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Vacation in Miami 2021

Miami is a magnificent megalopolis in Florida. It is located near the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the largest resort in the USA which is famous for its nightclubs and beaches with clear turquoise water. Here you can find everything that tourists are looking for. That is the reason why almost 15 million people come here annually. In this place, you can have fun, sunbathe in the blazing sun or drive along the coast in a luxury rented car. In this article, we are going to share useful tips and curious facts that will be useful for each traveler.

The reason for coming here

Miami never sleeps. You can find something to do at any time of the day or night. The nightlife of the resort is represented by a huge number of concerts and private parties. It concerns not only the center of the city but the beaches and dormitory areas as well. Bars work non-stop to please all the guests of sunny Miami. Many parties, various shows, and one-of-a-kind exhibitions are often organized in the heart of Florida. This is the reason for the beaches being overcrowded during the holiday season. It can be difficult to find a vacant seat or quiet spot here.

The city was founded the century before last, but it is almost impossible to find historical monuments. Even well-known places which you could see in some movies (e.g. racetrack) have already changed their appearance.

There is also one more peculiarity: it is a fact that people in Miami prefer demonstrating their wealth and high status. The very trip to the coast is considered prestigious. Here you can wear diamonds to breakfast, and expensive cars like luxury red Ferrari are not a surprise, but a familiar part of the ecosystem. Be prepared to “show off” every day and spend money on things that in other parts of the world are considered useless luxuries.

It goes without saying that Miami is a number one location among luxurious Florida-based perks. Nevertheless, it is also such a versatile place where there’s plenty to do for more modest and quieter people. You can walk through parks and gardens, go to one of the art galleries or do the shopping in the malls. The city provides all possibilities for a comfortable vacation with a child. Children’s entertainment in hotels and throughout Miami public places is well-organized.

How much will the trip cost?

The tour cost depends on what it includes. In general, the price for the flight and accommodation ranges from $700 to $1,400 per week. Of course, the cost of paperwork and entertainment will be added to this amount. Having planned your vacation or a business trip to Miami, be ready for extra expenses.

Unlike in Europe, where the self-organized trip is often cheaper, in America, it will cost the same. But you should take into account all difficulties that tourists may face: tracking down the best flights and buying airline tickets, getting a visa (the U.S. consular agency is reluctant to issue one), and finding accommodation. The Pugachev company will help you – we can rent a luxury villa or apartment. And if you’re worried about your safety, we can also provide security.

What season to choose for visiting?

The climate on the coast is tropical monsoon. This means that it is humid and quite hot in summer and dry and warm in winter. Tornadoes sometimes occur in the area. But despite this, the weather conditions will not spoil your holiday, especially if you plan your trip with the Pugachev company.

The best time for a vacation on the coast is winter and spring. The winter months are characterized by an almost complete absence of precipitation and a pleasant temperature of 24-25°C. But you may meet a lot of tourists: people from all over the world come here for the winter. By March and April, the number of visitors decreases. The off-season starts in May. The weather gets hotter (27-29°C), it’s cloudy and sometimes rainy. Nevertheless, you can try your luck: in some years there is almost no rain.

The summer months are not the best time to visit Florida. First of all, there is an influx of tourists, which results in higher prices for hotels, entertainment, and even car rentals. Secondly, this is the rainy season – the rains are often but quite short. The heat and humidity can make your summer holiday a living hell. The weather is even worse in the autumn and there are frequent storms, so it’s not a good time to go either. However, our agency will help you organize your trip in such a way that it will not be affected by either weather conditions or other external factors.

Visa and travel insurance

When planning a trip, you should start with getting a visa, but not with exploring events and attractions. It may be the most difficult part of traveling. The thing is that the consular agency issues this document rather reluctantly. To get an entry permit, you have to prove that you are not planning to live illegally in America and will return home. The consular fee for tourist visas (category B1 and B2) is $160. In case of refusal, this money is not refundable.

Medical services in the United States are some of the most expensive in the world. To avoid spending a fortune in the event of illness, get insurance. Its cost starts at $1.8 per day.

