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Rent Boats in Miami – Get Away from Daily Routine

Rent Yacht 42 Vandutch in Miami


4 Hours $2500
8 Hours $3500
Rent Yacht VanDutch Red 40 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent Yacht Marquis 43 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent 42 Azimut in Miami


4 Hours $2350
8 Hours $3100
Rent Yacht Formula 48 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Sea Ray 52 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 55 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht SeaRay 58 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent 58.2’ Aristocrat - Yacht Prestige 550 Flybridge in Miami 1


4 Hours $2900
8 Hours $4500
Rent Yacht Alfamarine 60 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 68 in Miami


4 Hours $4700
8 Hours $5600
Rent Yacht Numarine 65 in Miami


4 Hours $4900
8 Hours $5800
Rent Yacht Montecarlo 65 in Miami


4 Hours $5000
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Aicon 69 in Miami


4 Hours $5100
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Ferretti 80 in Miami


4 Hours $6150
8 Hours $7700
Rent Yacht Ferretti 97 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $10500
Rent Yacht Azimut 116 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $11500

Miami is known all over the world as a unique and outstanding place, energizing, and positive. A modern, laid-back lifestyle and an incendiary mixture of Latin American and American cultures are blended here in harmony. There are only a few beaches comparable to the sandy coastline of this sunny city on our planet. The multi-kilometer coastline is rich in entertainment. Tourists can choose from all kinds of activities: sports games on the beach, outdoor fitness and, of course, sunbathing on terraces. Here you find the beach of your dreams. To appreciate the beauty of this place, people come here to rent boats in Miami.

It is not customary to waste time in vain: local residents either enjoy the picturesque nature views, or lead an active lifestyle. From children to elderly people, everyone is keen on windsurfing and snorkeling here. Older tanned surfers are often seen walking along the shore. In other words, everything, you dream of on Miami’s luxurious beaches, will step into a reality.

Rent boats in Miami: price-tag policy

A city is located on such a delightful coastline. So, it has its unique entertainment. It is connected with water-sports. All the activities here are equally amazing. After relaxing on the shore, vacationers raise the energy charge by riding through the ocean waves in a speedboat or jet ski. Take a snorkeling or diving trip with wrecks and a rich underwater world. Then windsurfing on the coast forever remains in your memory.

Although Miami is one of the craziest cities in the world, it is easy to change the pace of life here. Many people come to the Sunshine State to enjoy the sea breeze, silk sand, and the silence of the waves. Therefore, not only water sports are popular, but also motor yacht rentals.

For many vacationers, ordering water transport to an exotic type of vacation remains a big mystery. Only one thing is known for certain about yachts: you might have a good rest on them. In popular culture, it is the talisman of hedonism, its little island splashing in the world’s waters. Unfortunately, many tourists still associate motorboat rentals with millionaires, models in swimsuits, expensive champagne, and freshly caught seafood. And, also Leonardo DiCaprio with glasses and a snow-white polo. But today the order of water transport has become more than affordable and popular among everyone.

Reasons to hire a seagoing vessel

Not many people know why it is worth ordering a sea vessel, especially if they do not plan to throw killer parties and are supporters of quiet, measured rest. Contrary to popular stereotypes, yachts are more often rented not for parties but for family occasions. Many people think about it as the only opportunity to be out of reach for business negotiations and spend quality time with loved ones. Some charter brokers offer their clients to put their mobile phones away while traveling. While swimming, it helps to relax, abstract from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, and restore mental balance.

Besides the fact that you own a motorboat and cut the waves of the ocean in your boat, there is other good news. Here you can not only rest on the noble deck. Crew team members usually hold instructor certifications in various sports.

By renting a yacht, you get a high level of service, which sometimes you won’t even find in the best 5-star hotels. During the trip, you will be accompanied by a personal crew, whose task is to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Among the offers for leisure could be both yoga and water skiing, and more rare sports such as kite surfing, jet surfing, etc. You and your children can go fishing with the team. At this time for lunch, your chef prepares the fish they just caught.

In addition to relaxing with family and friends, catamarans are also rented for business meetings and image events. Various companies reserve boats and organize team-building on board. You may also arrange a birthday, wedding, or proposal on the ship.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect hiring water cruisers to be very cheap. But also not as expensive as it is usually considered. Booking a watercraft means that you are free from expenses for hotels and tickets on the local means of transport. So, if a large friend company or family is vacationing, then the costs are comparable to a regular weekend payment. The same goes for cafes and entertainment events – they are on board. As well as a deserted beach, which can only be reached from the water.

The final payment for a ship includes two criteria: rent and a deposit for expenses, which usually ranges from 20 to 30%. The deposit is used to pay for fuel, berthing at the port, food, drinks, additional services – taxis, guides, flowers, etc. The rest of the amount, together with receipts and reports, is returned to you by the captain at the end of the trip. Today booking prices start at $2,000 to $15,000. At your service, there are catamarans, motor and sailing boats, boats, cruisers.

Remaining a leader in this area is not easy. Therefore, the Pugachev company cares about its customers and offers not only super-quality service but tries to anticipate your wishes. We organize additional services, such as a personal photographer, selection of props for themed events, transfer to the airport, etc. Hiring a small water racer for 2-5 people cost not more than $2,500. If you are interested in a large cruiser, the price policy starts at $5,000 and go up to about $12,000.

