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Car rental in Miami: how to rent a car and remove all the risks?


Russian tourists, especially those who are coming to Miami for the first time, need to see more than sandy beaches, the ocean and shopping centers. In the state of Florida there are NASA space center, Daytona 500 circuit, where NASCAR races are held, as well as the well-known Walt Disney amusement park in Orlando. And also there is, well, a ton of all the interesting things that you can see.

Renting a car in Miami is the second, after housing, what a tourist should think about. Therefore, we tell you specifically what, where, how and for how much. Go!

If you used a car rental in Miami, you should know that the fines here are much higher than Russian ones. Driving at a red traffic light can cost you $ 200, speeding more than 11 mph – $ 70, and if you exceed speed by 40 mph, then the fine is five hundred dollars! By the way, the same $ 500 costs blocking the intersection. Therefore, be careful. Our concierge service will make every effort and advise you on fines for the transfer of the car, but the responsibility will be entirely on your shoulders.

Car rental in Miami is a service that gives incredible emotions. We do not limit your mileage, give free gasoline, include insurance in the price, install a GPS navigator, and for tourists with children – we will install a child seat for free. The most important thing is that you pay only for car rental in Miami, the Pugachev Concierge Service does the rest.

Car Hire at Miami Airport

When you just leave the Miami airport, right at the exit you will be waiting for a luxurious Rolls Royce, comfortable Mercedes-Benz, fast Porsche or sports BMW. Each car, before it is received by a client of our company, is tested, washed and made to attract the eyes of passers-by. Renting a car at Miami Airport will allow you to start your vacation with something more beautiful than just a taxi ride to your hotel room.
Renting a car at Miami Airport is the right decision to start your vacation differently. Our concierge manager will wait for you at the entrance upon arrival, give you the keys and sign the documents. In addition, he will give advice on any of your questions and will be in touch 24 hours 7 days a week.

But what about rental car insurance?

Everything is simple. Each car of our company is insured for at least $ 10,000. Insurance allows you to travel throughout the United States, so you can just forget about any restrictions.

So, let’s summarize: renting a car in Miami is an advantage over any type of transport. You do not need to pay taxes and refuel or think about insurance. You get a prepared car with all the devices you need, whether it’s a child seat or a GPS navigator. Concierge manager is always in touch. Car rental is possible at Miami Airport upon your arrival in sunny Florida.
To order a car rental from Pugachev Concierge Service you just need to choose a car and send us your order.

We wish you a better stay in Miami!

Mark Pugachev

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