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Miami – a journey by car

Is sunny Miami a vacation spot? Eternal summer allows you to bask under the warm sun all year round, but Florida is destined not only for this. Once coming to the ocean coast even for a few days, you can get a lot of impressions, visit the picturesque places and get acquainted with the wild nature.

Whether you plan to stay in Miami for a few days or just a couple of hours, the first thing you need to do after passport control at the airport is to rent a car. The easiest way is to book the service in advance, then the chosen sporty Ferrari 458 F1 Capristo Exhaust or the luxury Mercedes S Cabriolet will already be waiting in the parking, and you can go to the hotel or sightseeing tour without losing time.

One big day in Miami

What to do in the sunny city if you are just passing through it and there is only one day to get acquainted with its sights? When the time is limited, and you want to see as much as possible, feel free to start the entertainment around the city on a comfortable car.

The most famous seaside is South Beach

The first place where all guests of the city want to get is South Beach. A six-kilometer coastline with soft, snow-white sand, is like from the cover of paradise island advertising. In summer, when the temperature of the water reaches up to enviable 30º, better place for beach rest couldn’t be found. At night or if the weather does not allow you to enjoy the beach, the South Beach is pleased with the abundance of restaurants, dance clubs and other entertainments.

The flavour of the beginning of last century in the Art Deco District

A great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of America of the 20-30s is possible with a visit to the Art Deco District. There you’ll find hundreds of hotels and other buildings designed in the same style, each of which is considered an architectural monument. Thus, it can be the ideal place to walk by parking your Mercedes S63 Coupe at the corner of Collins and 16 Ave. Here you can combine enjoyable pastime with a delicious dinner in a colorful restaurant. Close approachability to South Beach allows you to include both places in one-day tour through Miami.

Miami Museums and interesting Exhibitions

If the walk and the beach are tiring, you can continue to get acquainted with the culture of America in museums:

  • The Tate’s Gallery Comic Book museum is a world of figures and first comic books.
  • An exhibition of classic cars where you can take away cars of James Bond and other famous film heroes.
  • The Holocaust Memorial is a commemoration of the horrors of genocide.
  • Villa of Versace, where a great couturier lived and worked.
  • The Children’s Museum will delight not only with a variety of exhibits, but also let you get acquainted with various professions.

And when the summer heat has already noticeably drowned and you want to cool not only with the help of air conditioning, you can go to the one true Ice bar, where absolutely everything, including dishes, is made from ice. A snack there will not take much time, even in warm jackets, which everyone without exception gets at this bar. Being inside for a long time is simply impossible.

Full weekend for 2 days

When your attendance to Miami is not in transit and there are at least a couple of days, you can extend the visit area far away outside the city. With the reliable Range Rover HSE 2019, the journey will pass in an atmosphere of comfort and good mood. Where to go to in case you need to return already in the evening?

Florida Keys Archipelago

The best place to travel by car. The small paradise islands, surrounded by the blue ocean, are connected by bridges, 42 of which are part of the Overseas Highway — one of the most beautiful highways of the world. The entire route offers luxurious views, secluded beaches for swimming, fishing for exotic fish varieties, as well as hundreds of colorful restaurants.

Journey with the alligators in Everglades

A huge natural park in the south-west of Miami is located on swamps. There you’ll see a huge number of birds and dozens of alligators. Here you can make a dizzying journey on a flat-bottom boat among the sharp like the shark tooth saw grass and mangrove trees. When visiting the park, it is worth taking into account that nests of mosquitoes and numerous snakes live on the marshes along with beautiful animals and birds.

Marine inhabitants in Oceanarium

Where in the world can you look at dolphins, gallows, the most real sharks, rays and alligators in the immediate vicinity? All of this is waiting for adults and children in Miami Seaquarium, which can be reached by a rented car. Aquariums, water shows and the opportunity to swim with animals will cause delight and stay in memory for a long time.

Full-fledged rest for 3 days and longer

When there is a chance to stay in Miami for 3 days or more, you can make the trip even more intense and emotional.

This can be realized by such colorful places:

  1. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center will allow you to touch the history of space and see the unique moments of the Apollo 11 launch.
  2. Orlando Disneyland is a paradise for children and many adults with American hills and hundreds of extreme attractions.
  3. Day of boat ride. One ticket can be used for all day skiing, exploring the city’s sights and history of the city from the sea.
  4. Jungle Island is a great place to relax with children. A half-contact zoo, where you can get acquainted with kangaroos, lemur, parrots and other safe animals, as well as watch predators in the natural environment.
  5. Even a few days in Miami turn into an unforgettable vacation. All you have to do for this is to think ahead of the route and rent a car.

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