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Lamborghini Rental Miami Price

You have made the right decision, chosen luxury racing Lamborghini. We are prepared for you elite racing models by acceptable prices. Our team can advise you on any matter related to car rental. By contacting us, you will be able to get exactly the automobile that you have long dreamed about.

History of brand

The history of the popular Italian brand goes back more than 50 years to 1963. Many people could hardly imagine the fact that the world-famous manufacturer of luxury sports cars began with the production of agricultural machinery. However, it is true. Concern Ferruccio Lamborghini produced tractors of excellent quality, but the Italian himself always dreamed about creating his model of a sports car. He was obsessed with this idea because he considered all existing at that time models of racing autos far from perfect. Ferruccio himself knew exactly how they could be improved.

For a lot of people, this dream seemed wild and impracticable, because at that moment the “queen” of sports cars was the Ferrari company. This is where the history of the concern started. Lamborghini Ferruccio was very ambitious and wanted to make his dream come true at all costs. He created a subsidiary company Automobili Ferruccio and began creating his first automobile.

Lamborghini was good at auto design, but it was not enough to create the perfect supercar. The company needed the knowledge of the best specialists in this business. Fate ordered that it was at that very time several employees who could not withstand Enzo Ferrari’s bad character, resigned. Smart Ferruccio didn’t get confused and invited the engineers to join him. They started developing the company’s first creation. Lamborghini cars were decorated with the same bull symbol as tractors. By the way, most of Ferruccio’s models were named after names that had something to do with bullfighting. This tradition has been preserved till nowadays.

More information about Lamborghini rental Miami price

There is a good choice in our list, you will find your favourite for the best price. For example:

We kindly ask you to see all payment information and car prices in our homepage or just call us!

Besides, we want to let you know that, with our services you can hire your Lamborghini in any place you, for this you should try such offers as:

  •  Vail Car Service Rental.
  •  Coral Gables Car Rental.
  •  Brickell Car Rental and many other places.

Welcome to us, you will take the most beautiful and the fastest Lamborghini for your trip by affordable price.

Photoshoot with Lamborghini vehicles

Photoshoot with a vehicle is very popular in any season, in any style and images, alone, as a couple or with a lot of friends. Such shootings are always easy and relaxed, ideas and poses are simple to pick up and then take a photo. Expensive vehicles such as Lamborghini can highlight your image in the photo. Girls can wear an evening dress or a luxury fur coat and take several pictures against the background of a luxury auto. Expensive jewelry, glasses, handbags, and other details will be suitable for taking such pictures. You can pretend to make minor repairs or replacement of wheels, lie down on the automobile or surround it. Below there are some tips on how to organize a photo shoot.

Preparation for the shooting

Original photos are taken against the background of convertibles: the model can pose, standing inside the automobile, or being close to it. Photo sessions with the automobile are very popular, they are suitable for both one-person (girl or guy) and many people (couples in love, newlyweds, friends).

The chosen vehicle must be well maintained, regardless of brand and age, and must be pre-washed internally and externally. The vehicle must be in good condition and with a full tank so that technical malfunctions cannot spoil good pictures and mood at the most important moment. You should not worry about such items, because our company provides rental automobiles in the best condition.

Ideas for a girls’ shooting

For a photoshoot, you may use different plots taken from a favorite movie. In this case, the shooting is carried out in the streets of the city or near half-ruined buildings. A fatal woman in a red dress and dark glasses against the background of the auto will look like the heroine of one of the blockbusters. Beautiful makeup and light dress will be perfect for a photoshoot during a country-style walk in summer, and a sophisticated image will perfectly match the cabriolet.

Interesting shots could also be taken in these poses:

  • Driving an automobile – classic option, when the car door is half-open, the back should be slightly bent, arms are flat, legs are slightly bent in the knees, one foot can press the pedal as if preparing to go.
  • While going out of the vehicle, one foot must stand on the ground and the hand must hold the vehicle’s door.
  • On the driver’s seat lying on your back, sit at the wheel in reverse, then lean your back on the steering wheel, holding one hand behind your head and the other along the body on your stomach, throw your legs on the back of the seat; it’s better to take a photo through the open door of the car.

Ideas for men’s shooting

Taking photos at the vehicle, boys usually stay firmly, with their hands crossed on their chest and trying to emphasize their competence and confidence. For a photoshoot with a car, men often use additional props: a cigar, guitar, skateboard, or a ball.

If you are ready with the image, you can choose the following clothes, such as:

  • Jeans and a brutal jacket.
  • Business suit with a tie.
  • Plain shirt, light trousers, or a cotton suit.

In any case, everyone should take the pose that best highlights their strengths. Also, in such staged photos, we recommend putting your beloved in the foreground, and you, for example, could sit at the driver’s seat.

Additional information about Lambo

  • Lamborghini Aventador ‒ driving this car, even once, can absolutely change your life.
  • Lambo Huracan Spyder 2018 ‒ enjoy every time touching this auto.  Excellent grip, chic interior. Enjoy traveling with the wind through your hair.
  • Lambo URUS 2019 is the fastest SUV available. Luxury model, very powerful, with a super sport auto dynamism to be enjoyed by drivers and passengers.

