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Bentley truck rental Miami

Miami is a wonderful place to go to and hire an exotic car to explore Miami beach surroundings, to drive along the Ocean Drive and admire the beauty of that area. When it comes to choosing some automobile model, it should be Bentley.

Experience the best with Bentley truck rental Miami

That vehicle has long been known as a luxury one around the world. It is not only comfortable and reliable, but it is also fast and graceful. This brand was started 100 years ago and since then its popularity has only been growing.

In fact, it does not matter much if you are going to rent it from Opa Locka Executive FBO, Orion Jet Center or you want to perform Vail Valley Private Jet Center FBO Car Hire because driving Bentley brings lots of pleasure anywhere.

Photoshoot with Bentley cars

Once in such a picturesque place as Miami, you would like your stay to last as long as possible. Regardless of the period of your visit, you will be able to keep your memories for years. There is no better gift brought from Miami than a stylish photo shoot with one of the chic cars from our fleet.

You don’t have to worry about finding a reliable specialist. Our office has already taken care of it because if you rent a car for a photoshoot, the Pugachev company provides you with a professional photographer. Our specialist has performed dozens of successful photoshoots. If you haven’t thought about this opportunity earlier, you will find a few recommendations on how to organize your photo shoot.

What you should start with

One person or several people can participate in the photoshoot. As mentioned above, you can make the event brighter if you use a luxury vehicle. Photoshoot with auto are popular with:

  • Young people
  • Girls
  • Soulmates
  • Groups of friends.

Clarify the subject and focus of your shoot. Choose one or more sets of clothing to change the image and matching accessories. Pay attention to the car appearance – it must be perfect. The photoshoot with the automobile mustn’t be spoiled with restrictions and limitations. You dream about professional shooting in a cabriolet, but you don’t have a suitable vehicle, don’t worry about it. Our agency can help you to choose the appropriate vehicle.

Photoshoot for a man

When choosing the subject of the picture, a lot of men want to take a photo with a car. Automobiles for the strong half of humanity are more than just a simple vehicle. It’s a way of status emphasizing, masculinity, individuality.

You should remember about clothing for a photo to match the car and a suitable image. It depends on the fact what kind of person a man wants to seem – brutal, business, romantic.

You can wear:

  • leather jacket and jeans
  • business suit
  • plain trousers and shirt
  • flax or cotton summer double.

Take positions that emphasize your strengths. You can show your shoulders (this will focus on your muscles) and look confidently, or put your hands in your pockets, and point your eyes away. It is better if the positions are simple and relaxed.

The popular accessories for the men photoshoot at the cars are:

  • Ball for football or basketball
  • Skateboard
  • Cigars
  • Guitar
  • Cards.

The choice can depend only on the participant’s wishes.

Options for women’s photoshoot

Every girl wanted to try on the image of a racer or a socialite.

Women’s photoshoots near cars can be performed in the following roles:

  • A high society lady in a luxury car (fur, big sunglasses, a hat can be used as accessories).
  • A traveler in a solid SUV stopped on the road in the middle of the trip; the girl can lift the trunk and imagine she is trying to fix the problem (accessories – tools, terrain map, large suitcase).

A photoshoot with a car may not be connected with a specific subject, you can just create a romantic image. It is enough to put on a dress and elegant shoes, do your hair and makeup, come to the countryside and choose a beautiful background. 

You can take a picture near the car, emphasizing the picturesque summer or autumn landscape behind your back.

The photoshoot with a car can be perfect if you choose the next ideas:

  1. A spectacular exit from the vehicle in the street (right hand can be placed on the door, head slightly turned sideways, one leg extended forward).
  2. An experienced driver (the location of the photographer may change: the model in the driver’s seat position should be captured from the side, back, and through the windshield; let the girl pretend to be resting, vigorously driving or correcting makeup).
  3. Shooting in the back seat (a girl can look out the window, into the camera, read books or magazines, drink soft drinks – sitting or half-sitting).
  4. Car breakdown (imagine that your transport is out of order during the trip; try to pretend that you are pushing the transport or changing the wheel; by the way, you can gracefully sit on the tires while filming).

You can take a few professional portraits to complete the overall picture, sit on the hood or trunk, and lie gracefully on the roof.

Why is Bentley so special?

This brand is considered to be a luxurious one not only thanks to the outstanding interior along with exceptional design. This vehicle`s power is just breath-taking as it can be faster than most supercars. Bentley also makes driving off-road and dirt not only possible but fun as well, which means that drivers can go wherever they want, being sure that this model will never let anyone down. The strength of this piece of technology is perceived as limitless. Your trip shall definitely become enjoyable, no matter if you are at the wheel or just a passenger.

Bentley brand history

Like any other story, this one starts with the person, namely, Walter Owen Bentley. He was born in 1888 and started his career from working at the railway workshops. His first meeting with an automobile was in 1910 when he began to trade. He worked for the French company DFP and dealt with the import of their motor cars. 