The list of the top models – rent boats in Miami

While relaxing at the seaside, you can visit a variety of beaches of the resort, visit nearby islands or spend time in a quiet bay. And also to arrange a noisy party with friends or acquaintances, or, on the contrary, to retire and take a break from the noise of the city, you can use such an amazing service as yacht rental.

The beauty of this type of vacation is that you have an opportunity to take a boat of almost any size. From the smallest ones, for 1-2 people, to a large, comfortable cruiser with many cabins and equipment for comfort and relaxation, such as a barbecue and a water-maker.

It all depends on your preferences and wishes. For example, if you want to get in touch with nature and spend time outdoors, you can rent a small boat that does not have high speeds.

For lovers of everything unusual, you might take on a charter a fast boat with equipment for snorkeling or water skiing. You could easily do all this with the Pugachev company.

We offer the best ships from the world-leading shipyards:

  • 52’ SEA RAY. It is spectacular water transport with qualities that are found in larger, more expensive ships. No other vessel in its class can offer a luxury cabin for four. She is comfortable on the inside and elegant on the outside. With a 5 liter engine, the boat will allow you to get the most out of your weekend sailing.
  • 60’ ALFAMARINE. It is a fast boat with excellent offshore holding. She will mix up to 12 people. For your convenience, several cabins and berths. On the front deck, it is convenient to sunbathe and jump into the water. It is great for quiet family events and small business image meetings.
  • 65’ MONTE CARLO. Monte Carlo Yachts is an innovative enterprise that opens up new perspectives in the Sea Vessels World. An Italian management process, design, and creativity, backed by the strongest production component, which is the leader in the construction of sailing ships. The shipyard ranks second in the world in boat performance and is one of the top 5 players in the motor yacht market. The brand has embraced the development of timeless luxury cruisers.
  • 116’ AZIMUT. Azimut builds designer motorboats and sport bridge yachts. The model range of the company includes 34 models from 10 to 39 m in length. The company is also developing its technologies that improve the safety and comfort of sea recreation. More than $100 million is spent annually on model line updates, production, and new research. When creating yachts, special attention is paid to ecology. The boats are built to strict international standards. They use special paints and coatings that are safe for marine fauna, noise-canceling materials to reduce acoustic pollution, modern fuel-efficient engines, and much more. It allows you to reduce human impact on nature and provide increased comfort for vacationers.

To make the trip as comfortable as possible, do not forget about the safety rules, driving a water transport unit, and a set of things that will come in handy while sailing. Check that you have a driving license. If not, a professional crew is always available 24/7.

The advantages of a rented vessel are that such moments regarding radar licenses, rights, and similar issues are decided by the owner of the yacht and not by the one who leases it.

Well, do not forget about personal things that will be needed on the board:

  • Sun protection – glasses, hats, clothing
  • Bathing accessories – swimwear, shoes, masks
  • First aid kit.

Our company cares about clients. So, if you have left your accessories or bathing clothing, our team could provide you with the necessary things.

Rent boats in Miami: first-class service and capabilities

If you are thinking about renting boats in Miami but are not sure why yet. We have some ideas on how to use the sea transport holiday. Usually, people order watercraft for organizing birthday or anniversary parties. It’s also great for a weekend getaway or a trip along the coast of Miami. For it is worth paying attention to different vehicles.


Once in Miami, many people want to escape away from its hustle and bustle. Taking a boat for a few days, you can refresh your mind, spend some time alone with dear people. If you have the rights, then you should not take a boat that is too large. We offer to opt for 42’ VANDUTCH or 43’ MARQUIS for $2,200. They accommodate up to 5 people. There are a cabin and a couple of berths. You could take the sports equipment.

Rent for a day

We give boats for reservations for 4 and 8 hours. But in some cases, this time is not enough. Therefore, we go to meet our clients and offer daily rent. Depending on the purpose of swimming, pay attention to such beauties as 40’ VANDUTCH RED or 55’ AZIMUT. They are available at $2,200 and $2,800.

For the party

A holiday evening onboard a white yacht is a unique experience. You will truly surprise your guests and remember this evening for years to come. For such events, we recommend 97’ FERRETTI. The pricing policy is $8,800 for 4 hours.

For Birthday

How many of you dreamed of becoming a captain on your birthday? Today it is possible to make it true with the Pugachev company. You can organize a birthday party for your child or yourself aboard one of our yachts. We advise you to take a closer look at 69’ AICON. The booking cost is $5,100.

What else we offer to our clients

We can rely on our company. We organize many additional services. Our specialists will compose a fascinating travel itinerary, pick up props for events, purchase food, and drinks. We also provide a car for airport transfers and a personal photographer.

A professional photo session

Although every smartphone has a camera, not everyone gets great pictures. Therefore, working with a professional photographer gives you the guarantee of excellent shots that you can brag to your friends or use for professional purposes.

Transfer from the airport

Arriving in a city like Miami, you should not stand in line for a taxi or bus. Here they value comfort and convenience. Therefore, contact our operators and order a transfer from the airport. Our chauffeurs are available 24/7.

Luxury car rental

With a private car, you do have no problems such as waiting for a taxi and city transport. You become independent of the schedule and the availability of free cars at the hotel. In our fleet, we are ready to offer various exotic automobiles from limousines to elite SUVs. Contact our managers, they help you to choose the best model according to your needs.

In our auto-fleet, there is:

Working with the Pugachev company, our clients receive first-class service and a lot of positive emotions. We strive to improve our business and build strong customer relationships. Dial Whatsapp number and book a swallow. The best holiday in your life is the Pugachev agency!

Mark Pugachev

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