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Exclusive Car Rental Miami Airport

Sunny Miami welcomes visitors hospitably. Right from the airport most adventures, business trips, and vacations are started. If you are planning to visit this resort city, you need a comfortable transportation unit for sure. Of course, there is an opportunity to use public transport while counting on the local buses, trolleys, and metro trails.

However, no one likes to be limited in time, opportunities, and keep some schedule. We have a wonderful solution for you. The Pugachev company offers exclusive car rental Miami Airport for any purposes. Even if you will spend here only a couple of days, it is much more convenient than abiding by the schedule of city buses or opting for fast taxi deliveries.

Start your journey with us because we know well how to make your rest or business routine easy-going. Plunge in the world of a luxurious lifestyle and brilliant emotions, having rented a speedy Ferrari California T 2018 or a spacious SUV Rolls Royce Cullinan 2020 at an affordable price. Bring joy to yourself or impress your partners, relatives, friends. It is easy as ABC! Just take us into your confidence!

Miami Airport – the starting point of your trip

As usual, this location is called MIA. This abbreviation contains all three necessary words to remember – Miami International Airport. People come here and then go to their hotels, booked apartments, or for sightseeing tours at a time. Such a service as an exclusive car rental from Miami Airport is on the highest demand.  

It is no surprise that everyone would like to begin their Miami-based summer story right here, in the place where the airplane lands. Our dedicated team is competent in the questions of vehicle rentals, airport transfers, and apartment bookings.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer our clients all the available supplementary options to take into account:

We aim to provide you everything important for your pastime without any fuss and muss. Your elite personal auto will make your entertainment brighter. No time to wait for public transportation, no calls to local taxi companies. You decide on your leisure time and feel real satisfaction from your working hours if necessary.

As well, we are ready to recommend some attractive places of interest for you. Let us become your reliable guide when it comes to the Miami adventures! Here is a list of the most breathtaking destinations. All of them are must-seen without any exceptions!

Where to go right from MIA?

There are plenty of places that are considered top-rated ones for all the tourists. Nevertheless, we try to perform the best of them in our bead-roll. Besides a real pearl of any sightseeing Miami Beach, you obtain a chance to try other popular attractions and feel unforgettable sensations.

Art Deco

This architectural masterpiece is worth your attention. There numerous shops, restaurants, and other modern buildings to see. The hurricane that took place in 1926 damaged all the beauty of this place. But now, it attracts guests of the resort city with its elegance and contemporary style.

South Beach

One more excellent location for beach lovers. Here you can enjoy an ocean cruise or have fun with other guests on the waterslides. It is worth noting that this beach is among other top-rating ones in Florida state. Rent a convertible like Bentley GTC V8S to feel a cool breeze there.

Everglades National Park

If you want to have great family time, visit this national park that will demonstrate all unique natural features. One of the most exclusive options in this place is an airboat tour. This way you will be able to see all the generous wildlife. Who knows, maybe you might see an alligator in the water next to the boat, or a colorful parrot will welcome you and ask for some yummy food to share.

Bayside Marketplace

All foreigners prefer shopping. You have to think about souvenirs beforehand. That’s why this Miami-based marketplace can become the best solution. Local merchants offer affordable costs for labeled towels, flip-flops, caps, hats, and other accessories. Additionally, there are many luxury boutiques to find branded clothes and footwear. Do not miss your opportunity to purchase some good-looking novelty for your wardrobe. It would be your memorable trifle to remind you about your breathtaking holidays!

Jungle Island

This is not just a national park to enjoy picturesque views. It is a real book of jungles to get acquainted with. When it comes to animals, it is worth mentioning that wild lions, tigers, turtles, and monkeys live there. It is not a zoo with cages where all the beasts are placed. This is a tropical forest with true inhabitants. You will be pleased with daily shows and interesting excursions. Additionally, you may take photos with an awesome backstage made of wild orchids, lianas, and other exotic plants.

As can be seen, there are many things to do, numerous places to visit, plenty of attractions to enjoy. Do not forget about our exclusive car rental from Miami airport that can simplify your moving activities through the resort locations. Our fleet includes various top-ranking models from the automotive concerns with the long history to choose from. Select a compact sedan or sportive coupe-like Mercedes GT Roadster 2018. It would become not only your means of transportation in the strange country and city but your pride and the pep of your trip!