However, the First World War broke out. During this period Mr. Bentley was involved in creating aircraft engines, which he did quite well. Finally, a year later after the war ended, he founded his own company, Bentley Motors.

He was assisted by his brother, the famous designer F. Burgess, who was known before the war for his Humber racing cars. The new company was located in North London, where a modern factory was built and produced mainly sports cars. It was at this factory that the famous 3-liter model was created. 

Despite a lot of ideas, new equipment and the great demand for cars, the company had financial problems, because the cars were quite expensive. For ten years from 1921 to 1931 in the range of Bentley cars, there were only five models, which looked almost identical.

Famous investors

As it was mentioned above, Bentley had financial problems. The company almost didn’t have any profit, and during 20-s the concern existed due to regular financial investments. Business improved a little by 1926 when the main investor was Woolf Barnato – a rather rich and influential man – who was a true racing enthusiast. 

Though he was the chairman of the Board of Directors, in some time he decided to refuse from financing this enterprise. With this decision, the popular car manufacturer was nearly bankrupt and after numerous lawsuits, the company was taken over by Rolls-Royce. Walter Bentley himself was no longer involved in the design of cars named after him, and therefore all new cars produced at the Bentley plant had nothing to do with its previous cars.

After changing the owner, all models were created at Rolls-Royce. This is the answer to the question, which is interesting to many people, – why pre-war Bentley cars were very much like Rolls-Royce vehicles. Before the outbreak of the next world war, a lot of time and effort was spent looking for a place where a secret aircraft engine plant should be located. 

The city of Crewe was ideally suited to this plan, as it had an excellent infrastructure and was far away from potential targets of enemy bombers. Thus, until 1939 the cars were produced in Derby, and after the war, all production was transferred to Crewe, where the factory was rebuilt to produce products of the concern.

Period after war

Before 1939 all Bentley cars named “Silent Sports Cars”, received the bodies from the third parties. From 1946 they were offered with standard 4-door Standard Steel bodies, although until the end of 60s several cars had ordered bodies. Conservative Bentley cars developed slowly, only sometimes overtaking time. The cars of 30s had no independent suspension. In 1952 an automatic gear shift appeared on them. Until 1965 the trucks had a separate frame, drum brakes, and uncut rear axle.

Most Bentley cars had special performance such as the 1952-55 Continental compartment or the T-series detachable top compartments. During the period 1945-80 Bentley cars became more and more similar to the Rolls-Royce models. 

As a result, sales were steadily declining and in the 80s it was necessary to change the trade policy. The company presented a model Mulsanne Turbo, then Bentley Eight, and a version “R” with better handling. In the second half of the 90s, the company saw the Azure, Arnage, upgraded Continental series.

Is Bentley good for more people?

In the event that a bigger number of people comes with you, that model is still suitable because Bentley SUV rentals offer cars with enough room to accommodate around seven persons consequently, customers can always rely on Bentley exclusive vehicles. In fact, these automobiles are a solution to any issue.

We also have other models in our fleet that might interest you:

  • BENTLEY GTC V8S – is the perfect option for those who appreciate comfort. Elegant design and a beautiful interior will turn your journey into a fairy tale. Today the cost of the car is about $192,000.
  • BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT WHITE – you can speak much and long about the advantages of this steel beast, however, it couldn’t be compared even with a minute spent inside this masterpiece. Thanks to the company Pugachev you have such an opportunity. Just contact us, and we will be able to turn your dreams into reality. At the moment, the approximate price of this artwork is $220,000.
  • BENTLEY GTC MULLINER 2020 – this luxury sedan will not leave you indifferent. This auto can make you fall in love with it at first sight. They say that it’s enough for some people to hear only the name of this model to understand what a magnificent sample we are talking about. You can see for yourself by contacting us. The approximate cost of this car is $350,000.

Rental and retail price

Bentley Bentayga 2019 is not just one of the most expensive SUVs in the world market, it is a real phenomenon. Even though the vehicle is created, in fact, on German technology, this truck shows to others exactly the original British values. At least that’s what its creators believe. Bentayga’s ergonomics is almost perfect. There’s enough space in the back of the auto, so passengers will feel comfortable. And the trunk is also quite spacious. 

Anyway, the car’s customer performances are amazing. It is powerful with great cross-country ability, a really universal, very prestigious and technically verified mechanism. This very model is considered to be the fastest on the planet among its kind. Nowadays, the cost of such a unique masterpiece is $470,000. It is important to understand that if you want to drive this luxurious car it is not necessary to pay all sum. Together with our company, you will be able to make your dream come true for only $900 per day.

Pugachev Company offers you a wide range of the most luxurious and popular automobiles in the world. In our fleet, you can find almost all well-known brands. We keep up with the times and follow new models that appear on the market. That’s why we expand our auto park every month. So if you have not cooperated with us before, renting a Bentley Bentayga 2019 will be a great start of our collaboration.

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