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Rent a Boat – Miami Offers Not to Miss

Rent Yacht 42 Vandutch in Miami


4 Hours $2500
8 Hours $3500
Rent Yacht VanDutch Red 40 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent Yacht Marquis 43 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent 42 Azimut in Miami


4 Hours $2350
8 Hours $3100
Rent Yacht Formula 48 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Sea Ray 52 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 55 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht SeaRay 58 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent 58.2’ Aristocrat - Yacht Prestige 550 Flybridge in Miami 1


4 Hours $2900
8 Hours $4500
Rent Yacht Alfamarine 60 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 68 in Miami


4 Hours $4700
8 Hours $5600
Rent Yacht Numarine 65 in Miami


4 Hours $4900
8 Hours $5800
Rent Yacht Montecarlo 65 in Miami


4 Hours $5000
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Aicon 69 in Miami


4 Hours $5100
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Ferretti 80 in Miami


4 Hours $6150
8 Hours $7700
Rent Yacht Ferretti 97 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $10500
Rent Yacht Azimut 116 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $11500

Most people want to spend their free time brightly, so they prefer a luxurious vacation. Such a location has many unique places to enjoy your time. But now you can also lease a stunning yacht for an unforgettable moment at the highest level with a full range of services. An amazing ship will make any holiday wonderful and memorable. Renting a boat in Miami is your opportunity to get pleasant emotions that will stay with you for a long time.

Rent a boat Miami – price review

There are many companies that offer different sea transport to book in this city. You may book not only yachts but also sailing or motorized watercraft, luxury catamarans, and more. The price starts from $1000 per hour and clients choose any time frame.

But our group offers only the most luxurious ships of the highest level that have several decks, experienced staff, a big set of services and everything you need for an elite type of vacation. Our models are the best developments of the world’s manufacturers that have received many awards for their technical parameters and fantastic design.

Take a great cruise to enjoy this town from the sea. You will see stunning landscapes, enjoy the pleasant moments, watch the sunset, have a stop to swim, or communicate with friends in such a luxurious atmosphere. Also, our vehicles could be taken for a business meeting or for a romantic time. If you chose 52′ SEA RAY, then our team prepares it in a few hours. Book this model for 4 hours for only $2800. Also, our clients prefer an 8-hour rental of any sea transport.

Our pier has an excellent collection of the most popular vessels from the best brands. Such corporations improve performance and change the look to make it magical and even futuristic. These steel beauties are capable of developing high speed on the water, which is a pleasant moment for technology lovers. If you dream about 42′ AZIMUT, our group proposes to receive it for $2350 (for 4 hours). All our ships are available at low prices so that every customer would be happy with his choice.

How to rent the best boat in Miami?

In our assortment, you could find amazing water transport that would be a great addition to any event. Spend a birthday, wedding, any photo session, anniversary, party with friends aboard our steel beauty and it could be wonderful emotions. Each point is available hourly or for a day using. Pugachev Rental Team provides you with an experienced personnel, set of services, and all the necessary attributes for a great vacation.

In our yacht range, you might find a suitable steel monster for sailing trips. We send a ship to pick up the customer from anywhere on the shore, but you can also start your trip from our pier.

In our pier, you could find:

  • Large and comfortable 48′ FORMULA is the best solution for noisy parties and pleasant daytime walks by the ocean. You’ll like the indoor environment where everything is aimed at pleasure and positive emotions. The yacht has good speed but is also very maneuverable. Take this point for $2800 and enjoy the cruise for 4 hours. But you may also book this item for eight hrs and the cost would be $3700.
  • This holding creates fantastic transportation that looks incredible. The design of 60′ ALFAMARINE allows you to feel like the master of the sea and get an unforgettable vacation. Invite your friends because this marine vehicle is roomy. It also has all the necessary things and accessories to make your pastime more varied. The rental cost corresponds to the previous model.
  • If you are planning an important business meeting, then we advise you super 65′ NUMARINE for a bright walk along the coast. This yacht has a luxurious saloon and comfortable outdoor deck. Also, this item is a good solution to make a bright atmosphere with relatives and friends. If you need four hours the amount is $4900, and eight hours costs $5800.
  • This is a real masterpiece for sailing trips. You’ll love this sporty style, ideal performance, enhanced comfort, and innovative equipment of amazing 69′ AICON. This item showed good data and was recognized as one of the most advanced in its technical parameters. Book this for $5100 and enjoy a stunning 4-hour cruise. If the client wants to stay on board for 8 hrs, then the sum is $6000.
  • This development is one of the latest in the brand’s line; here attention has been paid to every element and detail. The design of 97′ FERRETTI seems restrained and classic, but there is a certain amount of fantasy and a desire for innovation. This point is created with the latest technological advances to provide the customer with the best possible variant. Receive this from our company for $8800, if you prefer this vessel for 8 hrs – the price is $10500.

With us, you spend an unforgettable time with our steel beasts for the sea and land. If your event is already approaching or you need to rent a boat in Miami very urgently, we could prepare the transport in a few hours. Each model is in perfect condition, but each check before shipment to the customer is mandatory according to our rules.

