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Party Boat Miami — Your Most Memorable Weekend

Just imagine: the sun is shining, the waves are bright blue, champagne is sparkling, and all of these are on your yacht! There is nothing better than a luxury sea cruise in Miami Beach. A yacht opens to you a completely new world and new impressions. With Pugachev Luxury Rentals, such majestic entertainment becomes easily reachable.

The company offers the most stunning examples of modern yachts and boats in Miami. With them, your trip to Florida’s heartland is promising to be unforgettable. Would you like to take a 4-hour tour in the Biscayne Bay, or start a dusk-till-dawn party? With Pugachev Rentals, every client becomes able to feel the real spirit of Miami.

Celebrities Who Adore Party Boat Miami

Partying on luxury yachts is a part of a lavish Miami lifestyle. Many celebrities own their marine transportations like jet skis, cruisers, yachts, or even water houses where they can do whatever they want. Some of them even travel only by yacht, which provides extraordinary freedom of movement and allows going anywhere according to a heart wish.

For example, Leonardo Di Caprio always travels by water and with a certain lushness. His megayacht is located in Antibes, France, a popular and expensive destination. It is hard to imagine what parties were there! Or Beyonce & Jay Z love spending their vacation on beaches, with their yacht and loud music on it. They have cruised around Europe too.

Of course, supermodels like Kourtney Kardashian and Alessandra Ambrosio simply stick to their yachts. There are dozens of photos by paparazzi showing the brilliant luxury interiors of their superyachts where incredible parties still go on.

If you want to try this lifestyle too, Pugachev Rentals is here to make your dreams come true. From small boats to large 116-feet vessels, everything is available to rent.

If you are interested in our service:

Party Boat Rental Miami – Available Boats and Yachts

Where & When to Go on a Party Boat Miami

The climate in Florida is perfect for yacht tours all year round. In winter, the temperature never goes lower than 19 degrees, but the usual temperature varies from +22° to +24°. From November to April, there are only about 4 rainy days per month, which raises your chances to see all the beauty of Biscayne Bay.

From May to October, the temperature varies from +26° to +31°, which makes weather for a cruise ideal. Trust us, it feels just great to go to the ocean on a hot summer day! However, you should expect to see from 7 to 11 rainy days per month. It will make the party boat Miami experience less safe and pleasing, so you’d better plan a visit forwardly.

Landmarks to Visit on a Yacht in Miami

Miami offers you many chances to have a great vacation. From fashionable parties to calmful and romantic islands, everyone will find something adorable. Of course, there are many locations to visit.

Look at this shortlist of popular locations and entertainments:

  • Visit some sandbars, which are quite popular here among boaters. They include picturesque beaches, sea waves, and, of course, clubs and parties. Some of the most impressive ones are Nixon’s and Haulover Sandbars in Key Biscayne.
  • Dry Tortugas National Park is famous for its coral riffs, Fort Jefferson, and stunning views. Most of the territory is underwater, and also there are 7 islands. Blue waters there are perfect for snorkeling! A road by boat will take about 3 hours from Miami.
  • If you go to Florida in February 2022, you cannot miss the annual Miami Boat Show. Every year, it attracts about 100,000 boaters. 2’000 manufacturers show stunning yachts, boats, engines, and accessories from 16th to 20th February. It is definitely not a thing to miss!

Also, many sea restaurants and exclusive parties have become available for yacht owners. With Pugachev Rentals, you can taste the lavish Miami life, attend the best sights, and meet many impressive personalities.

Pugachev Luxury Rentals may support you and show some ways to entertain. Stay absolutely cheerful after your coastal holiday having opted for the chic service of Pugachev’s company.

How Long & How Much Can Party Boats Miami Take

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Miami greets you with a large variety of parties. You can rent yachts for romantic cruises, all-night events, relaxing trips, and many others. From short trips to long adventures, there is certainly something for your request and possibilities.

Types of Miami Aquatic Parties

Look at a few ideas for your holiday adventure. There are many others available, and these are the most popular examples. For each type, we have a suitable yacht to offer with the size and functionality fitting ideally.

  • A short 2-4 hour ride is great entertainment to relax after a busy day. If you come to Miami for some business issues, you can forwardly plan a short trip to unwind. Also, it is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of free time. Rent prices start from $2,200 even just for 4 hours.
  • Do you want to remember this weekend for a while? An overnight party will be great for you. Invite your friends and just dance and have fun. An 8-hour rent starts from $3,000, and you can negotiate for a longer time.
  • Booking a romantic trip will be a perfect choice for couples in love. We know everything about the atmosphere, so your gift will certainly be adored. At the stage of planning, we contact you to find out all the details you want to see on your trip.