Retail price of Lamborghini autos

The Pugachev company offers its customers a large number of different vehicle brands and models. We regularly follow the novelties, so we update our fleet every month.

Below we list the most popular cars of both Lamborghini and other brands:

  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder 2018 Green – it is very easy to drive this luxury vehicle, even a kid could do it if he had a driver’s license. All aspects of tuning and dynamic behavior are controlled by the LDVI processor developed by the company, which not only monitors the driver’s actions and parameters of the car but also predicts and anticipates these actions, using all the features of active suspension, controlled rear wheels and four-wheel drive. This masterpiece will cost $321,000.
  • Lamborghini URUS 2019 Black – another perfect representative of the Italian car manufacturer. Every element of Lamborghini Urus’ body design is verified in terms of aerodynamics. The front splitter and massive air intakes optimize the aerodynamics of the front of the vehicle, organizing the airflow under the fully enclosed fairings and an almost flat bottom. In addition to increased aerodynamic efficiency, all this results in the high acoustic comfort of Urus. According to the latest data, the cost of this masterpiece is $330,000.
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante Red 2018 – an elegant sports car created in the best traditions of the Lamborghini. Here you can see the exquisite design, excellent technical features, and a beautiful interior that immerses you in an alternate reality full of freedom and relaxation. This steel beast will not only impress with its appearance but also inspire confidence in those who are driving this masterpiece. It is possible to become the owner of this automobile for $321,000.
  • Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder Orange – beautiful automobile, which received a body made of aluminum and carbon fiber, as well as an upgraded 5.2-liter engine, which has a power of 610 hp. Given that the curb weight of the supercar has not changed much compared to earlier models, the dynamics have improved. So, it takes this auto 3.4 seconds to accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour. The maximum speed is 325 km/h, and the average fuel consumption is 12.5 liters/100 km. By the way, this supercar is not very expensive by Lamborghini’s standards: dealers take orders starting with $321,000.
  • Lamborghini Urus 2019 Yellow – creating Urus, Lamborghini first of all tried to keep all the typical features of legendary Bologna supercars in the design and performance of a new model. In many ways, it was possible, and in both aspects. In the front part of the body, one can equally feel the genes embedded in Lamborghini Miura and Aventador, diagonal lines of the hood, and hexagonal wheel arches – a kind of reminder of the Countach model. The front side ribs, the tilting roofline, and frameless windows form a vivid sporty Urus profile. This chic SUV costs $330,000.
  • Lamborghini Aventador Matte – is a real finding for speed lovers. This model has simply stunning performance. For example, it reaches 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Not every car shows such indicators. Also, this model has a cozy interior, being in which you will distract from the routine and can finally relax as much as possible. As you see, this magnificent artwork has a lot of advantages and can be fairly called one of the most luxurious automobiles of the present. The price of this luxurious model is approximately $730,000.
  • Ferrari California T – everybody knows what the Ferrari autos love for. This model is a perfect embodiment of all the achievements and best qualities of this brand. Daring design, cozy interior, and stunning speed make this automobile a real gift for all auto lovers. Do not waste your time in vain. Contact our office and find out all the details you are interested in. At the moment, this chic sports car costs $220,000.
  • Porsche Boxster 2019 – if you have ever had any questions about the quality and reliability of Porsche vehicles, this representative of the brand can confidently answer all of them. This auto combines all the best features of the models that were before. Thus, once driving this beautiful vehicle you will be able to understand the whole concept of this car manufacturer. The approximate price of this masterpiece is $60,000.
  • Range Rover HSE 2019 – this magnificent SUV is, first of all, a beautiful appearance, impressive technical characteristics, and stunning cross-country ability. Once you’re driving this car, you have immediate control over everything that happens around you. The power you feel from the first minutes of driving this steel beast is nothing compared to anything in the world. The thought that you are the “king of the road” at this moment will not leave you for the rest of your journey. The cost of this model is about $70,000.

Why is it rational to stop your choice on Lambo?

Lambo they’re looking for, it’s a given that they’ll have a supercar at the disposal of customers, one that’s ready to ride the streets in style. Rental price in South Beach can be between $995-$2499 per day depending on which model you choose. Try the real personification of exceptional style paired with comfort and safety! These all things are about Lambo.

The Pugachev company can always find an individual approach to each client. Since we work around the clock, you can contact us at any time, and our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Also do not forget that our office offers unique discounts for regular customers. Working with our agency, you can rent not only a car but also get a lot of pleasant bonuses.

Available For Rent

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Аренда Lamborghini в Майами
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Rent Lamborghini Huracan LP 610 in Miami 1
Аренда Lamborghini URUS в Майами
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Rent Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Red in Miami
Аренда Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 2019 в Майами
Rent Lamborghini Aventador Matte in Miami 2

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