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Nightlife in Miami

If somebody is telling you that Miami nightlife is absolutely amazing then that person surely knows the score. It is groovy, hardcore and full of drive. Miami is just a perfect place to have a blast.

Sometimes it may seem that daytime in Miami is actually a preparation for the night. During the day people are soaking in the sun sipping on their cocktails. Advertisement banners that announce upcoming night parties are waving behind small airplanes in the blue sky. As evening comes, everybody returns home to get ready for the night.

Miami nightlife offers unlimited entertainment opportunities: dancefloors right on the beach, numerous pool parties, dance marathons, beach discos, etc.

Night clubs of Miami

  1. LIV;
  2. Story;
  3. Space;
  4. SET and other.


This is the most ritzy club in the city and maybe in the United States. It is located on the territory of the luxury Fontainebleau hotel. By the way, its residents are free to visit LIV during their stay. The club’s numerous dancefloors and bars are designed to light it up all night long.

The admission price is around $100. It is not that easy to get through the no-nonsense face control at the entrance: only a few people of a thousand will be lucky to get in. In order to be admitted it is essential to think over the outfit and essential accessories. A fancy dress and a high-end auto will undoubtedly provide just the right effect.

LIV hosts frequent celebrity shows. Gilded youth and many famous people made this place the destination of their choice.

The club is spacious and beautiful inside. Sophisticated design, cool music, fireworks, stylish well-dressed people – together they create a very special atmosphere. There you feel part of a flashy social circuit.


Story is a very famous club in Miami. The most celebrated DJs play their sets here. The sound system that provides absolutely awesome performance and drives visitors crazy costs some $500000.


The club exists for more than ten years. This is a significant period provided that Miami is in a state of constant change and renewal. Space is open 7/24, offering neverending fun. There is no prescribed dress-code and glamour in the spot: it is located in a difficult area so you’d better watch out.


This glamorous club is frequently preferred by the Russian-speaking society of Miami. In case you intend to have fun and make new connections – this is surely the place you are looking for.

Any clubber is perfectly aware that getting admitted to the high-end clubs of the city is not an easy task. Expensive famous spots set really strict dress-codes. To get a pass, you need to possess fancy outfit, diamonds, Rolex and definitely a showy vehicle.

If you desire to visit the coolest parties in Miami and change clubs all night till dawn, turn to a quality car rental service.

Pugachev Luxury Car Rentals

Our concierge services offer a wide choice of luxury exotic autos – the largest in Miami.

Select a perfect car that will conform to the high requirements of the dress-code:

A beautiful auto in Miami is a must. You need to be on the ball in this city: drive up to the club in a fancy car, take a ride along Ocean Drive on a flashy sports car and not on a bicycle.

Nightlife costs a deal. Everything around is designed to get the clubbers spending thousands of dollars every night. Posh cars, drinks – you need to be ready for these expenses.

Our concierge service will provide you with a luxury automobile. All you need to bring is your passport and the driving license. The process of rental has been brought to a five-minute procedure. We’ve made exotic car rental easy and convenient for you: choose a vehicle for any desired period and have fun.

Our assistants feel the customers and help to select a proper auto for any event in Miami.

We are at your disposal all through the day: a desired car will be at your door any time you need it. Pugachev Luxury Car Rentals guarantees a wide choice of impressive cars like Ferrari 458 F1 or Mclaren 570S.

These automobiles will bring you comfort all night long as you travel from club to club. In the city of Miami, you need to socialize and make useful connections: this is the way you can get the latest info concerning current developments in clubs, dress-code changes, and scheduled thematic parties.

You may keep a watch on special offers in public networks: here you will find special discounts for wearing a low dress, high-heeled shoes or special entrance prices for blondes. Clubs keep on inventing new specials so you should have your finger on the pulse.

In case you failed to get into the club – don’t worry. They say that once Paul MacCartney was not accepted into one of Miami clubs because he did not conform to the dress-code.

Miami is a city of unlimited opportunities, fun, and entertainment. A luxury auto will provide a comfortable ride and help to have the time of your life.

Mark Pugachev

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