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Vacation in Miami Beach

Miami is a wonderful place situated in the South-East of Florida. Each year it attracts thousands of travelers. The popularity of the American resort can be explained quite easily since interesting sights, beaches, and very active nightlife coexist in this very place. Everyone will find anything he likes. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to spend your vacation in this city.

How much is a vacation in Miami

This city is considered to be one of the most expensive not only in the USA but all over the world as well. But the cost of a journey depends on what is included in it. Standard tours with accommodations cost 650-770 USD per one person a week. Food and entertainment will be paid separately.

Hotels in Florida are very expensive. A three-star room will cost about $150 per night, five-star room – $300 per night. If you want to rent a luxury apartment with a view of the ocean, be ready for a very high price, about 1400 USD.

To move around the city, you need a vehicle anyway. Some tourists choose scooters and bicycles. Despite these means of transport are very popular in Europe, on the beach they are not in trend. You’d better rent a car (from 80 USD for an ordinary car and more than 1-2 thousand dollars for a luxury car) and drive with comfort.

You won’t have any problems with a meal. Cafes and restaurants in Florida can satisfy any taste and budget. The prices start at 10-20 USD and more. One cocktail in a good club will cost 15-20 USD.

As for entertainment prices, it is quite difficult to estimate them. You can fully enjoy luxury: call at elite boutiques, relax on a yacht and travel on a private plane. High prices in the city are fully justified by the quality of the service.

Vacation rentals in Miami Beach Florida

Miami is a very prestigious place where you have to present yourself in a good way. To integrate into the rhythm of the city and feel its atmosphere, you should spend a lot of money to create your own image. One of the ways to do it is to rent a luxury vehicle. First of all, the car makes your rest more comfortable. It will be at your disposal day and night, which means that you are ready for a new adventure at any time. A journey in a luxury sports car is the best way to experience bright emotions and take interesting photos. You will have pleasant memories of such a journey.

If you are tired of driving you can go further and rent a yacht or motorboat. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you can throw a party, take a break from the bustle of the city with your family or arrange a romantic date with your loved one. As for the business meeting held on a comfortable yacht, it will be a success by all means. It doesn’t matter how you are going to spend your day it will be unforgettable in any case.

Miami Florida vacation guide

On the Atlantic Ocean beach, you can not only lie in the sun and attend night clubs. A lot of festivals are held here annually; many events can be interesting to people of different ages.

The most prominent events are:

  • Art Deco Weekend. Art Deco historic district is considered to be the heart of the megapolis. During the festival, guests have an opportunity to study old-fashioned architecture, listen to live music, taste street food, and also enjoy an exhibition of fine art.
  • Miami International Boat Show. This event is worth visiting for everyone who really likes the boating industry. Here one can get acquainted with the latest technical innovations, buy a new yacht or boat and upgrade old equipment as well.
  • South Beach Wine & Food. This holiday is a real paradise for gourmets from all over the world. Visitors can meet famous chefs, celebrities of cooking shows and also enjoy the best products and wines. The program includes parties, lectures, and tastings.
  • Calle Ocho. If you like dancing and fun, then Calle Ocho is definitely for you. This is the largest dance festival in the USA. There are 12 scenes altogether, where one can meet musicians and artists, including folk dancers from different countries.
  • Miami Broward Carnival. Broward Carnival is one of the brightest events of the year. It is dedicated to Columbus Day. Anyone can participate in the parade and have fun during this holiday.
  • Motor Show. Miami can be of great interest not only for boat owners but also for motorists. Every year, the world’s largest manufacturers present their developments at this motor show. You can take a look at luxury limousines, sports cars, and SUVs.
  • Coconut Grove Arts. For three days, young artists exhibit their paintings right on the streets. Someone even paints there. Visitors can not only admire the art but also listen to live music and taste delicious food.
  • Marathon and half marathon. One can think that people can only relax and have fun in Florida, but this is not true. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come here for a large sporting event. Professional runners and just amateurs of a healthy lifestyle can try their hand at a marathon.

Vacation Ideas in Miami Florida

Tourists who come here usually have different tastes and goals. But it would be a crime to visit this resort, without fully feeling its atmosphere.

The minimum program includes:

  1. To lie on the beach, to sunbathe properly, and to try yourself as a surfer if you wish.
  2. To watch movies about love, adventures and luxurious life on the ocean at the cinema.
  3. To feel the history in such districts as Art Deco, Little Havana at Villa Vizcaya.
  4. To walk along the Lincoln Road and Fifth Avenue South where you can visit famous restaurants, expensive boutiques, and cafes where one can taste national dishes.
  5. To enjoy the calmness in the Botanical Garden, do yoga or fitness here.
  6. To plunge into nightlife by visiting one of the popular bars or clubs.

To have a good rest and enjoy a luxurious vacation, it is worth renting a car. When traveling in an elite car (for example, a Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, BMW or Rolls-Royce), you can feel yourself as a part of legendary Florida. Such a journey will be an unforgettable memory.

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