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Rent Boats in Miami – Enjoy the Best Vacation

Rent Yacht 42 Vandutch in Miami


4 Hours $2500
8 Hours $3500
Rent Yacht VanDutch Red 40 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent Yacht Marquis 43 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent 42 Azimut in Miami


4 Hours $2350
8 Hours $3100
Rent Yacht Formula 48 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Sea Ray 52 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 55 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht SeaRay 58 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent 58.2’ Aristocrat - Yacht Prestige 550 Flybridge in Miami 1


4 Hours $2900
8 Hours $4500
Rent Yacht Alfamarine 60 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 68 in Miami


4 Hours $4700
8 Hours $5600
Rent Yacht Numarine 65 in Miami


4 Hours $4900
8 Hours $5800
Rent Yacht Montecarlo 65 in Miami


4 Hours $5000
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Aicon 69 in Miami


4 Hours $5100
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Ferretti 80 in Miami


4 Hours $6150
8 Hours $7700
Rent Yacht Ferretti 97 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $10500
Rent Yacht Azimut 116 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $11500

Miami is the most popular resort in Florida. The city itself is called Grand Miami, and the famous Miami Beach is located not far from the coast. Despite the duration of the flight, many tourists still tend to visit this resort. The city itself was nicknamed “American Casablanca” due to the flow of tourists and immigrants. Yachts, cruise ships, and everything related to this is about Miami. After all, sea vessels go from here to the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Haiti.

Miami is the first destination for tourists arriving in Florida! And the city is located on an island and connected to the mainland by bridges. It is better to see popular views of the city and its surroundings from the deck of the ship. Once here, you must visit the famous Avenue Ocean Drive, known for its night pubs, glamorous clubs, and high-level hotels. Due to the hot and humid climate, the city has become an ideal spot for sunbathing and water sports. Both amateurs and professionals of scuba diving, water skiing, and wakeboarding come here. 

Here in Miami, tourists not only relax on the golden beaches but also broaden their horizons and cultural experience. Once in Miami, be sure to check out Villa Vizcaya, a Renaissance palace. It contains an impressive collection of European art and antiques.

Be sure to visit the Police Museum, the Space Center, and don’t forget about the Miami Everglades National Park. It is a large natural park in the United States. You could travel through it by boat or see the panorama by helicopter. This city is a great place for a family vacation. They will love the Miami Metrozoo, the Miami Seaquarium, the Parrot Jungle, and the Monkey Jungle. These attractions are loved not only by children but also by adults.

Rent boats in Miami Beach: price review

South Florida, especially Miami, has access to the Caribbean Sea and its warm and blue waters. Therefore, this is where tourists come to charter watercraft and relax. Here, sailboats, motorboats, and sailing yachts are moored at each pier. 

Therefore, prices are reliable for booking for everyone who has a strong dream about sea voyages. Walking along the sandy coastline is a must in this resort town!

Tourists often choose such routes for parties and yachting as:

  • Haulover Sandbar
  • Pinata Island
  • Elliot Key
  • Whale Harbor, etc.

Besides, several interesting landmarks can only be reached by boat. Traveling by sea, people have a chance to watch the Christ of the Abyss not far from the coast of Key Largo and observe Fowey Rocks Lighthouse. It is a good way to enjoy an old lighthouse and golden beach with silky sand on Boca Chita Island. Therefore, renting a watercraft here is the optimal way to spend an unforgeable time of the weekend.

Watercraft are offered in sizes ranging from 30 to 60 feet and a capacity of 4 to 12 people. You can rent a motorboat, catamaran, sailing yacht, or a whole cruiser for a large company. Prices for orders depend on the size and type of the model, as well as the rental place. Our clients have the opportunity to step onto their sea beauty on our pier, or we can drive it to a specified place.

The average price for a hiring motor-boat or yacht starts at $2,000 for a few hours. Water transport could be booked for a day for 9-14 thousand dollars. The choice is quite large, it all depends on your budget and purpose. But the Pugachev company remains the leader in the field of renting sea transport.

Our agency is popular and has a positive reputation for:

  • Reliable pricing policy. We make boat rental affordable for everyone.
  • Including a full range of services: captain, navigator, yacht preparation, photographer, etc.
  • The best specialists who have passed international certification and training.
  • Additional services for the most comfortable holiday of our clients.

Our company offers seagoing vessel rentals in Miami from the best world manufacturers. Call our managers and choose the perfect water racer. Each means of transportation is thoroughly checked before being rented out.

The list of the top-modeled yachts – rent a boat in Miami

The boar fleet contains the best representatives of the series. They provide maximum comfort for your sailing experience. All yachts have stylish design, high-quality finishing materials, advanced technologies, and equipment for seagoing. Taking a trip on such a swallow, you will have a great time, relax, and be distracted from the hustle and bustle of daily routine.

There is water transport in the dock for all occasions. You can organize a private party for up to 10-12 people, corporate, birthday or anniversary, family dinner, or a romantic date. Our experts will select the appropriate boat option and help you find the required props. You only need to describe your wishes, and we will take all the difficulties upon ourselves.

Driving a watercraft requires a special license and driving license, just like any vehicle. If you do not have a license or do not want to spend all the time at the helm, we will kindly provide a team with an experienced captain.

