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Rent Ferrari 488

For the journey to Miami Beach, Florida exotic car rental is simply a necessity. We recommend you to rent Ferrari 488 luxury sports car which combines all the super features of modern auto industry.

If you want to experience a noble life and spend this day at the highest level, this car would be a right decision. It emphasizes your top-ranking status and gives a lot of admiring views.

The history of Ferrari 488

This auto is an improved version of the Ferrari 488 GTB, but now it has a frame chassis made of 11 different alloys. First, the new Spider was shown to the public in 2015 in Maranello. It was a real debut because car lovers appreciated its supplemented design. Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show knew that this is a replacement for the 458 Italia but with the addition of almost 80% complementary parts.

GTB is the abbreviation GranTurismo Berlinetta, and the 2015 model received the prefix Spider. But the auto corporation did not stop here, almost 4 years later Ferrari introduced the updated release – Pista. This variation has received more advanced aerodynamics and improved interior details but the Ferrari 488 Spider is still one of the company’s top luxury autos.

Why to choose Ferrari: the benefits of the car

Worldwide famous auto brand is well-known for its classy, fast and powerful vehicles. Main feature of this car is the ability to develop high speed due to its engine and automatic transmission. Cool appearance of the racer together with a comfy and perfectly equipped salon makes it look fantastic.

If you prefer chic autos, then this model can be called the best of this description. She looks stylish, expensive, and presentable. Attend any event on this stunning Ferrari and you will not be left without attention.

The detailed characteristics of Ferrari 488 GTB Spyder

This luxurious sports racer provides wonderful and comfy open-air travel due to its convertible roof as well as convenient two-seats salon. It can be very speedy because of its powerful motor, 660 horsepower and excellent aerodynamics. Despite 488 being designed for fast rides, its perfect safety system guarantees you total protection. Lightweight body of the car corresponds to the latest trends of the sports automotive industry.


If you know the 458 Italia, then you recognize some of its features in the new Spyder. There is also a determined resemblance to the original 308 GTB. But the manufacturer improved aerodynamics by adding vortex generators that distribute airflows on the front bumper, the bottom of the auto, and the front spoiler.

The diffuser which is located behind has special flap geometry (monitoring by the board computer). These flaps allow balancing between drag and downforce. The indicator of this power became 50% higher if to compare it with the 458 version.


The interior remained cool and stylish; it did not receive noticeable changes. Like the previous version, there is a Keyless Start system, on the steering wheel located buttons for regulating the operation of marker lights, turn signals, wipers, and Start-stop. The computer with an updated interface gives full control of all the functions of the machine. Also in the cabin, there is an infotainment system and 12 stereo speakers with a capacity of 1250 Watts.

The other Ferrari models available for rental

Apart from legendary 488, we also provide some other premium-class racers of the brand, including:

Miami Beach FL car hire services provide affordable prices for Ferrari, so that everyone can feel the awesomeness of riding it. Moreover, the sportcar is also available for Sunny Isles Beach Florida exotic car rental.

To rent other cars

There are many amazing autos in our range that you’ll like for sure. We provide only the most luxurious cars with wonderful looks and the best peculiar properties.

Our assortment:

Photoshoots with Ferrari 488 in Miami Beach

Our company offers the services of a professional photographer so that your day with our car will be remembered for a long time. Choose a location from the list or provide it to our specialist. Such images are a good memory of these unforgettable emotions.

We help with a pleasant photoset and take a lot of high-quality photos on the move or in place. Locations could be various: from the coast to the sights of the city. You may also invite your friends to remember this driving with Ferrari Spider 488 for everyone.

Look at the pictures in our catalog – they are glorious. Add some great places and you get admirable photographs. We want to capture your day with our auto so order the services of a professional photographer.

Thematic photos

We organize an authentic photoshoot for a wedding, birthday, and any other important occasion. You can also order a photographer for a walk or a party – the result is vivid and memorable.

Offer your ideas and discuss it with our photographer or give him a choice. Our goal is to give you the best photos so that your pastime will be remembered and stayed with you forever. We print the photos you have chosen and the whole set you’ll receive on a flash drive or in the cloud.

Rent & retail price

Each customer can rent an auto on our terms. We offer affordable prices and super characteristics. If you choose Ferrari Spider 488 then the rental sum is $1,100 for one day (per 100 miles). Each next mile will cost $3. This auto looks very cool and now it becomes yours for a certain time.

The retail price of this supercar is $422,000 but with our company, you can get it for one day much cheaper. Pugachev luxury car rental accepts a driver’s license from any country and it’s very convenient for our clients. The rental amount is total; it will depend on the date and time.

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