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Best Car Rental Company in Miami

If you would like to drive in the car of your dreams, with a comfortable salon, good music in some beaches or night roads, our company in Miami has many special offers for you. Together with the Pugachev company, you’ll be able to select not only a car that provides you with comfortable driving around and outside the city, but also you’ll make your dream true which seemed unbelievable yesterday.

What is Pugachev Company

Miami is a very dynamic city. Regardless of the great number of residents, this city annually receives hundreds of thousands of tourists. You won’t find anywhere such numerous of luxurious, elite, and stylish chariots as in this place. Pugachev Luxury Car Rental offers you to become an owner of any of these steel beasts while staying in Florida.

Why rent elite vehicles

Many people prefer expensive vehicles because of safety and reliability. This approach is absolutely correct. Although, there are more reasons for choosing such automobiles. Luxury models are always more comfortable and convenient for driving. People also claim that they feel different as such vehicles are associated with status, prosperity along with success.

Photoshoot in Miami

Miami is the location where there are a lot of sights that every visitor of the city is obliged to get acquainted with. It is, of course, more convenient to do while driving an elite autocar provided by our team. Visiting Miami is, first of all, bright impressions, positive emotions, and memories. What is the best way to remind you of the finest time in Miami? Of course, photos taken during the trip.

Besides interesting sights and picturesque landscapes, your photoshoot can be improved by a magnificent chariot. It may be both a classical model and an elite sports car. You should remember that in addition to the atmosphere which is given to the picture by the place itself the chariot in the photo will strengthen the status and strengthen self-confidence and your life position. Positive sensations that you would experience during the trip would be accompanied by delight and freedom from driving an elite vehicle.

The advantage of a photoshoot is that it is possible to bring to life any of your ideas, even the most daring of them. Think up a story, select the necessary things, and choose the place you like. And the automobile rented for the photoshoot should only increase the effect of the composition you have invented.

You may arrange a photoshoot by yourself or by contacting our agency, because our agency, in addition to providing the opportunity of choosing the most elegant auto around the Earth, provides services of professional photographers.

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Benefits of becoming a member

There are lots of advantages of working with us, few of them are:

  • Rent a car with a discount. We have loyalty programs for clients.
  • Hire a sportscars quickly. Becoming a part, drivers get autos fast because the process takes less time.
  • Delivery. It does not matter much where people are, they will receive automobiles to any specific destination.

This list of perks is not full, consequently, customers should visit the website to see more. In case of any questions or difficulties, clients shall be helped out because customer support is always available.

The history of the most famous brands

As it was mentioned above, we provide you with an opportunity to rent a steel beast from the well-known labels. On a related note, besides the quality of brand products and reputation, every company has its peculiar and interesting history which differs it from the others.


The must-read narrative is the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the well-established company in the automotive industry. The history dates back to 1948. The young Ferruccio used to assemble tractors that were made from the wastes of all kinds of military equipment after World War II.

However, by 1959 the holding had started manufacturing the goods not connected with its usual industry. It was mostly public consumer goods. The corporation, as we have known it for a long time, appeared only in 1963 when the conglomerate finally made up a decision to start producing sports cars.

It happened due to personal offense. It’s believed that Ferruccio quarreled with Enzo Ferrari. As a result of it, Enzo ironically told him to assemble automobiles himself. As we remember, Ferruccio was in tractor manufacturing at that time. Imagine his surprise when he went back to his garage and started to take apart his Ferrari and found out that most of the parts used there were the same as in his tractors. That’s how he realized that he could produce sports cars on his own.

Nowadays this concern is the leading one of the world’s most popular sports car makers. Production of this label is primarily associated with a majestic semblance and unique technical characteristics. We suggest you a wide range of Lamborghini iron beasts – select your ideal one.

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On March 7, 1916, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG was founded as a successor to Gustav-Otto-Flugmaschinenfabrik. In 1922 the company was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

Originally BMW didn’t deal with carmakers. At the first stage, the German concern produced aircraft engines for airplanes. In 1923 the holding presented its first motorcycle. The activity connected with producing automobiles started in 1928 when the company purchased a license from Austin Seven to produce a small autocar Dixi.

Currently, this enterprise is the most respectable corporation all over the world. We assure you, that this concern is a time-tested quality.

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What can you choose in our fleet

We are glad to represent for our favourite clients the rental of glamour auto such as Maserati or BMW M4 Rental. Apart from cars, we can arrange for you wonderful yacht for unforgettable voyage. Also, you can choose different types of auto, for this we have offers like: Sedan Rentals or Convertible Car Rentals.

Available vehicles and retail price

Our organization owns a large fleet of automobiles, which is regularly updated.