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How can you get to Miami?

You can get to the USA only by air. It takes quite a long time to fly from Europe and other locations because the plane crosses all of Western Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. Direct flights take 12-13 hours.

The price for a flight from Europe

There are direct flights from any European location. The average ticket price is about $550. It is possible to choose flights with changes in Paris, Istanbul, Geneva, Lisbon, or New York. The ticket price starts at 275 US dollars.


There are three international airports in Miami:

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) — the largest in Florida. Most flights from other countries arrive here;
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) — Serves charter flights and low-cost of such airlines as Spirit Airlines, Jetblue, and Norwegian Long Haul;
  • Palm Beach (PBI) — is the former military airport that is used by low-cost airlines Southwest Airlines и Frontier Airlines.

Domestic flights more often arrive here.

How to get to the airport?

The airports are connected by high-speed rail. Fares range from $2.50 to $7. It depends on the day of the week and the distance. At MIA you can take the orange line of the subway, which for $2.25 will take you to the center.

There are also Metrobus buses, which take visitors to different districts. It’s a $2.65 ride to South Beach. Buses leave every half hour, and the stop is near Passenger Terminal E. You can call a cab, which will cost about $25.

Another way to get to the center is to rent a car. Pugachev Luxury Car Rentals will help you with this. You can book the model you like, and we will deliver it to you at the moment of arrival. Thanks to this you will be able to drive to the city in a comfortable automobile.


You can move around the city using different kinds of transportation. Bicycles and electric scooters are good for walking around the center. You can easily hire them, and there are bicycle lanes almost everywhere. Additionally, you can also take public transport, order a cab, or rent a car.

Public transport

Public transport is very diversified. You cannot find classical underground here, but some carriages move on elevated tracks – Metrorail. There is also a free Metromover monorail. It is both a means of transportation and a sightseeing attraction. The carriage rides within the city center. The tracks are laid high above the ground, between the skyscrapers. This is how the future was imagined in sci-fi movies a couple of decades ago.

One subway or bus ride costs $2.25. You can buy a bus pass. It costs $5 for one day or $29.25 for one week.

Taxis and car rentals

The most popular taxi companies are Uber и Lyft. There are many cars in each of them and they arrive in 2-3 minutes. The price of boarding is about $3, for each kilometer, it is about $1.8. Besides, it is customary to give a tip of 10-15% of the cost.

But don’t forget that people here are used to showing their welfare. Due to this, many people rent premium cars. Firstly, it is more convenient to travel in your vehicle, because you can go anywhere. Secondly, in this way, it is possible to stand out and demonstrate your prestige. Applying to Pugachev you can rent an elite car and feel yourself a part of noisy Miami.

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To make free calls and use the Internet, you need to buy a local SIM card. A travel package is available from the operator T-mobile. It offers 1,000 minutes for national calls, unlimited SMS, and 2 GB of the Internet for 21 days. This pack costs $30.


Miami is famous not only for its nightlife but also for its fashionable restaurants. So when deciding what to do in Miami during your trip, plan to visit a variety of establishments. The first thing to try is seafood. Because of the proximity to the ocean, they are fresh and delicious. You can buy shrimp, oysters, or crabs. The cost of lunch ranges from $10 at an inexpensive cafe and up to infinity at luxury restaurants. A cup of coffee will cost $3-4, and a glass of beer at least $6.

What else should you pay attention to? For traditional Latin American cuisine (primarily Cuban), fresh fruits and fresh juices, which are often sold on the shore.

You can try American fast food:

  • hot dog will cost about $3;
  • burger is possible to buy for $6;
  • pizza is available in cafes and restaurants for $9.

Food in supermarkets is about a quarter more expensive than in Russia. But shopping and cooking on your own is not Miami’s style. You have to drive a Rolls-Royce or a Lamborghini to experience the atmosphere of luxury here.


When you return from another country, you always want to take a piece of it with you to keep memories or give something to your loved ones.

What can you buy?