Rent boats in Miami: offers and capabilities

Our team uses an individual service method for each client to be useful to his wishes. If you wish to lease a stunning yacht then write to us or leave a request online. We prepare any marine vehicle for any event so that your pastime would be fun and bright. In our catalog, you could find the most modernized sea transports for a luxury holiday. Now you do not need to spend millions to be the owner of this iron beauty – book it and have fun for affordable money.

Rent for a day

If four or eight hrs for an ocean journey is not enough for you, then lease our ship for the whole day. Discuss this with our employees, and we give the most favorable conditions. Our captain will take you and your friends from any place, the experienced staff would create the necessary conditions for a comfortable and happy pastime. You may also add the service of a photographer to save these pleasant emotions.

For the party

Have you been looking for an unusual way to make a creative party in a stunning style? Now you can rent a boat in Miami and such an evening would be unforgettable. We may prepare everything you need for a fun holiday and choose the most beautiful places for the ship to stay in. Discuss all the details of the party and spend this time incredibly. You do not need to prepare for the celebration long, leave an application only. We have models with different capacities – invite more people.

For Birthday

Birthdays in a cafe or restaurant are good but it is a common type of celebration. To create this day more original, you are looking for fresh ideas. We offer yacht rental to go on an incredible ocean voyage. Our team could prepare all the necessary attributes and make such a celebration very impressive. You and your guests will love this party because our maintenance is at the top level.

Rent a boat Miami – additional services

If you have visited this incredible city, then your emotions may be unforgettable and positive. Our company offers to book any luxury maritime racer from the world’s best manufacturers to get reliable, comfortable, beautiful, and fully equipped transportation for ocean trips. We want to make your pastime perfect, that’s why we chose only the most exclusive points.

We closely monitor the shipping market to find the most unusual and super modern points for ocean trips. Now you do not need to lose millions of dollars to buy such an iron beauty, order it from us and get pleasure from this wonderful class pastime. We have selected the most popular marine vehicle builders who keep up with innovation and implement the most rewarding research. But we also propose to our clients a mind-blowing chariot rental service, so they enjoy the sights or just drive some amazing racers like Ferrari, BMW, chic Bentley, and others.

Delivery of the reserved vehicle

Pugachev Group proposes to send any racer from the fleet to your city. Find out the list on our website, and we give you the best option. We use our trucks so that each item is delivered on time and with the best possible safety. Discuss the terms of shipment, and we could send you the necessary documents. Payment for the maintenance could be performed in any convenient way because we have expanded the possibilities for money transactions.

Personal chauffeur

Many of our clients take extraordinary chariots for a walk or other events, but they do not want to be distracted by the road. Receive a personal driver and enjoy the capabilities of our iron beasts. This opportunity is available for all types of automobiles, from sports cars to luxury limousines. This town is full of amazing places that you might visit and see all of them from the window of our incredible autos. If you prefer to know all the capabilities of the selected racer, then discuss the route and plan of your trip with the driver.

Airport transfer

If you need an amazing automobile to come from the airport then call us and reserve any model. Also, our driver can take you to the airport or wait for your boss, loved one, family member, etc. We want to be comfortable and practical, therefore we offer this opportunity. You should visit our website or call to leave a request. If you have personal preferences, then we could be glad to know your wishes to implement this.

Order a private photo maker

If you want to preserve the emotions and atmosphere of an ocean trip, then order a photographer who will capture the most wonderful moments. This maintenance is also available for booking our expensive cars. Our expert with professional technique provides clients with a wide range of quality images, and they can also get printed format. Suggest your ideas for interesting photos or get the opinion of our specialist. His skills allow him to create stunning pictures that are vivid and authentic. Choose the best backgrounds or our photographer will find it at his discretion.

Luxury car rental

We have amazing automobiles for every occasion. You reserve any chariot for a day or a year to experience incredible speed, powerful engine sound, impeccable modern design, and ideal technical performance. Each item could be delivered anywhere or take it from our garage. All prices are listed on the website, leave a request, and we will prepare any racer in a few hours.

Our fleet offers:

  • Get this perfect sports car at a nice cost of just $900. This brand is in great demand among profy racers and those who dream of being one. The stunning McLaren 650S Spider could be your trusted helper on the road because this steel monster has impeccable data. Its market value is $293 000.
  • If you want to touch a new generation auto, then we propose the wonderful Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. This iron horse surprises even the most experienced auto lovers. Such a futuristic design, comfortable interior, perfect technical characteristics – all this might be yours for a day for $799. This is a great chance to see Miami behind the wheel of an amazing Lamborghini.
  • A luxurious chariot is a reflection of your high social position; therefore we offer only the most expensive steel monsters. Now you become the driver of the beautiful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The rental price of this car is pleasant – $800, and the market value is $280 000. Enjoy this perfect racer to visit any event or party.

We carefully test each auto and sea vessel to ensure that our clients get pleasure from an exciting ride without unexpected parking or urgent repairs. Our goal is to plan your vacation fun and comfortably without surprises and troubles. See our range of cars and yachts on the website or come personally to the parking. Each vehicle looks perfect, all its external and internal parameters meet all modern quality and safety standards.

Mark Pugachev

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