Pugachev’s services are ready to support any of your thematic parties and special events. Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, or another important celebration, we get it right and make the atmosphere suitable.

Rent a Party Boat in Miami from the Pugachev Company

The feeling of freedom there is just unbelievable! And this is what Pugachev Rentals offers to you: rent yachts from one of our top-class manufacturers to receive the most luxurious experience in Miami. There are suggestions for any of your requests. Additionally, count on luxury hotel booking and supercars like Ferrari rentals.

40’ VanDutch Red

Our most compact offer is this 40-feet-long motorboat in vibrant red color. It is suitable for companies of up to 10 people. It has 1 stateroom for rest and an open space with a dining table, soft seats, and a stereo system. There is also a mini-fridge to keep your drinks chill.

This open-type powerboat is not only stylish and attractive but also incredibly safe and smoothly floating. VanDutch Red is also equipped with diving gear, GPS navigation, and a bathroom with a separate WC. It will cost you $2,200 for 4 hours and $3,000 for 8 hours.

52’ Sea Ray

If VanDutch Red is not enough for you, then look at this incredible 52 feet-long Sea Ray. This cruiser is perfect for a day or evening ride in Biscayne with top-class comfort. The luxurious design pleases your vision with smooth lines, color accents, and highlights the speed and functionality. Fashionable interiors will catch your eye and put you in a better mood after a tiring day.

Sea Ray is suitable for a company of 12 people as a party boat in Miami, it has a picturesque flybridge, 3 cabins, and 5 berths with a large capacity. To cheer you and your guests up, there is some snorkeling gear and an inflatable island.

80’ Ferretti

If you are looking for something great and impressive, here is one of our largest yachts available, an 80-feet luxurious Ferretti. Its innovative design and spaciousness will certainly wow every guest. A large walkable area on the stern and a flybridge are ready for your photos, and multiple rooms suggest everyone take a rest.

At the Ferretti, there is not only snorkeling gear, but also kayaks and jet skis. High automatization of controlling makes yachting on it incredibly safe. Elegant design and smooth way of riding are quite unusual for such a large vehicle, and it is your chance to try it.

How to Book a Party Boat Miami with Us

The booking process is quite simple. Even if you are busy, we will be able to provide you with high-level service with a minimum of comments.

  1. Look through our website and decide which model you want to order. Consult a manager if making a choice seems difficult.
  2. Fill out a booking form at the end of the page. Also, you can book at WhatsApp or Telegram with a 5% discount.
  3. Our manager will soon contact you for details and answer questions. Here you might mention special requirements.
  4. Just wait until the booked time comes! Remember that we provide special discounts for celebrities!

To rent a party boat in Miami, you’ll have to provide a security deposit, which starts from $1,000 for different vehicles. We provide you with a skilled crew and any desired additional service. You might want a photoset on your luxurious sea vehicle, and we are glad to provide it together with land-over transportation like Lamborghini rentals! A captain will take you to the most stunning locations, and our professional photographer will do everything beautifully.

Public figures and stars, such as Daniella Chavez, and Chiara Nasti, rent from us. You can trust their choice for sure! Our team simply predicts your demands and offers you the best services. Our goal is to stay in the first place with extravagant vehicles by making our guests enjoy every second of working with Pugachev Rentals.

Luxury Car Rentals in Miami

Probably, a party boat in Miami is not enough to feel all the vibes of Florida. Pugachev Rentals can provide you with the best supercars available. The autopark contains worldwide famous brands, including Bentley rent, and many others. Visit us and see everything by yourself!

According to your request, we can provide you not only with Lambo rentals but also with a driver, who knows Miami better than anybody else. We can support you right after coming to Miami: book a car rent at the airport. For special cases, a wedding service is available too. Our most popular offer in such a case is Rolls-Royce rent. Just tell us and receive the best party you could ever imagine.

Of course, there are many offers where you just buy a ticket and go to Biscayne Bay with many other tourists, but it will spoil the impression completely. It has nothing in common with a private party boat Miami, where no one will distract you from enjoying the moment.

If you are interested in our service:

Party Boat Rental Miami – Available Boats and Yachts

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