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The best places in Miami

Miami is associated with the ocean, yachts, fashionable hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Millions of tourists come here to have a rest on the Atlantic beaches and entertain in the night clubs. But one can also discover the capital of Florida State from the other side as the city charming with its landmarks and objects of centuries-old cultural heritage.

Within Miami itself and its surroundings there are so many intriguing places that one can visit all of them during a vacation only by car.

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5 landmarks that are worth visiting

The rest in Miami will become more rich and exciting if you go on an excursion to the parks and historical places of the city:

  1. Art Deco district. In this district Ocean Drive street is situated. This is a very popular with tourists Bohemia. Along the coast over 900 buildings in the style of Art Deco are located, which are entered in the National USA historical places. In the daytime tourists get acquainted with the architectural delights, and at night the district transforms into an enormous recreational center. Numerous pubs, restaurants and nightclubs offer their clients various entertaining programs and incendiary shows.
  2. Lummus park. This is the most picturesque sight of Miami. Clear air and freshness, which is created due to tropical plants planted around the perimeter, let enjoy the holiday on the coast both adults and children. On the territory of the park there is a multitude of playgrounds, bicycle paths and a fascinating beach.
  3. Lincoln Road shopping center. The center is stretched for 7 blocks. For fashion mongers this is a true “Mecca” as the boutiques of worldwide brands are based there. Besides, you can buy goods for relatively little money. The street is closed to traffic. It is taken by artists and young musicians that bring joy to tourists and local residents with their creativity.
  4. Museum of art Bass. It is placed in the very city center, inside the building of the first Miami public library. The museum of modern art is not like others because of its original and extraordinary expositions. The collection includes the works of Picasso, Matisse, Rubens and modern artists. There together with modern photos, paintings and engravings artifacts of 7-20 centuries are presented.
  5. Children’s museum. This is a town, which was built for letting children learn more about the adult world. In the museum there are some game halls, a supermarket, a TV studio, a cruise liner. Using them children can try themselves in different roles: a doctor, a firefighter, a policeman, to make a trip around the world, buy products or put on a TV show.

What to see in the surroundings

One may go on a spectacular trip by car not only in the immediate vicinity of the city. It’s a chance to explore a number of sights of the whole state:

  1. Miami zoo. This is a captivating USA tropical zoo located on the lands of the former Richmond naval base. On the area of 300 hectares about 2 thousand animals live. There one can meet not only exotic representatives of fauna but also to become the witnesses of elephants-“artists” painting.
  2. Vizcaya Museum And Gardens. This is a fine arts museum. In which 70 halls are open for visiting. There the masterpieces of world art, sculptures and the furniture of the Renaissance are presented. On the territory of the villa there is an Italian garden with alleys and even a pier. In this place President Reagan, the Queen of England and the Pope used to spend their free time.
  3. Seaquarium. In a huge three-stored complex, based on the island of Virginia Key over 10 thousand of various marine animals inhabit. Thousands of spectators visit the seaquarium to see the performances of dolphins, killer whales, sea lions and sharks.
  4. Everglades national park. This is a massive national park of the USA, which annually is attended by over 1 million people. There rare species of animals and birds, listed in the red book, live. On the area there are roads and hiking trails. The park is comes under a UNESCO world heritage site.
  5. Cape Canaveral space center. Having rented one of the most rapid automobiles, for example Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder, one can have an adventure to Cape Canaveral where the space center is situated. There are also several museums, the starting areas of real spaceships, “Apollo” capsule, the reconstructed “Saturn V” spacecraft.

Miami is a place concentrated in itself plenty of entertainment types. Combining the beach rest with breathtaking excursions it is possible to make every day of your journey unforgettable, stunning and inimitable.

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