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Cheap Boat Rental in Miami – Is It Real?

Rent Yacht 42 Vandutch in Miami


4 Hours $2500
8 Hours $3500
Rent Yacht VanDutch Red 40 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent Yacht Marquis 43 in Miami


4 Hours $2200
8 Hours $3000
Rent 42 Azimut in Miami


4 Hours $2350
8 Hours $3100
Rent Yacht Formula 48 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Sea Ray 52 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 55 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht SeaRay 58 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent 58.2’ Aristocrat - Yacht Prestige 550 Flybridge in Miami 1


4 Hours $2900
8 Hours $4500
Rent Yacht Alfamarine 60 in Miami


4 Hours $2800
8 Hours $3700
Rent Yacht Azimut 68 in Miami


4 Hours $4700
8 Hours $5600
Rent Yacht Numarine 65 in Miami


4 Hours $4900
8 Hours $5800
Rent Yacht Montecarlo 65 in Miami


4 Hours $5000
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Aicon 69 in Miami


4 Hours $5100
8 Hours $6000
Rent Yacht Ferretti 80 in Miami


4 Hours $6150
8 Hours $7700
Rent Yacht Ferretti 97 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $10500
Rent Yacht Azimut 116 in Miami


4 Hours $8800
8 Hours $11500

Rest on the sea is always a vivid experience, if you have a charter yacht at your disposal, it is a real paradise adventure! Today, cheap boat rental in Miami is a popular type of vacation that is available for both experienced sailors and travelers who go to sea for the first time. You embark on an exciting adventure with your soulmate, family, or colleagues. You can take your mind off your daily business by renting sea transport with or without a skipper. To do this, use the offers of the Pugachev company. 

We offer not only high-quality service but also affordable prices for hiring water transport. Besides, we regularly update the fleet and carry out technical maintenance, so all yachts are in excellent condition. Book your favorite model and submit an online request.

Read reviews of real customers on our website. We work with both world-class stars and private clients. Book new catamarans and popular motorboats. We provide our regular customers with discounts and benefits for hiring sea vessels. You have a chance to take exclusive luxury charter yachts with a professional captain and crew.

Driving a watercraft, like any other rented vehicle, requires practical skills, which must be confirmed by an official document like an International Bareboat Skipper IYT license. These are international “rights” to operate a seagoing vessel, allowing you to sail in coastal waters.

But in case, you do not have a license or you are discovering yachting for the first time, you might still go on a cruise accompanied by a “captain”. All of our employees have extensive experience and licenses. You could find yourself in the safe hands of professionals in your field. Our team helps plan and organize a vacation that is right for you!

Cheap boat rental in Miami Beach: price review

Sometimes Florida guests have no idea what price-tags to wait from the resort cities they are going to visit. Miami is the heart of sunny Florida state that means – there are many trippers each year who aim to spend all their pocket money on souvenirs, restaurants, discos, evening shows, and exhibitions. One of the most favorite attractions of all the travellers is to make a reservation of comfortable cruisers to organize maritime-based leisure time.

The Pugachev company provides you with the opportunity to drive a motor, sailing yacht, a catamaran, a party or fishing boat, a jet ski, and any other sea vessel at affordable prices, with or without a captain. The cost of hiring a watercraft starts at $2200 for 4 hours. A more advantageous offer is rental for 8 hours – the price is reduced by 30%. We are trying to organize a cheap boat rental in Miami.

We value our clients’ time. Therefore, we have simplified the procedure for booking yachts. Now, to hire any vessel 40′ VanDutch Red, 55′ Azimut, 43′ Marquis, and others, you can contact the managers of the Pugachev company and describe your wishes. We might select a suitable vehicle for you, taking into account the number of people, type of rest, and other criteria.

Booking takes place in several stages:

  • Choose the model you like
  • Sign a lease with the company
  • Post a deposit
  • Enjoy your vacation.

Our clients rent from several hours to several days. You can always change the duration: extend or return early. We care about our clients, so we always go to a meeting and offer the most favorable conditions. Our experts find a positive solution in any circumstance.

Many companies are operating in the marine transport rental sector. But we remain the leaders in the service market due to our loyal pricing policy. Prices start at $1,000. In the arsenal, there are only luxury models with all amenities, multiple decks, high-quality materials, and experienced staff. 

Traveling along the Miami coastline is an unforgettable experience. You will see natural beauty, amazing sunsets, often our clients are lucky, and they are accompanied by flocks of dolphins. The boat can be used to organize family events, romantic dates, and business meetings. Contact the managers, and they will prepare the transport quite quickly.

If the choice falls on the yacht 42’ VANDUTCH, you can rent a vessel for $200 for 4 hours or $3,500 for 8. It accommodates up to 10 passengers. It is a reliable option for families or close friends. Thanks to its compact size, it has excellent passability through canals and narrow bays.

Our team prepares yacht 43’ MARQUIS at your request. If you intend to ride no more than 4 hours, it will cost you only $2,200. But driving for 8 hours is more profitable since it only costs $3,000. Despite the reasonable prices, our ships are in excellent condition and meet the most demanding requests.

The list of the best yachts – cheap boat rental in Miami

If you don’t know how to spend a holiday or just a weekend memorably, hiring a boat is an excellent solution. It is suitable for celebrating an anniversary, birthday, romantic meeting, and even just meeting friends. We offer hourly and daily rentals. You can rely on the Pugachev company. 

Our team includes only professionals who could prepare sea transport for your event and take care of all the little things. You start your sea adventures from our pier, but also from anywhere. The ship will sail after you.

