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Rent a Boat – Miami Opportunities to Take into Account

Rent Yacht 42 Vandutch in Miami


4 Hours $2500
8 Hours $3500
Rent Yacht VanDutch Red 40 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent Yacht Marquis 43 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent 42 Azimut in Miami


4 Hours $2350
8 Hours $3100
Rent Yacht Formula 48 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Sea Ray 52 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 55 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht SeaRay 58 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent 58.2’ Aristocrat - Yacht Prestige 550 Flybridge in Miami 1


4 Hours $2900
8 Hours $4500
Rent Yacht Alfamarine 60 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 68 in Miami


4 Hours $4700
8 Hours $5600
Rent Yacht Numarine 65 in Miami


4 Hours $4900
8 Hours $5800
Rent Yacht Montecarlo 65 in Miami


4 Hours $5000
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Aicon 69 in Miami


4 Hours $5100
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Ferretti 80 in Miami


4 Hours $6150
8 Hours $7700
Rent Yacht Ferretti 97 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $10500
Rent Yacht Azimut 116 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $11500

The yacht is one of the symbols of Miami, along with a palm tree and sculptures by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. The waves are not high enough for surfing but quite suitable for a regatta. Every year, sailing races gather hundreds of participants on the picturesque coastlines. Sailing is not only a competition, but also cocktail parties, cultural exhibitions, and an award ceremony.

The regattas in Miami have no shortage of sponsors. This is a great opportunity to come into the spotlight and make money on the supply of goods and products. The best photographers, artists, and musicians of the world come here for thematic exhibitions. The winners of the regatta receive honor and respect in their own country.

The richest people on the planet spend their lives on yachts. This exotic lifestyle allows one to run a business empire by communicating with directors and managers over the Internet. Other tycoons regularly go out to sea in their luxury watercraft. The world’s elite lives on floating islands, where they conclude deals and increase idle capital.

Miami is a place where a rich man’s motorboat can be conveniently moored. In this pearl on the Atlantic coast of the United States, all conditions for recreation and entertainment are created at the highest level. That is why businessmen from different countries of the world come to Florida. Some of them were invited by tycoons aboard to discuss business issues. 

Someone wants to meet a world celebrity. Others want to feel the high style to embody it in their own life. This is what the Pugachev company does – we teach living stylishly and exquisitely.

Rent a boat Miami to feel like a tycoon

Having a yacht opens up completely new possibilities for you. With it, you take the first step into the elite club of rich people. Are you ready at today’s level of your business to purchase the vessel, with which you will demonstrate your success?

Someday you become the owner of a luxury motorboat, but now take advantage of the attractive offer of the Pugachev and book magnificent watercraft:

  • We can’t make you rich, but we can give you the feeling of being upper class. You have to allow yourself to be rich. This is the secret of the tycoons. Business trainers teach this in their seminars: start living like a rich person, and money finds you. We give you the feeling of the highest comfort on the splendid watercraft.
  • When developing your business strategy, you must accustom yourself to expensive things. This is an important psychological point. The yacht is an essential attribute of the major league of businessmen. Overcome the psychological barrier and adopt yourself to expensive things. Money loves rich people. Create in your soul the psychological conditions for coming up affluence.
  • Using expensive items gives you confidence. You gain a sense of the style that kings, empire owners, and billionaires live in. People come to Miami to feel part of high society. Not everyone is ready to join it. Many consider themselves unworthy. Such people live in cheap hotels and sunbathe on free beaches. They’ll never allow themselves to become rich.

Today you do not have enough funds to purchase and maintain a luxury vessel or auto. But you can rent a boat Miami with the Pugachev to feel like a celestial. If you want to enter the major league of capital, today you must acquire aristocratic habits. Our team helps you. We have extensive experience in serving customers from all over the world. If you come to Florida, you can become one of them today.

It is expensive to rent a boat Miami?

Businessmen from all over the world come to the pearl of Florida to feel like an aristocrat. Here you can live on little money, renting inexpensive housing, and buying food in the supermarket. If your goal is to observe the celebration of life from afar, you can join the ranks of Latin Americans. Many of them are employed as service personnel. They are happy with their lives. But that’s not why you came here?

The life of an aristocrat in this sea city of dreams is expensive. Your child’s education at a prestigious private school will take about $20,000 to 35,000 out of your wallet per year. The cost of learning at university is even higher. This amounts to $35,000 to 40,000. The payment for medical services in Miami is consistently high, as is their quality. The price for childbirth here will be about $4,000, not including a personal doctor and anesthesia.

Florida Pearl is ranked #1 in the US for the cities with the highest hotel costs. Reviews about the rest in Miami confirm this. On average, a night in a three-star hotel costs $150, and in a five-star hotel – $300. For a room with a view of the Atlantic, you have to pay at least $1,400. As you can see, beauty is expensive.

Renting an ordinary vehicle costs $80 per day, but for luxury motors, the price is much higher. Rent a boat Miami will cost significantly more. It’s no surprise really. The yacht is a symbol of the major league of business and expensive pleasure. The prices for watercraft in the Pugachev are reasonable and are quite consistent with the pricing policy in the financial and economic center of the United States.

A large company or a billionaire can buy an excellent ship. Watercraft maintenance also takes a lot of money. It is a real floating fortress or a first-class hotel. Traveling by maritime racer gives you a much more vivid experience than by auto. Here you’ll not have to hang around in traffic jams and breathe exhaust gases. You may spend your birthday on the motorboat or have a picnic with your employees. Our vessels are perfectly suited for swimming, sunbathing, and diving. Fishing enthusiasts are not going to be disappointed either.

Rent a boat Miami: model capabilities

The Pugachev agency presents a large selection of luxury vessels for recreation and entertainment. The website catalog contains models from the world’s best manufacturers.

