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Car Rental Miramar

Miramar is one of the most popular resorts in Florida. This cozy town exudes luxury, beauty, and wealth. There are many chic hotels, expensive beaches, and cool high society clubs. You will see many luxury houses which are private residences but most successful people come here for a great time by the sea. 

Now, you can enjoy the beauty of this region if you use the car rental Miramar. See all the sights, take a pleasant walk along the coast, gather your friends, and get a taste of aristocratic relaxation. With our fleet of vehicles, each client will find a suitable auto for his event. We will help you look and feel very confident and dignified.

Our company

Pugachev Rental Service is a proven company that provides booking exotic cars for any taste and occasion. Our organization has a large autopark where we have collected the most luxurious automobiles from various world corporations. 

You will like our choice and the level of service because our group does its functions very responsibly.

Here you will find:

If you prefer to add more presentability and confidence to your image, then take any car to emphasize your status. Our transporting items have an awesome design and impeccable internal parameters. You would be able to appreciate every transporting item if you take the keys, open and turn it on to hear the sound of the engine. 

We understand how important it is for you to have a decent look to feel confidence and self-sufficiency, so we attentively collected all the items for our garage. These aren’t only sports models but also executive business class autos. Any event will become memorable for you and surrounding people if you come with our iron beauty. 

Now, our clients do not need to waste time and money buying an expensive auto. It may be very convenient for those who use car rental Miramar when traveling to this town. You take any wonderful transport and enjoy your stay here. 

We make expensive autos available to all people, regardless of their status and social condition. Our team offers excellent rental rates and minimum deposit. Look through our range and understand that you have a great chance to become the temporary owner of an amazing Ferrari Portofino Spyder and other steel horses. 

We have replenished our parking lot with magical yachts, so you can see the beauty of the city not only from land but also from water. All our clients can be sure that each transport is equipped with high-quality service. If you take a yacht, we will provide you with a team and other accompanying things for a great vacation.

Many of our customers come to us again because they like our service. Here you will find a friendly attitude, solution of individual questions, pleasant prices, and various rentals.

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Brand history

Many automotive corporations now have a perfect name that is recognizable all over the world. But not all people know how these companies started, what they did at the beginning of their journey, what products they created, and what difficulties they went through to become one of the best in their sphere.


This auto giant was founded in 1963, while the brand was already developing vehicles – tractors. Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini created a great business that brought a good income, but this manufacturer did not want to stand still and tried to follow the development of technology. 

The corporation was rapidly gaining momentum and became the most recognizable world name that stands for impeccable quality for ideal sports cars. At the present moment, all rights of this brand belong to Audi.


The first electric cars appeared in America in 1915 when such vehicles were considered a real miracle. Now, during the active struggle of many companies for the environment, automobiles powered by electricity have become relevant again. The Elon Musk Corporation introduced the first Tesla in 2008, but this development cost almost $140 million. In 2012, other models appeared and the cost of their creation was much lower. 

Now such an auto is in great demand in many countries and the cost of its maintenance is affordable. In 2019, Elon Musk also launched about 100 electric trucks on sale called Tesla Semi. Electric cars have become a common concept, but not all locations have already implemented additional installations to maintain them.


This name is very popular among fans of professional racing competitions. In 1963, a racer from New Zealand Bruce McLaren founded his own brand as a result of his team’s registration in races. The group made its debut in Monaco in 1966 and such a name became common in this part of society. In 1970 Bruce died but his team continued to carry the company’s name to success. 

McLaren Automotive cooperates with many global concerns and offers fantastic sports cars and mind-blowing hybrids. In 1989, the famous F1 model appeared that had only 100 copies for all time. For fans of professional racing, a unique 650S Spider has been developed. It is also in our garage and you can enjoy it at any time.

Benefits of renting here

Our company has been providing cars and yachts rental services since 2015. We provide our clients with only the best transport, which will be the perfect addition to their bright pastime. Our fleet is very large, and we regularly replenish it with new automobiles.

If you order an iron monster in Pugachev Rent Service, then you get the following advantages:

  • Big range of models from world brands.
  • A full range of services.
  • Nice cost and minimum deposit.
  • High level of safety for all passengers.
  • The best offer for a lower rental price.
  • Possibility to get a transporting point anywhere in the country.
  • Airport transfer, personal chauffeur, and own photographer.
  • 24/7 customer support for different situations.
  • Excellent external and internal characteristics of all iron monsters.

If you need an incredible steel beast, then contact us, and we will give it to you in a couple of hours. You don’t need to buy it if you want to experience the impressive taste of aristocratic life, book any model for a day or a year. Our efficiency is at a high level because we appreciate your time. Any client with different income levels can take an amazing car because our prices are very low.

