interesting Facts

The premium brand is famous for its rich history. We have collected the most interesting facts about the company that you might not know:

  • Only bull skin is used for interior trim because cows can develop ugly stretch marks that are difficult to eliminate during the processing process.
  • 60% of all produced cars of this brand are still on the move.
  • Rolls-Royce has a unique driving school that teaches smooth driving and even tells you how to open a car so as not to leave a fingerprint on chrome parts.
  • The brand’s most extensive collection of cars belongs to the Indian spiritual figure Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh — 93 vehicles are stored in his fleet.

The brand’s cars were often called ghosts because people couldn’t hear the engine running because of the excellent noise isolation. This word is so strongly associated with the company that the representatives decided to create a separate sedan called Ghost.

Other Offers from Pugachev Car Rentals

Our company has assembled an impressive fleet of exotic premium models. We offer to rent a Rolls-Royce Ghost in Miami:

With us, you can rent a Rolls-Royce nearby. We also have other car brands in our fleet. Rent a brightly colored Bentley or rent a Bentley SUV for family adventures in the sunny state. Pugachev Car Rentals is your guide to the world of luxury cars.

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