  • Traditional souvenirs. From America, tourists take cowboy hats and boots, T-shirts with flags, statues of liberty, and city names. you can buy such things in every souvenir shop for $8. There you can also find magnets for $3 and one-dollar postcards;
  • Alcohol. Almost everyone brings home strong drinks. American rum, mescal, pisco, cachaça, and whiskey will remind you of your journey;
  • Jewelry and cosmetics. As a rule, they are not as expensive as in Europe. You can buy something from Urban Decay or Tiffany;
  • Brand clothes. There are many original boutiques of such brands as Bulgari, Chanel, Prada, and Gucci in malls. There you can find things that you cannot buy in your native country.

Memories are brought not only to loved ones but also to yourselves. A great way to keep warm memories is to order a photoshoot in Miami. Professional photographers can make bright and creative pictures that will warm the soul many years later. You can use clubs and swimming pools as a background, and luxurious or sports cars to feel the spirit of the city.

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What travelers can do in Miami?

Everyone will like it here: fans of noisy parties, families with children who prefer a quiet holiday, and lovers of solitude, who like long car rides.


Coast is more a fancy place than a cultural one.

But you can also find museums here:

  • Villa Vizcaya. One of the most interesting places to visit. The estate was built in the 1910s, and its European-style architecture and gardens will instantly take you back to the Renaissance. It’s a fine art gallery that holds many of the world’s masterpieces.
  • HistoryMiami. It is a historical museum with more than 13,000 exhibits. Many of them date back to pre-Columbian times. Here you will learn how the discovery of America and immigration influenced its history and development.
  • Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science. It’s dedicated to all areas of science, from the structure of dinosaurs to the latest developments of NASA. The museum has an observatory that allows you to look at the stars and planets.
  • Miami Children’s Museum. Despite this place being considered a children’s museum, everyone will enjoy it. The various exhibitions introduce young visitors to the achievements of science, culture, and art.

Parks and Zoos

Everglades National Park is located here. It is one of the largest parks. There you can watch animals in their natural habitat, see a crocodile farm, and visit an Indian village. The Zoo, Oceanarium, Parrot Jungle, and Monkey Jungle are also worth a visit. You can easily get to them by rented car.


A beach vacation is what many people go to Florida for. The coast here is covered with light sand, and the water is clean and warm.

There are several beaches:

  • Crandon is a quiet island that is suitable for families;
  • South Beach is a popular beach, close to the famous Ocean Drive with restaurants and boutiques;
  • Sunny Isles – popular with Russian immigrants and travelers from other countries;
  • Lummus Park Beach – suitable for holidays with children, as it has many playgrounds and sports fields.

A great way to have fun on the water is to rent a yacht or boat. For this reason, you can contact Pugachev – we’ll find you a comfortable transport that will allow you to go on a sea cruise.


Miami is perfect for those who like to hang out. There are plenty of clubs and bars here, and there are places for any budget. You can dance, listen to Latin-inspired music, watch shows and comedians, or drink cocktails. It’s also a great way to show off your outfits and hustle and bustle between venues in a luxury car.

If you’re interested in nightlife, visit:

  • Soho Beach House;
  • LIV;
  • Ora Nightclub;
  • WALL Lounge;
  • Doheny Room at Delano;
  • Story.


What else is interesting on the coast? You can drive your luxurious rented car to Winwood — it is full of art objects, creatively painted walls, and unusual establishments. Little Havana has an amazing atmosphere. The Cubans live here: they play dominoes in the streets and offer to try their national dishes in local cafes. We recommend you to visit the Art Deco neighborhood. By day it’s a street with interesting architecture, and at night it’s a place where fun parties take place. And fashion lovers will love the Lincoln Road Mall, where you can find brand name clothes for little money.


Key West is a must-see location. It is the southernmost point of the US mainland. You can walk around the small town in a couple of hours, but it will amaze you with its appearance. To travel comfortably, you can rent a car, so you will not depend on anyone and will begin your trip at a convenient time.

There is one more excursion – to Fort Lauderdale, which resembles Venice. It has an extensive system of canals and beautiful architecture. To explore all the neighborhoods, take a water cab – the trip will greatly impress you.

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