Photoshoots with our autos in Miramar

A high-quality photoset with a real professional and good technique is the dream of any modern person who wants to share his memories. Here you can do it by choosing any transport from the garage. Our organization provides the services of an experienced photo maker who will accompany you in this town.

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Photoshoot ideas

Share your opinion about style and background with our expert or discuss other creative ideas. Our company organizes a professional photo session for men, women, friends, or a romantic theme for a couple.

There are many photo ideas that you can implement:

  • For men, a car is about maintaining his impeccable image and style, so they choose a more brutal image. Emphasize your status, strong character, and personality. Think carefully about your clothes and accessories to look perfect. Our photo maker can also offer you a business or romantic style for pictures.
  • The best poses for men are open-shouldered confidence and easiness with hands in pockets. You can also choose simple nature backgrounds that will beneficially emphasize your unity with the environment. Show the photographer that you are proud of your accomplishments and successes in life so that he can display it in the image.
  • Women see photosets with chic automobiles differently, it should show their self-sufficiency, beauty, sophistication, and femininity. They choose not only the best and coolest vehicle but also want to find the perfect background. It can be city sights, beautiful buildings, crowds, the ocean, nature, and more.
  • Consult our expert if you prefer to make a thematic photoshoot. Create a retro look or become a super modern woman with a new generation auto. Sports cars are also popular; add some suitable accessories and your photo will be unique.
  • The image of a lady, automobile wash, fixing a malfunction – such topics have always been demanded with women. Also, romance and sunset with luxury transport would be a good solution. With our fleet, you can choose any of them to get incredible pictures of high quality.
  • Call your friends to take funny photos together. For this, we have excellent automotive options and ideas. Each customer receives many high-quality and vivid pictures to preserve these amazing memories and emotions.

Browse our album to appreciate the experience and skills of our specialist. Miramar has many amazing places that should be in your pictures. This is not a big city but there are many mesmerizing backgrounds for a wonderful photoset.

Prices for assortment

We work with different clients who have various rental purposes. They can be locals or tourists. You can also rent an auto for a vacation or business trip. Any of your wishes will be fulfilled because we use an individual relation to any requests. 

Our parking lot consists of models from various global corporations. Browse the range with the best cars from Mercedes, modern Tesla, Audi, McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, and more. Specify your wishes and get a super steel horse at a nice price.

The most popular transport points are the following:

  • LAMBORGHINI HURACAN PERFORMANTE – the best rental value for this steel horse is $1,300. Such an amazing car is the best solution for lovers of power and speed. We have carefully checked all the characteristics so enjoy its data on the ideal roads of this city.
  • PORSCHE 4S 911 – will cost only $500. Real lovers of expensive automobiles call this vehicle a worthy classic. You can take it here at such a pleasant price and enjoy it 24 hours or a year. Perfect design, comfortable interior, engine power – all this could be yours for any period.
  • FERRARI PORTOFINO SPYDER – rent this for $900 to avoid buying a car for its retail price $280 thousand. This red iron beast is the dream of many connoisseurs of expensive automobiles. Now we have made it available to everyone.
  • MERCEDES AMG ROADSTER – a fantastic cabriolet of the 2020 generation. Now you can try its power for only $450. This new model will allow you to remember the pleasant sea breeze at a steep speed again. You can’t forget such emotions; order our photograph to make incredible images.
  • MCLAREN 650S SPIDER – order this sports beauty for $1,000. Today you can become a real racer with such a professional car. Conquer the road to increase your confidence in your driving skills.
  • BMW I8 ROADSTER – special price for booking this beast on wheels is $400. If you have dreamed of a luxurious iron monster with ideal indicators of speed, power, and design, then this option is the most suitable for any event.
  • BENTLEY GT CONTINENTAL – any car of this automaker looks impressive and now you can become its temporary owner for $499 per day. This powerful beast combines elegance and nobility.

Why is it profitable to rent here?

Find and take any expensive car at a reasonable price and you do not need to spend money on its market value. Our rental sums are for 100 miles and each additional will cost $3. Our group has a great selection and any transport could be yours with a low deposit. 

If you need a cool vehicle to attend an important event, then evaluate the choice in our fleet. If today you want to create a romantic evening for your loved one, then we will also advise you on something suitable. Have a bright birthday; give yourself an unforgettable wedding and another event with our wonderful iron horses. 

Book a personal photographer to leave your emotions in the picture. Go to the airport or welcome to Miramar – take a personal chauffeur to travel with comfort. Describe your wishes and our team will do everything possible to implement them.

Available For Rent

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BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold rent in Miami
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$400 / $2,240 Week
Аренда Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Белый в Майами
Rent Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Red in Miami
Аренда Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 2019 в Майами
Rent BMW I8 White in Miami
Mercedes GT roadster 2019
Rent Lamborghini Aventador Matte in Miami 2
Rent Bentley Continental GT White in Miami

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