The park of sea beauties includes:

  • 40’ VANDUTCH RED. This bright and stylish beauty is perfect for romantic dates or parties with a close circle of friends. And here you can drive it from the watch for only $2200.
  • Large motorboat for ambitious purposes – that’s what 42’ AZIMUT and 55’ AZIMUT are. It is ideal for big parties, executive trips, and celebrations. It is more than well-equipped and looks brilliant on the outside. And it only costs you $230 for 4 hours or $3,100 for 8.
  • If you are looking for an amazing and luxurious yacht for unforgettable holidays, take an incredible sailing trip on the 60’ ALFAMARINE. The boat has space for 12 guests. It provides enough space for everyone! Ideal for large groups of friends! It needs two crew members to fly the sea giant. And you have a chance to rent it for 4 hours for $2,800. It is more economical to take 8 hours for $3,700!
  • 52’ SEA RAY. This model is a very comfortable and easy-to-use vessel, absolutely American in spirit. Good for both family holidays, with a friend or company, and for fishing.

Cheap boat rental in Miami: ultimate service and capabilities

If you are still in doubt, we are ready to name 10 reasons why taking a cheap boat rental in Miami gives you an exciting, informative, healthy, and fulfilling vacation. Yachting is:

  • The opportunity to avoid the mass gathering of tourists and to feel the complete freedom of movement. You are the master of your time and your vessel!
  • Enjoying fresh and healthy sea air. After all, it is what the inhabitants of megalopolises dream about!
  • Educational excursions and sightseeing, as well as acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the most amazing places on the planet.
  • A great way to hone your yachting skills or learn the basics.
  • Harmony with nature and environmentally friendly relaxation.
  • The opportunity to feel the true team spirit, whether you are traveling with family, friends, or colleagues.
  • An unforgettable pleasure to play with dolphins who might swim next to your white swan.
  • Stops in places that are sometimes inaccessible from land.
  • Endless travel destinations: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thailand, Pacific, etc.
  • Not expensive, especially in the case of early booking: the cost of renting a watercraft per person is often less than hotel accommodation.

We have our own approach for each client. We take into account the peculiarities of all cases. Therefore, the professor of booking and hiring sea transport has been simplified. You just need to leave an application online or contact the Whatsapp manager. We only have modern premium boats. 

They are regularly inspected, so sailing on them is as safe as possible. Moreover, after each rental, a specialist conducts an inspection. You don’t have to be a millionaire and buy a boat to get on an elite vessel. Thanks to the Pugachev company, everyone can try themselves as a sea wolf.


Miami is the best vacation spot. There are sunny beaches, active nightlife, and an endless blue ocean. To enjoy the sea breeze and see golden magical sunsets, you should hire the white swan 68’ AZIMUT. Rental time lasts from 4 hours to several days. Depending on the availability of a watercraft driving license, it is possible to ride it with or without a crew and a captain. We offer a profitable option since each client is very valuable to us.

Rent for a day

If driving for half of the day is not enough, we offer favorable conditions for renting for the whole day. Together with 48’ FORMULA, it is possible to invite personnel which will create comfortable conditions for rest. Depending on the purpose of your sailing, you can arrange a photo session on the deck. Our professional photographer takes high-quality and non-standard pictures. You remember your vacation for years to come.

For the party

Miami is a city made for vibrant and impressive parties. But the nightclubs, restaurants, and beaches will surprise no one. A chamber party on a luxury 58’ SEA RAY is a must-visit. You do not have to independently prepare and organize the event. You just need to contact the managers and leave a request online. We take care of everything.

For Birthday

A theme party on a seagoing ship is a wonderful place for many children and adults too. With the Pugachev company, you go on the best sea voyage. Our staff helps you prepare props, treats, and gifts. Your guests will be delighted, as will the hero of the occasion. Despite the affordable and reasonable cost of yacht rental, the quality of service and services provided are at the highest level.

What else we offer to our clients

We remain the leader in the luxury yacht and exotic car rental market thanks to the fact that we are sensitive to the wishes and needs of our clients. Our fleet includes vehicles from leading manufacturers with a brilliant brand history and outstanding technical characteristics. By renting a yacht or a car from us, you might be sure of the safety and quality of services. With the Pugachev company, many people have already realized their dream. They drove Ferrari, Bentley, Lambo and were at the helm of Azimuth, Vandatch, etc.

A personal photographer

Miami leaves no one indifferent. Not surprisingly, once everyone wants to capture every moment of their vacation. Our team has a professional photographer who will make the photo session not trivial and beautiful.

Transfer from the airport

Relaxation starts when you leave the plane. Contact us and order any model of an exotic car. The chauffeur could come for you, a colleague, a boss, or friends. This service is also useful for those who have no driving licenses. Our chauffeurs are always at your service: you don’t have to worry about time and schedule.

Luxury car rental

A private car guarantees the absence of many problems such as waiting for a taxi and city transport, dependence on the schedule, and the availability of free cars at the hotel.

In our fleet, everyone could find a car depending on their needs:

  • For business meetings, we recommend choosing the Rolls-Royce Ghost 2018. The car speaks for itself and its owner. It deconstructs taste and status. Feel like a tycoon and master of the world. The rental price is $800 per day.
  • Premium SUVs and crossovers are great for families. We offer Lamborghini Urus 2019 Yellow and BMW X6 2019. They will fit only the whole friendly company, but also purchases and things necessary for an unforgettable vacation. You can book them for $900 and $300 for 24 hours.
  • McLaren 650S Spyder is ideal for fast driving along the seaside to feel freedom. You don’t need to pay almost $300 000. You can book it just for $900.

Working with our agency, you get an unforgettable experience. Our goal is happy and satisfied customers. Dial Whatsapp and book your swallow. The best vacation of your life – it’s easy!

Mark Pugachev

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