On the homepage of the unit offered you’ll find all the necessary information:

  • brand
  • vessel dimensions
  • estimated number of passengers
  • ship speed
  • number of cabins, beds, and tables
  • security level
  • multimedia system and communications
  • equipment for safe diving
  • cooking facilities
  • room comfort level
  • vessel appearance
  • possible destination
  • photoset of the model in various aspects
  • unit rental cost for 4/8 hours
  • amount of security deposit
  • additional amenities and characteristics.

You order any of the presented crafts by the website or by a phone call at any part of the day. We value the time of our clients, therefore, the rental procedure takes a few minutes. But before that, our manager will show you the fleet. It is only natural that you want to go aboard the ship you like. The accompanying person takes you to the rooms and tells you about the amenities.

All offered crafts are in perfect condition and unanchored immediately after the deal is concluded. We can provide you with any specialist making your trip more comfortable and unforgettable. A satisfied and happy customer is our main reward.

Choose occasion and rent a boat Miami

We’ll help you make the right choice. Our clients order maritime racers for romantic travel and business meetings, vacations, and birthdays. We have extensive experience in cooperation with guests from different continents and are ready to consider any proposals. The Pugachev values each client and is ready to offer a flexible system of discounts. We have carefully selected brands for you. Our collection includes world-renowned manufacturers creating irreproachable water transport for you.


Dutch Vanguard Dutch Marine (VanDutch) specializes in the production of premium open ships for vacations and other events. These fast, powerful, and maneuverable vessels make the owner feel like the king of the sea. The company was established in Heerenveen in 2008 and quickly conquered the European and American markets.

VanDutch actively collaborates with racing teams participating in world-class regattas. Lightweight yet robust, sandwich-type composite housings are manufactured using the latest technology. These include vacuum infusion and Kevlar reinforcement of key points on the case for added strength. Quite expensive (but at the same time economical) vessels VanDutch managed to find their place in the already satiated world of high yachting in the shortest possible time. Perhaps the most famous admirer of this brand is Leonardo DiCaprio.

We recommend you spend your vacation at 42 ‘VANDICH. This reliable and compact powerboat is ideal for small groups of travelers. It can float on the ocean surface and maneuver in narrow canals of the city with equal success. The boat is ideally suited for long and comfortable sea voyages.

Book for a day

The Marquis is owned by two billionaires – Irwin Jacobs and John Paul De Joria. Businessmen, having achieved everything in their lives, decided to realize old dreams and went into shipbuilding. The shipyard has a full cycle production located in the United States in Wisconsin. The vessels are assembled by hand by a team of experienced shipbuilders, so the company’s employees can control every stage of construction.

For the party

The Azimut builds designer motorboats and sport bridge maritime racers. The company’s lineup includes 34 models from 10 to 39 m in length (in 6 series: Atlantis, Flybridge, Grande, Magellano, S Collection, and Verve). 

The manufacturer builds 40-100-foot motorboats and extravagant high-speed huge yachts over 100 feet in length. Take note of 42 ‘AZIMUT from our collection. The lineup of the brand includes more than 20 models, which are divided into six lines.

Azimut pays great attention to ecology. These ships are built to strict international standards. Special paints and coatings are used that are safe for marine fauna, noise-canceling materials to reduce acoustic pollution, modern fuel-efficient engines, and much more. This allows you to reduce human impact on nature and provide increased comfort for vacationers.

For Birthday

  • The Formula builds closed hardtop and open cruise yachts, for example, 48 ‘FORMULA. The company’s lineup includes 17 models ranging from 7 to 15 meters in length. The portfolio of the Formula includes ten lines and about 30 models: from small bowriders to high-speed transportation. The genetics of the Formula is based on high-speed capabilities. Even striving for comfort on board, the engineers of the shipyard never forget that the main expectation of the client is swiftness and sharp turns. In terms of price-quality ratio, Formula units can be attributed to the Luxury segment.
  • The American Sea Ray is Ford in shipbuilding. The production is fully automated. Yacht interiors are tested using full-size mockups. Besides, the company has a laboratory, where components from suppliers are thoroughly tested, the latest materials are examined, and weather conditions are simulated. This allows you to understand what will happen to the hull, which is constantly under the scorching sun or caught in the harsh conditions of the northern seas.Take a look at 52 ‘SEA RAY and other offers in our collection.
  • The Alfamarine is a recognized leader in the construction and repair of motorboats. Its founder, Marcello Fazioli, was a big fan of racing ships. Founded in 1976, the company focused on the production of fast cruisers. The developers are renowned engineers and designers using advanced technologies and modern solutions. The Alfamarine specializes in the construction of boats that can meet the needs of each client for comfort, safety, and high speed. Evaluate the possibilities of 60 ‘ALFAMARINE and other brand products.

Rent a boat Miami and order a beautiful photo session

A trip on a splendid watercraft can bring an impression not only to the direct participants but also to friends who did not get to the event. A professional photo report about your stay in Florida takes its rightful place in the chronicle of your business or family. The Pugachev suggests hiring a professional photographer who knows the specifics of any type of event.

We’ll be discreetly present in the most interesting places without disrupting the course of events. As a result, you get a wonderful photo session that you proudly share with your colleagues and friends. We prefer to serve our clients professionally in all areas. Hire an experienced photographer and make your stay in Florida truly unforgettable.

Exotic vehicle rental

We’ll help you make the right choice! Also, the Pugachev company offers to rent luxury cars of famous brands:

We have a special offer for marrying couples. A wedding in the city of dreams may be turned into a demonstration of success that you remember all your life. We are ready to provide you with all services at a high professional level. Exotic cars and well-trained staff are at your disposal. You are enjoying life. We take care of the rest.

Mark Pugachev

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