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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

The greatest event will soon take place at the beginning of a new year. Two best teams of the USA will meet on one field. This event is called Super Bowl, i.e. the final match between the best football teams of the USA that paved their way to the pedestal with too hard efforts. The representatives of San Francisco and Kansas City will take part in the final championship.

Super Bowl 54 – what is expected?

The game is promised to be hot as two legendary teams will compete for the title of the best among the strongest team. Forecasts of spectators and analysts are very ambiguous because on the one side of the field we can see the players from San Francisco who 6 times won devastating victories over other players and reached the final. Moreover, all the past 5 times ended with a definite result, which made them undeniable leaders. However, you should not think that this time the game will end the same way, because on the other side of the field there is a team from Kansas City, which twice reached the final selection, and in 1969 even managed to win a crushing victory over the opponent.

At present, it is already known that the game is going to be held in Miami, the state of Florida, at Hard Rock Stadium. Undoubtedly this event will be advertised well as the Super Bowl can be equal to a small World Championship but on the US territory.

Celebrity guests

During the breaks between the halves, you may be surprised to see celebrities. At the last Super Bowl, the spectators were entertained by Maroon 5, Travis Scott and, certainly, Big Boi. At this championship, celebrities differ a little, but they are also cool. We speak about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez! Shakira has commented on the coming event as “the American dream” because on this very day together with the whole country she will celebrate her birthday.

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Mark Pugachev

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