BMW Rental MiamiBMW Rental MiamiRolls Royce Rental MiamiPugachev Luxury Car Rentals OfficePugachev Luxury Car Rentals OfficePugachev Luxury Car Rentals Office

History of renowned brands

As we mentioned before, our autopark includes many vehicles produced by renowned automotive brands. It is useful to find out more about these famous concerns because most of these stories inspire. We have chosen three histories of creation and development of concerns you would love for sure.


If you want to drive some incredible model made by the Porsche incorporation, here you are. All the furious racers in our garage are ready for your speedy drive. The story of this company started in 1931 when the first auto was produced. It is interesting to know that Porsche offered sunglasses as well.

You are able to book a Porsche 911 4S and stay pleased with significant German quality and perfect technical characteristics of this convertible. It is useless to put an accent on its awesome design and expensive interior. Experience this iron horse firsthand!


This automotive corporation is rather young because it was found only in 1963. Its creator was Bruce McLaren, a reckless driver who knew well everything about motor beasts. The most notable models from the company’s range are hybrids. We want to perform to you one of them, named McLaren 650S Spider in bright orange color and up-swinging doors.


The exotic world of steel racers is impossible without Lamborghini-branded automobiles. They are a real embodiment of style, beauty, and exceptional exterior. The concern was founded the same year as the previous one incorporation. Now, all the hot-topic models are available in our fleet. Do not miss your opportunity to temper one of these fast horses.

Our piece of advice is simple – contact the Pugachev company and order Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in green color for one or several days. Our price book will impress you as much as the harmonious body lines of this supercar!  

When all the trendy places are described and iron horses are presented, it is time to know more about our services. Our task is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the most exacting consumers. That is why we cannot afford any mistakes and low-quality options for you!

Pugachev MIA Car Rentals

The rich assortment sometimes causes overchoice shock. Any convertible, coupe, crossover, sedan, and business models are accessible for everyone. But we can help you with selection. Describe your key features of the ideal auto, and our consultants will choose the most appropriate one at an affordable cost. Additionally, count on all the supplementary options that are mentioned on the main page of our website.

For instance, you can order the following services:

Speaking about the last point of this list, we should notice that this option is a real thing for Miami guests. We understand that most of our consumers have perfect gadgets and could capture moments easily. Nevertheless, we recommend spending some of your money on it. Professional photographers will deliver you magnificent photos for your albums and social media accounts!

Photo sessions with exotic automobiles

You should note that there are unlimited capabilities for travelers in Miami. Imagine how many beaches, picturesque landscapes, and other backgrounds are located here. Busy streets with rich traffic may also become a brilliant location for your photo sessions. Take a look at some ideas and select some of them.

Love Story

Love is our life. Without true feelings, we are robots on our planets. Show your emotions while posing. Look at your sweetheart or close your eyes while kissing your partner. A luxurious racer will add extra beauty to the picture. Use stylish accessories and put on clothes of the same color.

For example, lovers prefer to wear light dresses or pants together with sunglasses and scarves. Park your rented auto next to the beach and take photos on the white sand. Let the breeze touch and wave your hair. The moment is here. You are here. Love and just show your feelings!

Lamborghini Rental MiamiRent a Car Miami FloridaLamborghini Rent in Miami

Themed photoshoot

Sometimes our clients want to realize some installation. Maybe you would like cosplay or some themed session with the set proposta. It is a great decision for a hangover or hen party where all invited guests are dressed in the same style. Gangster looks with a sports car or a pinup celebration of the last day of your singlehood with a red convertible would stay in your memory forever.

Take into consideration one more tip – a businessman’s photo set. If you are a man of affairs or a young and successful business lady, put on your official suit, white shirt, and expensive shoes to take some pictures in motion. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport would perfectly harmonize with your elegant look.  

We are your inspiration and excellent mood! Now, it’s time to cheer you up even more. Our price book is going to complement all your expectations and make your spirits higher!

Retail & rental costs on our assortment

Are you ready to take a look at our bestsellers? Here they are – the most frequently-rented automobiles for you. Compare their retail prices with ours to see the difference.