Among the autocars, we offer you such famous models as:

  • Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Sedan – is just a miracle of the transport industry and an ideal option for those who want to highlight their status. The world’s most popular manufacturers of luxury autos MERCEDES BENZ is well known for the quality and sophistication of its products. This sample is an embodiment of these two points. Once you are at the wheel of this steel beast, you can see it for yourself. The services suggested by our company allow you to do it at any time convenient for you. The rough value is $85,000.
  • Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Blue – is a wonderful product from one of the most popular brands in the world. It is simply impossible to describe the emotions that you may experience while being at the wheel of this autocar. Such concepts as luxury and comfort are available for understanding from another point of view as soon as you get inside this miracle. Impeccable appearance, and unique design prove that this sampler one of the most desirable among automobile enthusiasts and collectors. You can become an owner of this autocar for 320 thousand dollars.
  • Mclaren 570s – this chariot is the dream of all speed lovers. It reaches 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, which is quite an impressive parameter. The Mclaren 570s also has no less important indicators for motors of this class, such as exclusive design and comfortable interior. Thanks to these two characteristics, you will feel equally comfortable on roads of any quality. The semblance of the steel beast is always ready to announce loudly the status of its owner. The estimated price of this miracle $240,000.
  • BMW I8 Roadster 2019 – the interior of this very brand representative also highlights its unique property – in particular thanks to the exclusive Arcaro finish line in Amide Copper. The surfaces inside the auto resonate with the rapid lines of the body, creating a futuristic atmosphere in the cockpit. An intuitive layout of the controls ensures maximum driver-friendliness and simplicity of reading and use of all vehicle functions. The new electrically-adjustable sports seats have optimal side support and offer maximum comfort. The optional “Travel” package includes additional equipment for placing things in the cabin, a so-called “map pocket” made of Nappa leather and dividers in the luggage compartment behind the front seats. LED lighting creates a luxurious atmosphere in the cabin at night. The price of this beauty is 164 thousand dollars.
  • Porsche 911 4S 2018  – is an excellent chariot not only for fans of the Porsche brand but for everybody. Like most representatives of this brand, this one has an excellent design and can stress the status of its owner. The 911 4s is capable of delighting everyone around you. It is possible to experience indescribable emotions just by driving around the city. Even from a distance, this motor allows you to feel all the comfort and freedom, because of its luxury appearance. By contacting the Pugachev company, you will be able to see for yourself. The approximate cost of this masterpiece is $170,000.
  • Porsche Boxster 2019 will perfectly suit those who are keen on fast and comfortable driving. This specimen can reach 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and it is an excellent indicator that allows you to gain speed as quickly as possible without prejudice to the comfort of the driver. The appearance of the Porsche Boxster, as all brand representatives, attracts attention with its exclusivity. This specimen also has a majestic saloon, which allows you to feel as comfortable as possible. This masterpiece is available for 60 thousand dollars.
  • Lamborghini Huracan Lp610 Spyder Orange is an embodiment of the most impudent fantasies of motorists. The elegant exterior, comfortable interior, and stunning technical features make it indispensable in almost all situations. Being at the wheel of such a steel beast, you can state that you have made your dream true. Now everyone has the possibility to experience these emotions. The cost of this luxurious auto is $321,000.
  • Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 2019 we dare say that if you don’t drive this magnificent carriage, you don’t know what the real sports car is. This specimen combines the best features of a well-known label. This masterpiece is ideal not only for speed – lovers but also for style admirers, as this very model is the embodiment of sophistication. You do not even need to be in the interior of the autocar to feel all the comfort that you can experience while driving the vehicle. This pretty auto costs about 730 thousand dollars.
  • Bentley Bentayga 2019 this creation is an ideal combination of the best qualities of the off-road vehicle and ultimate design of Bentley autos. It perfectly fits those who are tired of city noise and want to spend time with friends and family in a quiet place, such as outdoors. Due to its excellent readability, Bentley Bentayga allows you to move through almost any type of landscape. So if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, this model is what you need. The approximate price is $470,000.
  • Ferrari California T is a bright representative of one of the most popular sport car makers on the planet – Ferrari. Its perfect appearance and ideal technical characteristics are ready to both stress your status and provide maximum comfort during the trip. The Ferrari California T accelerates to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds. These parameters impress even the pickiest skeptics. This splendid product can be bought for 220 thousand dollars.
  • BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Gold reveals its futurism even in small details. Its progressive lines express dynamic shape language. The brightest element is elegant, lifting “gull” wing doors made of lightweight carbon material. The athletic front part highlights an individual feature of the vehicle. The unique V-shaped “black belt” begins on the hood and flows smoothly to the rear of this steel beast, emphasizing its drop-shaped silhouette. The impressive design of Streamflow enables to optimize air flows and get unique aerodynamic characteristics. I8 Roadster is an ideal combination of shape and substance that has the only purpose: absolute freedom. The approximate price of the Roadster is $164.000.
  • BMW I8 Roadster 2019 White White despite the chosen way, this model is ready for any obstacles due to its numerous driver assistance systems. For example, on wet roads, the brakes are periodically dried to remove moisture from the discs. At the same time, there is no visible braking effect. Moving away from the ground in adverse weather conditions is facilitated by the Dynamic Traction Control System (DTC), which prevents wheel slippage and provides optimal traction. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system monitors this during the journey and ensures excellent traction in every situation. The system is activated in hybrid mode and, depending on the situation, distributes the torque from both units to four wheels. The approximate price of this luxury product is 164 thousand dollars.

By the way, we have great services for our clients and many advantages among our competitors. We are pleased to see you in our company! Welcome to your dream car!

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$400 / $2,240 Week
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