How to rent a car without the risks?

Car rental in Miami: how to rent a car and eliminate all the risks?

Sooner or later anyone who loves traveling and understands the handling of an auto faces the necessity to rent it. As any other type of service, car rental in USA, especially the rental of premium-class automobiles, raises concerns, doubts and questions, answers to which we will try to provide.

If you came to Miami for the first time and you want to visit not only the coastal area and major shopping centers but to go out of the city, you can take advantage of the rented car. So and in no other way, you will be able at any time you like to go around and over the city and to feel like a tourist in NASA space center, on the race track or in the famous park Walt Disney. What is more, with the help of high-performance car from the “Pugachev Service” company you can confirm your status and quickly get yourself to any meeting or conference.

Documents for the rent of Mercedes, Bentley, BMW and other supercars in USA

In order to rent a car in any city of the United States of America, as in any other country, you must sign a contract.

Also you need provide the following papers:

  • foreign passport or any other proof of identity abroad;
  • international driver’s license;
  • credit / debit or other bank card (VISA, Mastercard etc.), drawn in the name of the renter;
  • voucher confirming the reservation upon registration on the site or other online medium;
  • certificate of insurance, drawn in the name of the renter.

Types of rent

There are several types to rent an off-roader or a sedan in the USA. Some of them are cheaper but more troubled and risky:

  • to use the services of managers in the offices of large international car rental companies such as Hertz, Eurocar, etc. Such corporations are considered to be more reliable in comparison with small ones, but their requirements to the driver are quite severe. Moreover, in such companies you can rent only basic models of cars at an overvalued price, but for travelling around Miami the best thing is to select supercars and other iron horses of VIP class;
  • via the Internet on specific websites and forums that search for and compare car prices in price lists and databases of several organizations simultaneously. In such a way, you will be able to select the most profitable variant from the price point of view, but there is no guarantee that the car will be of the proper quality. In addition, at the time of the order on the Internet to confirm the reservation, you have to pay in advance by bank transfer;
  • contact local car rental dealers – companies that deal only with the rental services of cars under their jurisdiction. The main advantages of car rental dealers are not such hard requirements, including demands to the experience and age of the renter and the security deposit. Aside from that, the procedure for car pick-up and drop-off at small companies is less over-scrupulous and sometimes even goes without removing additional amounts from a credit card. Despite the attractiveness, this type has its own drawbacks – the lack of the ability to quickly check dealers, because of which you can run up against scammers and swindlers. In order to exclude such force majeures, it is better to rely on trusted large local companies, such as Pugachev Luxury Car Rental, where you can make a reservation of your favorite car, look at it before concluding the contract and get all the necessary documentation.

If you want, the rent of car in Miami would not become another headache for you, take use of unique propositions of auto lessor “Pugachev Service”. Our experts will quickly draw up a contract, provide the documents and insurance policies that interest you and answer questions, as well as advise on the nuances of driving in the state and the amount of fines. Having rented our lux cars, you can be sure that nobody’s gonna stint you in distance run, itinerary of travel or the necessity of travel with children – we will make our best in order your trips in our cars will give you only positive emotions.

Mark Pugachev

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