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Art Basel Miami Beach

The annual Art Basel fair will take place in Miami Beach as usual – on the fifth of December. Not only the citizens but visitors from all over the world arrive here to attend this global-scale event.

Art Basel was first held in 1970 in Switzerland which housed this event until 2002 when it moved to Miami Beach and then to Hong Kong in 2013.

Since that time, the fair has been delivered in three countries:

  1. Switzerland (scheduled in June)
  2. USA (takes place in December)
  3. China (in May).

Provided that summer season in Miami is burning-hot, winter is the ultimate and the only possible time for a suchlike event. Summer months are ideal for soaking on the beach and surfing, while December is just the right time for visiting the exhibition.

Art trade-show

We are not going to focus on other countries; let us have a closer look at the fairs that take place in Miami. It is the meeting point of big business and art, reviewers and celebrities. At this period, society columns fill up with resonant tidings. Everyday news sources report the names of rich and famous visitors.

The long list of public people who joined previous art-shows include:

  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Serena Williams and other world-known superstars

Major collectors, people of art and influential businessmen attend the affair. There are always some interesting people and well-offs in the crowd which makes the place ideal for making up useful connections.

The upcoming unbelievable trade-show will take place this year in December as usual. It is planned three days for this special event (from the 5th to 8th of December). Thousands of people will demonstrate magnificent pieces from over 200 art galleries from all parts of the world. The event is definitely worth visiting. Save the date; don’t miss the chance as the next exhibition will only occur next year.

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Have a ride around the city, enjoy its beauty and attend the major art event of the year in Miami – Art Basel.

The following items are on display at the exhibition:

  • Fine art: classics and pictures by young artists
  • Sculptures
  • Photos
  • Creative multimedia solutions.

Each affair is followed up with additional events and entertainment. For example, at the end of the fair, the board announces the winner who will be granted a prize. The premium is handed to most progressive artists.

The scheduled event program and the list of participants for the upcoming exhibition can be found on the official Internet site.

Art Basel significantly increases the status of Miami Beach in the art environment. Besides, it is a lively occasion loved by citizens and guests of the city. A wide variety of included arrangements will get you fully entertained at the beginning of October.

Mark Pugachev

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