For your choice, we offer leading water racers:

  • 43’ MARQUIS. It is a comfortable high-speed motor yacht. It accommodates up to 6 people. So, it is worth taking for a small company or family trip with children. The rental price for 4 is $2,200.
  • 48’ FORMULA. This shipyard has been holding a leading position in the American market for over 50 years! And it is not surprising – the highest quality products in combination with modern technologies is a formula that is appreciated at all times! This line was created for fans of speed. There is the gentle growl of the most powerful engines, and acceleration to 150 km / h in seconds, and most importantly, amazing maneuverability and safety when cornering! If vivid impressions and delight in high concentration attract you, you will be in love with this high-speed car in the very seconds when it obediently delivers the first 100 km/h. Book for four hours for $2,800.
  • 60’ ALFAMARINE. A stylish and roomy boat is a great platform for a bright party for friends or a corporate party. Up to 10-12 people feel comfortable on board. However, it is better to hire an experienced team to manage it. Besides, it is an option for a quite fun and exciting voyage. This yacht accelerates a speed of 32 knots. You may hire it for 4 hours – the price is just $2,800.
  • 65’ NUMARINE. The Numarine shipyard plant is located in Istanbul, the production area of the enterprise occupies about 35 thousand square meters. To ensure the high quality of every detail, the company independently manufactures glass, furniture, including upholstery, and casts metal for the cases. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety and quality of the sea vessel. The length is more than 19 meters, so it is perfect for large groups or a cruise along the coast of Miami. Booking costs only $4900 for 4 hours. A more reliable price is for 8 hours $5,800.
  • 65’ MONTE CARLO. Yacht 65’ MONTE CARLO has been produced by Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard since 2013. 65’ MONTE CARLO is a 19.65 m flybridge that can reach 31 knots. The yacht with a carbon hull is CE (A) certified, which means it is designed for sailing on the high seas. If you hire an experienced team, then it is quite possible to sail on it to the neighboring islands. The rental cost is $5000, to save 30% of the price, take it for 8 hours. It will cost $6,000.
  • 116’ AZIMUT. It is a real sea monster – if you want to conquer the coastal area of Miami. Its length is more than 35 meters, the capacity is about 15 people, while there are cabins and 10-12 berths. This luxury boat is ideal for private and business trips, big party journeys, or a few days’ vacation. Experience the luxury and comfort of a premium range of water transport from one of the world’s best shipyards. Hiring a boat for 4 hours is $8,800.

Any of these swallows are in perfect condition. They undergo regular technical inspection and examination before and after the next lease. Contact our specialists, and they will prepare it as soon as it suits you. Now we have made the process of ordering sea yachts as convenient and fast as possible. You only need to dial the WhatsApp number, choose a suitable boat, and pay a deposit.

Rent boats in Miami: luxurious service and capabilities

We care about each client. So, cooperating with us, you will not be disappointed and have a wonderful resting time.

It is worth choosing the Pugachev company according to the following criteria:

  • Flexible lease terms. Although the website indicates the booking time is 4 and 8 hours, we offer the most favorable conditions for clients.
  • Fixed prices without hidden fees, surcharges, and other payments.
  • A professional team that is in touch with you 24/7.
  • Lots of offices throughout Miami. You don’t have to wait in lines or across town. Find the office closest to you.
  • Strict adherence to U.S. laws, accurate documentations and permits, and modern technologies.


For those who would like to spend a weekend or a few days sailing, swim with dolphins, and enjoy the silence of the ocean, we advise choosing 97’ FERRETTI for $8,800 for 8 hours. The boat displaces up to 15 people and has several cabins with 10 berths. The real thing for big families that are travelling all together.

For party

Are you dreaming of a noisy party or celebrating an anniversary with your best friends and family? Then boats 69’ AICON and 80’ FERRETTI are the best choice. The ships have two decks. Also, there is a place to sunbathe and enjoy the views of the turquoise waves. The rental prices start at $5,100. The perfect means of transportation for crowded parties and populous celebrations.

For Birthday

Our clients often choose 68’ AZIMUT to celebrate birthday parties of their children and family members. It is quite maneuverable, fast, and roomy. It is easy to arrange a dance floor and buffet here, and after sunset, enjoy the silence of the sea. Hire this perfect swan for 4 hours for $4,700. You or another celebrated person would not forget this Birthday party for sure.

Rent for a day

Not sure how to impress your soulmate or want an unusual romantic date? Or may you need to arrange negotiations with a business partner in a traditional setting? Then renting 42’ VANDUTCH or 43 MARQUIS is the best solution. The boats can welcome on board up to 5 people. They are easy to handle and maneuverable. It costs you just $2,200 per 4 hours.

Our additional services

A comfortable maritime journey across the bay near Miami requires additional services. Many tourists want to take pictures of themselves on watercraft, views from the sea, and so on. Therefore, the Pugachev company prefers to anticipate the wishes of our customers and offers additional options.

A personal photographer

Working at sea with a camera is not easy. So, the services of a professional come in handy because a photographer and boat rental are the best combination. He takes high-quality pictures from unusual angles that impress your acquaintances and arouse the envy of competitors. You could capture the joyful moments of the vacation and replenish your family album. Pictures suit a new avatar for a social network or diversify a portfolio.

Transfer from the airport

A pleasant journey should start right after leaving the airport. Therefore, we provide airport transfer services. The chauffeur takes you to the hotel. Also, his services are necessary for those who want to rent an elite car but do not have a driver’s license.

Luxury car rental

In addition to luxury yachts, it is possible to book exotic cars which are necessary for moving around the resort city. Taxis and public transport are inconvenient and limit your options.

We have in our fleet:

Enjoy a trip to one of the best resort cities in the United States. Here you will be surrounded by comfort and well-being. The Pugachev company organizes events and helps you get vivid emotions. Now, there is no need to spend millions on iron swans. Order them here and now. It has become extremely easy – in one click or by calling our manager.

Mark Pugachev

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