This way you’ll understand that our services are affordable for each Miami guest:

  • Mercedes GT Roadster 2019 – a one-of-a-kind convertible in deep black color for your crazy rides. The best choice both for business meetings and romantic dates. Having come to such a Florida-based location, this model is one of the most appropriate solutions. Its retail cost is about $125,000. At the same time, we offer this branded masterpiece only for $550 per day!
  • Ford Mustang GT 2019 – one more brilliant germ in our automotive collection. Emphasize your status with the help of this unreal convertible. Several driving modes would make your ride safe and fast. Sit down on the leather seats and feel like a master of Miami roads. The average price for this model on the auto market is $40,000, while the Pugachev company provides it for $200 only for one day!
  • Audi R8 Coupe 2018 – some customers consider its exterior aggressive. Nevertheless, this white steel horse is going to show you all its power! If you are a leader and do not agree to back down on any questions, this baby is for you. Float along the highways with 540 horsepower under your hood. Who knows, maybe you would decide to become the owner of Audi R8 soon, so know its cost on the market – $149,00. And now, rent it only for $800 a day.

If you want to feel the all-inclusive service and individual approach right in MIA, you have just found the most reliable assistant. Our organization values all potential customers and standing clients. We aspire to meet all your demands, so the range of services is always expanded. Moreover, we monitor prices and special offers of our competitors to provide you with the most optimal price-quality ratio ever.

Available For Rent

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Rent a Mercedes-Benz SL Black 2022 Rental in Miami
Rent the 2024 BMW M4 Competition Cabrio in Miami
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Rolls Royce Dawn White Miami
Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2022 Black Badge Rental in Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2023 Anthracite Rental in Miami
Rent Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 im Miami
Rent Lamborghini Urus 2021 Black
Mercedes Benz G63 2022 Black Rental Miami
Bentley GTC Mulliner Rental Miami
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022 Rental Miami
McLaren 650S Rental in Miami
Rent Bentley Bentayga Champagne Edition 7
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Lamborghini Huracan EVO Rental in Miami
Lamborghini Aventador Orange in Miami
Rent in Miami Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 2021 Neon Edition
Rolls Royce Dawn White Rent Miami 2
Rent Bentley Gtc Mulliner 2020 in Miami
Аренда Mercedes C63 2019 в Майами
Rent Ferrari GTB Red in Miami 6
Ren a Bentley Bentayga 2019 Miami
BMW M850 in Miami
Mercedes-Benz S Class Rental Miami
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Аренда Ferrari Portofino Spyder в Майами
Ferrari F8 Rental Miami
Rent Rolls Royce Dawn 2020 Black
Rent Ferrari 488 Spider Red in Miami 6
Аренда Rolls Royce Dawn 2018 в Майами
Аренда Lamborghini в Майами
Mercedes Benz G63 2020 in Miami
Rent an Audi R8 V10 Coupe in Miami
rent lamborghini huracan spyder white
Ferrari 458 F1 rent in Miami
McLaren 720S Rental in Miami
Rent Lamborghini URUS Black in Miami 6
Rolls Royce Wraith Blue rent Miami
Rent Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T in Miami
Bentley Bentayga rental Miami
Ferrari 488 Spider 2018
Rent Lamborghini Huracan LP 610 in Miami 1
Аренда Lamborghini URUS в Майами
Аренда Rolls Royce Ghost 2018 в Майами
Mclaren 570s rent im miami
Rent Ferrari California T in Miami
Mercedes GT Roadster AMG 2020 in Miami
Аренда Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 в Майами
Аренда Mercedes GT Roadster 2018 в Майами
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Miami Rental
BMW m4 rental Miami
Аренда Porsche Boxter в Майами
Аренда Mercedes S Cabriolet в Майами
Аренда Mercedes G63 2018 в Майами
Аренда BMW X6 2019 в Майами
Аренда Tesla модель X 2019 в Майами
Аренда Porsche Cayenne 2019 в Майами
Аренда Mercedes S63 Coupe в Майами
Аренда BMW M4 Competition sport в Майами
Аренда Mercedes S550 Sedan в Майами
Аренда Porsche 911 в Майами
Mercedes Benz Rental Miami
Аренда Ford Mustang GT 2019 в Майами
Rent Mercedes Benz G63 AMG in Miami
Аренда Ferrari 458 в Майами
Rent Lamborghini Huracan Performante in Miami
Rent Rolls Royce Phantom in Miami
Аренда Chevrolet в Майами
Rent Bmw 750I LX luxury Miami
Rent BMW X7 in Miami
Rolls Royce wraith blue rent in Miami
BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold rent in Miami
Аренда Mercedes Benz GLC63 2020 в Майами
Bmw M3 2020 rent im Miami
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$400 / $2,240 Week
Аренда Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Белый в Майами
Rent Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Red in Miami
Аренда Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 2019 в Майами
Rent BMW I8 White in Miami
Mercedes GT roadster 2019
Rent Lamborghini Aventador Matte in Miami 2
Rent Bentley Continental GT White in Miami

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